Six years ago, I was pregnant and divorced. Six years later, my ex -husband competed for my daughter. What should I do?(2)

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"Linger is my daughter!"

Wen Zhuyao took the information on the table and opened the first page, and was blushed.

Name: Wen Linger

Age: Five years old

She suddenly looked up at her ex -husband Gu Xingjian, and her eyes were unconscious: "Do you investigate me?"

Wen Zhuyao laughed very much: "Gu always is afraid of what misunderstandings. My daughter is my child and other men’s children, not yours." Although he said so.

But she was uneasy in her heart. Gu Xingjian was not an ordinary man.

Sure enough, his eyes flickered and his voice was low. "Looking at the child’s birthday, when you are pregnant, we have not divorced yet."

Wen Zhuyao immediately denied, "After I divorce, I will find a man to go happily! This answer is that Mr. Gu can still be satisfied?"

Even if she breathed unstable, Gu Xingjian looked cold, as if they were in the two worlds.

"At ten in the morning, Qinghua Hospital took the child to do a parent -child identification."

"Now that Gu Gu does not believe it, then we will go to the hospital to see the truth!"

"This contract, I hope Mr. Gu will consider it."

"I’ll take a step first, and don’t disturb Gu Gu."

Until out of the conference room, Gu Xingjian was still in the appearance of a winning voucher.

There was a sneer in the corner of her mouth, hoping that you will be in the hospital tomorrow.

Wen Zhuyao packed up and went downstairs by the elevator, but did not expect to meet an acquaintance again.

It was just a fate when I just came back.

When Xu Pianmei saw her, she froze first, and then she couldn’t hold her anger, but soon, she became a prosperous white lotus.

"Miss Wen, since he first filed a divorce five years ago, first abandoned his briefing, then don’t come back to entanglement …"

Wen Zhuyao watched her acting, and couldn’t help but surprise. Before, they were still good sisters, and she always believed that Xu Pian was a cute girl.

I really didn’t expect Wen Zhuyao to only take care of Xingjian.

Wen Zhuyao stepped forward with height, and he could hold this little white lotus alone on his height.

"I have seen what kind of goods under your mask, why should I continue to install it?"

When he heard this, Xu Pian immediately put away his smiley face, and his vicious was almost overflowing from the corner of his eyes.

As soon as she received the news, she immediately rushed over, and after waiting, she saw the Lord, and it really was Wen Zhuyao’s stumbling block!

"I warn you, don’t want to do Mrs. Gu again! In order to simplify, I can do everything!" Xu Pian let go of his ruthless words.

Wen Zhuyao was dismissed, but she wanted to draw a clear line with Gu Xing.

Wen Zhuyao looked at her with deep eyebrows, full of calculations, and was too lazy to ignore it. She was trying to lift her feet and leave, but Xu Pan pulled her suddenly, and she almost fell.

"Xu Pan, don’t have to enter the foot."

She also had to rush back to solve the parent -child identification. There was no time to perform here!

Originally, Gu Xingjian was so angry that he was stretched by Xu Pianli, and Wen Zhuyao could not help raising his anger.

"Since they are so anxious to see me, you should know the child’s affairs."

Xu Pianli seemed to be stepped on the tail, "Don’t want to use your children to threaten to simplify."

"You should understand that the parent -child identification really comes out, then there is nothing wrong with you."

"What is a woman who has never been named compared to the heirs?" Wen Zhuyao laughed very much. "I have this time to find me trouble.

Xu Pian’s face looked uncertain.

"You said, if I said loudly that I was Gu Xingjian’s ex -wife, what would happen? A ex -wife, a woman who has never been named, would have a scandal and what would he think?"

Now in the hall of the Gu’s Group, Xu Pian’s face plus the scandal with Gu Xingjian, so he had time, and many people were watching.

Wen Zhuyao can feel the curious eyes around.

Although she has changed a lot in the past five years, as long as she reminds one or two sentences, most people can recognize her. Anyway, it is the former president’s wife, and she has also been news that year.

Xu Piani cares about her reputation most, and feels that her strength becomes smaller. Wen Zhuyao shook his hand away and Leng Yan left the field.

At 10 am the next day, Qinghua Hospital.

Wen Zhuyao led Linger’s hand into the gate of the hospital, walked straight into the elevator, and arrived at the VIP ward.

"Mommy, where are we going?"

She hugged Wen Linger in distress and rubbed her hair: "Let’s meet someone."

Wen Zhuyao hugged Linger into the ward.

The VIP ward is clean and tidy, and everything is readily available. There is a nanny to take care of the man lying in the bed. He hummed: "I know I will come back! The Wen family is going to collapse!"

Without her to marry Gu Xingjian, the Wen family couldn’t support it to the present.

"Some things I don’t want to say in front of Linger." Wen Zhuyao warned him with his eyes.

Wen Cheng stared at the little cute in her arms: "Is this the child? Is it Gu Xingjian? She will be the heir of the Gu family in the future?"

"This is my child, with my surname Wen!" Wen Zhuyao sneered, "It seems you know Gu Xingjian’s purpose." Before, I planned to sell daughters, and now I plan to sell my granddaughter?

She was weird before, how Gu Xingjian focused on Wen Linger, and there was Wen Cheng’s hand in the relationship!

"You’re better not to fight Linger’s idea. Seeing that you don’t have any big problems, I’ll go first."

Wen Zhuyao left the ward with Linger, and Wen Cheng became a furious.

It took only ten minutes to step into the hospital at this time.

But the person who cares about the Jian has arrived.

Black darts stopped: "Miss Wen, president, please go to a parent -child identification."

It’s almost an hour before the agreed time, and I don’t know if it is ready over there.

"Let’s go." Wen Zhuyao put down his cuteness and changed to him.

She was a little uneasy in her heart, and even holding her little cute hand sweating faintly.

"Mommy, it’s okay." Little cute clenched her hand, showing a innocent smile.

This is really her little angel.

Originally, she did not want to let Wen Linger and Gu Xingjian meet, but now they are not only met on the third day, but also facing parent -child identification.

They looked at each other only three steps, watching the two people’s similar face, Wen Zhuyao was shocked.

"President Gu arrives so early. Is this not to wait to prove her failure?" She laughed at her red lips.

Compared to her professional dress yesterday, she changed her hip skirt today, and she was concisely and generous with creative tailoring. She just curly hair and exquisite makeup, showing her charming.

Charm is all attributed to hard work abroad.

In the past few years, she has not been doing nothing abroad. At the beginning of the two years, she took Wen Linger and learned about knowledge. Later, she founded a company with college classmates.Come down.

It is really different. Gu Xingjian looked at the woman in front of him, his expression was unknown.

But there is strange emotions in the heart.

"Let’s go."

He signaled the bodyguard to take the child away, but Wen Zhuyao first blocked the little cuteness behind him.

"Children are afraid of giving birth, just have my mother with it." She stood up with a strong attitude, and Wen Linger hid quietly behind her.

This scene made Gu Xingjian feel a little dazzling, but didn’t say anything in the end.

Everyone quickly walked to the place where parent -child identification. The process was smooth and the atmosphere was tense.

Gu Xingjian ordered the result of an urgent result. Originally, Wen Zhuyao wanted to take the little cuteness first, but was forced to leave by the bodyguard. She was so angry that she wanted to laugh.

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