Smoking during pregnancy may cause children’s reading disabilities and schizophrenia!

Research reports released by Researchers at Yale University and Brock University in Canada show that if women smoke a lot during pregnancy, they may have a significant negative impact on their children’s reading ability after a little older age.

Researchers analyzed the data of more than 5,000 intellectual levels in the United Kingdom in the 1990s in the 1990s.They found that if women smoke a large number of smokers during pregnancy, their children perform generally poorly in the study and understanding ability test organized by researchers after their admission.

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On average, if it is affected by high -level Nigedine in the mother’s palace (as defined as a mother at least one pack of cigarettes a day in this study), their children’s test scores are 21%lower than the average score in the class, and whether the parents often teach whether they often teach their parentsAfter other influencing factors such as children read aloud, there is still a statistically related relationship between the mother’s smoking during pregnancy and the poor reading ability.

Compare children with similar family and educational backgrounds. In the class with average 31 children, the average ranking of children of a large number of smoking mothers during pregnancy during pregnancy is 7 lower than those of children who do not smoke.Jeffrey Glenn, the person in charge of the research and associate professor of Yale University School of Medicine, said that during the critical period of children’s reading ability, the above differences were "significant".

Related research reports have been published in the "Pediatric Magazine" in the United States.Earlier studies have shown that smoking for pregnant women will increase the birth defects of newborns and affect children’s future growth.

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According to Chinese women’s reports, a new study shows that if pregnant women smoke during pregnancy, the risk of schizophrenia will increase.

Researchers at the University of Columbia University Medical Center and the State State State Institute of New York have studied the incidence of schizophrenia in nearly 1,000 schizophrenia. The increase in nicotine levels in the blood of mothers is related to increasing the risk of schizophrenia in future generations.

Researchers analyzed the plasma of more than 1 million pregnant women since 1983 and found that 20%of reporting cases detected cocoin (a nicotine metabolites). Those pregnant women with high nicotine content in the blood, the fetus appeared in the fetus.The risk of division increased by 38%.

It has long known that smoking during pregnancy is very unfavorable to the development of the fetus, and the weight of the fetus is lighter when the fetus is born.Nicotine can easily enter the fetal blood through the placenta, affect the fetal brain development, and then cause changes in short -term or long -term cognitive ability, and may cause abnormalities in other nerve function.

Article Source: "Journal of Guangzhou Medical University"

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