Solution: Is it normal to have it in the early stages of pregnancy?

Solution: Is it normal to have it in the early stages of pregnancy?

Pregnant mommy doubts:

Is it normal to always want to fart and stool in early pregnancy?

"I have been pregnant for 40 days. During this time, I always bloated down. I couldn’t pull it out if I wanted to stress. I always farted. Is this normal?"

How much to solve doubt: frequent urination and sense of consequences in the early stages of pregnancy are normal

After pregnancy, because the uterus gradually becomes larger, it is oppressed to the bladder forward, and the content of the bladder is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, when the urine is accumulated to a certain degree, there is a sense of urination to run the bathroom."Fine stream" is not like "surging" before.

The same situation also occurs in the large intestine. As soon as the large intestine is stimulated, it feels like.This situation will last for 3 months. After more than 3 months, the pelvic cavity will not be able to increase the uterus, and the uterus rises to the abdominal cavity.ease.

Well, it seems that in the early pregnancy, there was a meant to be due to the increase in the volume of the uterus but the pelvic cavity.Pregnant moms should not be nervous.As long as the stool is not very sparse, there are no other problems such as abdominal pain and blood.With the increase of the pregnancy weeks, it will naturally alleviate.In addition, there may be frequent urination. As long as there is no symptoms of urinary tract infection, such as pain and burning, urgency, fever, etc., it is the relationship between uterine enlarged. Pregnant mommy can rest assured.

How to relieve the symptoms of discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the discomfort caused by pregnancy slowly increased, from "minor nausea" to "severe vomiting", from "as if it would never sleep" to "I can’t sleep in spiritual excitement", from "loss of appetite" to "stomach stomach" to "stomach stomach"It seems that it will never be full ", and it is endless.In fact, this is the discomfort caused by early pregnancy. In addition to a very small number of drug treatment, it will generally improve slowly in 12 weeks of pregnancy.

1. Nausea and vomiting: In order to alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnancy and vomiting, pregnant women can choose some fresh and digestible foods to eat. They can eat more fruits and vegetables to avoid eating too greasy and irritating foods.Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. It does not need to be too nervous. It usually does not have much impact on health and does not require treatment.Just keep your mood and stable mood and pay attention to rest.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, these symptoms can disappear by themselves.Of course, if nausea is particularly powerful, you can take vitamin B6.If metabolism becomes disorder, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Breast pain: For the symptoms of pain in the breast after pregnancy, pregnant women can use hot compresses and massage breast care methods to relieve.It should be noted that the breasts are very fragile during this period. Pregnant women should move gently during the care process to avoid damage to the nipples.

3. Back pain: For the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, as long as you rest properly, and local hot compresses and massage can be effectively improved. You do not need to seek medical treatment.Medical.If you want to improve the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, take a full rest, do prenatal exercise, and wear low heels.

4. Urinary urgency: To ease frequent urination during pregnancy, you can start with changes in daily life and drinking water.In other words, you usually need to replenish water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water; if you go out, if you have urine, you must go to the toilet and try not to urinate as much as possible to avoid causing bladder inflammation or bacterial infections.In addition, pregnant women should understand that frequent urination is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy, and patience will naturally increase.

5. Increase in vaginal secretion: The increase in vaginal secretions is mainly related to the normal physiological phenomenon of the secretion of hormones during pregnancy. Pregnant women do not have to worry too much.However, if the secretion is yellow, there are phenomena such as bad odor, itching, beancurry, and beans, pregnant women are best to go to the hospital for treatment. Do not apply the potion by themselves, or ignore it to avoid harming the health of themselves and the fetus.

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