Small producing body poor?Do not miss the main points of diet and care!This can be recovered quickly

Some mothers told Yi Shengjun that they couldn’t help asking her husband to have a child, but they had a small yield in the past two months. They were sad and did not know to raise their bodies?

Some mothers who have also had a miscarriage also talked to Yi Shengjun. They and her boyfriend had no plans to prepare the baby. They could only be a crowded. Looking at the "small meat pieces" that was already a bit of shape, I was very blame and and offered themselves in my heart.pain.

These two situations are undoubtedly sighing, but no matter which one we must pay attention to the treatment of the body, otherwise it will affect the health of the future.

First of all, we have to know, what is a small property?What is abortion?

Small production: Natural abortion, the fetus with non -pregnant women’s wishes, and artificial intervention is gone.

Abortion: Artificial abortion is the death of a fetus caused by pregnant women’s wishes and human intervention.

Yi Shengjun concluded: Regardless of small production or abortion, it greatly hurts our bodies, and it is the king!Small producing body poor?Do not miss the main points of diet and nursing!Hurry up!

1. Nutrition should be supplemented in time after small delivery

Especially the necessary elements of hematopoietic such as protein, vitamin B12, iron, etc.There are also some vitamin C, minerals, cellulose, etc.For example, eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products, fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

2. Diverse diet, combination of vegetables and vegetables, avoid overeating

① Drink some soup every day, and the daily nutrition is reasonable.

② Fresh vegetables are not too limited, just green and fresh.

③ You can usually drink more pure milk/high calcium milk (high nutritional value, less processing links).

④ There are also high iron content like pork liver, eggs, and spinach, which can also be eaten, which can help the body recover.

⑤ For fruits, eat at least a little (1 ~ 3 kinds of fruits, not too much), choose fresh, nutritional value, rich vitamin C (strawberry, orange, orange, kiwi, virgin fruit, jujube, jujube, jujube, jujube, jujube, Apple, etc.), in fact, it is better to eat an apple in about 20 minutes after meals.

3. The diet should be light, and the food after abortion is best to make up for warmth.

Do not eat foods that are cold and cold, hot air, greasy and fried, spicy food, and do not exercise too much.

① Foods of cold, cold, spicy stimulating — avoid eating:

Wine, crab, river mussels, field snails, watermelon, pear, persimmon, pepper, leek, garlic, some frozen foods

② Blood and nutritious foods -should eat more: black beans, spinach, red dates, pork liver, carrot, beef, chicken, lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, bean products

4. Tabu tobacco and alcohol after abortion

Because these two are not conducive to repairing the endometrium, long -term vaginal bleeding will aggravate the infection and induce other gynecological diseases.

1. After childbirth, the body is weak and afraid of cold.It is not advisable to touch cold water. Keep your private parts clean so that underwear and underwear are changed to avoid infection.Do not go swimming and soak in hot springs to avoid physical infections and cold wind and cold.

2. It is advisable to replenish half a month.Women who usually have weak bodies, poor constitution, and more blood loss can be appropriately extended the supplementary time as appropriate.If the conditions are not allowed, it will take at least 1 week of bed to rest.

3. Within half a month of abortion, try not to engage in physical labor.Avoid lift heavy objects, bend over frequently, and overwork.

4. After small production and abortion, observe the bleeding situation at any time.

Note: It is found that there are a large amount of bleeding in the vagina for more than 1 week or other symptoms of discomfort (such as lower abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, body fever, etc.), and return to a regular hospital or outpatient examination in time!

5. After small production and miscarriage, you need to adhere to contraception for a period of time to do a good job of contraception.

6. Most of the minimal rest, prepare for the next pregnancy.If artificial abortion, contraceptive measures should be taken to prevent tragedy from re -occurring.

Small producing body poor?Do not miss the main points of diet and nursing!Learn it quickly! You can recover quickly according to your body!Ignoring support will give you all kinds of sequelae!In addition to what I told you, we must also combine the doctor’s conditioning method to return to health as soon as possible!I will tell you how to prevent small production in the next issue, so hurry up and learn together!

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