Someone’s consultation at 12 am, what should I do if the pregnant wife is detected?

A lady who had a natural abortion in Shanghai was also sent to the hotel to quarantine as a positive husband.She found that she was still bleeding, nervous and scared, and opened up a phone call from the online consultation platform.

The male doctor of the obstetrics and gynecology department of a hospital was answered by the phone. After asking the condition in detail, he comforted the other party and said that this is normal.Tell her in case of serious circumstances, what are the treatment methods.

Zhou Yuanyuan is a obstetrician and gynecologist and a 36 -week pregnant woman. She understands the sensitivity, anxiety and worry of these expectant mothers.During the online consultation, giving pregnant women a reasonable diagnosis, she will try to comfort them as much as possible, "not only doctors, but also companions."

Pregnant women have always been the group that has attracted much attention in the Shanghai epidemic.The sealing control disrupted the rhythm of the original pregnancy test of some pregnant women. When an accident occurred, some people first chose online consultation.

In early March, the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group issued the "Preservation Plan for Maternal Medical Service Guarantee during the Poems of the New Guan Guan Pneumonia Pneumoniac Popularity Epidemium in Shanghai", which clearly stipulated the process of maternal medical treatment.Requirement of delivery medical institutions to work in various forms such as Internet hospitals and other forms to provide pregnant women with health education, clinical consulting, psychological support, and consultation guidance.

In order to solve the needs of patients, many three hospitals in Shanghai have opened up all -day Internet medical care. Min Yujia and Zhou Yuanyuan, including the Shanghai doctor Xiao Chengwen, who are aid in Xinjiang, joined the ranks of online consultation.

In most cases, doctors cannot rely on online consultation to completely solve the patient’s problems, but through meticulous communication, they can help judge the condition and give professional treatment suggestions.Help patients make a choice between the hospital under the epidemic.

The following is the narration of them:

On the evening of April 1, a pregnant woman was lifted off the ambulance at the emergency room of Shanghai International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuan Quan Quan

Min Yujia: Guide to patients

After the management of Shanghai Farallens and Control, we started to take turns on duty. The doctors of the department were divided into two groups, 7 days a round, 7 days, 7 days, 7 days.During the duty, the doctor lived in the hospital.There are two height beds on duty, and 4 people can live in, and some doctors take a military bed in the office.In this way, doctors avoid walking back and forth every day, increasing the chance of infection.

In early April, the ordinary outpatient volume of our hospital was around 60 a day, and there were many people who had hot clinics.The hospital stipulated that the doctors in the outpatient and ward do not cross to prevent infection. When I am on duty in the ward, some online consultations will be received in the work gap.

The online consultation during this period was a lot more than ever. At more than 12 pm, some people came to consult.

The online consultation is mainly three types of situations: early pregnancy bleeding, birth check and abortion.

Early pregnancy bleeding is very common, but in normal times, problems can be found directly to find doctors, give yourself the next diagnosis, should take medicine, medicine, and treatment.Now, because of the control at home, this happens, the patient’s panic and fear of emotions are amplified.Maybe online consultation is also a way they can’t help it.

In general, I will first judge whether she is bleeding or cervical bleeding if she is preemptive or cervical.Asked if she had had a gynecological examination recently and had cervical problems.If it is convenient, I would recommend that she went to the hospital for examination. If it was inconvenient, let her observe the amount of bleeding.If the amount of bleeding is small, rest at home, eat more things that are easy to digest, and avoid constipation. Most people can improve through rest.If there are more bleeding, she will still recommend that she go to the hospital for B -ultrasound and medication to protect the fetus.Because there are certain restrictions on the online consultation, no one can see, and they can’t do it. They can only guide her to deal with it according to her medical history.

Because of the epidemic, many pregnant women’s routine birth checkups cannot be done, and they are very anxious.I will let her relax. If there is no abdominal pain or a lot of bleeding, do the B -ultrasound about 7 weeks, and then go to the health check.By the second trimester, go to the hospital once from 3 to 4 weeks; after the third trimester (34 weeks), it will go once every two weeks.Because I went to the hospital in a special period, there was also a certain risk of infection.

There are also many consultations.A lady was more than nine weeks pregnant and asked if she could be a flow of people.I told her that it was possible in general within ten weeks. If it was in the control area or prevention area, I could come to our hospital to register, do inspection, and appointment for surgery.The medical resources are now limited, and the surgery should be arranged according to the size of the patient’s pregnancy week.

One afternoon, I received an online consultation. A lady was still bleeding about one week after abortion.Her husband measured positive and went to the cabin.After understanding the situation, I told her that after miscarriage, bleeding was normal within two weeks. As long as the amount is not large, this is the repair process of the endometrium. Just like you fall, the wound will have to heal for two days.

The lady was separated by a hotel at the time, and she was just abortion. No one was accompanied. The voice sounded very nervous. After I told her this situation, she felt that she was relaxed.

Now on the Internet, I think more often, what I have played is a comforting role.For example, some time ago, a pregnant woman’s nucleic acid test was positive, crying and crying, especially worried that it would affect the child.I sent her some research data abroad and told her that according to foreign reports, the majority of people were no problem.Unless you have any other problems with long -term fever or pregnancy checks during pregnancy, the impact of this disease on the fetus, as far as the current research results are viewed, the impact is not particularly large.

There is never 100%of things in medicine. I can’t say that you must be fine, but I will tell you some data and facts. In this way, the other party is more convinced and easier to relax.

During the epidemic, the rules of medical treatment have changed, and it is constantly changing.Because of the relatively asymmetric information, many people can only understand through the online consultation. What the doctor needs is his professionalism and his calm and accurate judgment on the problem.In this way, after the patient gets this information, he will be down -to -earth, knowing where to go.

You said that I have not encountered a special touch recently.Everyone has their own sorrow and joy, and we usually see too much.If everyone is so rich, there is no way to work.During the epidemic, since everyone has this need, I try to help answer.Although it is said that the problem cannot be completely solved, there is a way to give people a point that can solve a little problem.

During the epidemic, the hospital opened a maternal nutrition station for maternal maternal love stations, and for the maternal maternal maternal for the delivery, the maternal maternal was released for free breakfast and brought home.Picture source: official WeChat public account of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University.

Zhou Yuanyuan: pregnant mothers help pregnant mothers

Since the epidemic, many patients have no way to see the clinic. We can only try to expand the online clinic. The Internet clinic working on the Internet of our hospital opened throughout the day all day, and only half a day before the week.

I am also a pregnant woman in the third trimester. In addition, some people in the community I live in are positive. During this time, I stayed at home and also participated in some online consultations on other platforms.

Some consultations encountered by Internet clinics have more questions. For example, some patients will ask, doctors, I can’t go to the hospital now, I can’t match the medicine, and the impact of stopping the medicine on my illness is not much., Can’t I go now, will my illness change badly? Or can there be positive cases in our community, can I go to your hospital to see a doctor? I will explain to them to explain to them and make up for the poor information.Generally, the question is answered, and they will not be particularly anxious.

I encountered a more anxious consultation. At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, a man left a message on the Internet that her wife was a pregnant woman, the nucleic acid test was positive, and now there is symptoms of fever.I sent several pieces in a row and felt very anxious.He wants to know how this situation should be dealt with? And does the nucleic acid positive for pregnant women have an impact on the baby?

I saw the next morning and responded to him immediately.Tell him first that from the current research, the possibility of this virus affects the baby through the placenta, and don’t worry too much.Then solve her current symptoms, such as some physical cooling methods.Finally, I reminded him to remember to report.

At the beginning of April, a pregnant woman called for a consultation. She was very anxious and said that she had vulnerable to use heparin for a long time. During the epidemic, she could not go to the hospital for medicine, so she wanted to find a doctor online.Patients like her long -term consultation are very experienced. When you consult, you will send you detailed medical records.After confirming all the records, I gave her medicine.Fortunately, she has several medicines and e -commerce platforms. At that time, she could courier, and she helped her solve this problem.

Because some hospitals cannot be treated, many pregnant pregnant women have been transferred to our hospital. Our hospital has a larger childbirth than before the epidemic, but doctors are decreasing. Because some doctors are isolated at home, our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home, so we are at home, so we are at home, so our doctors are at home.The workload is larger.Some time ago, our department was left with another doctor.

Pregnant women who come to the obstetric clinic will also ask some special questions: Doctors, during this time, I don’t eat well. Does my baby have poor nutrition, do not look good or develop well?

Online consultation and facial consultation are different. You go to see a doctor. Maybe the doctor may finish watching it for three or two minutes.However, platform consultation sometimes has to ask for a long time. Like I like to ask the patient’s situation clearly, I also have to ask her for the previous inspection report. Some patients do not understand and are anxious.

In special periods, you can only say that you understand each other.Not long ago, when I was working in the hospital, a patient said that you are still at work in such a large month. My tears flow down along the N95 mask. Fortunately, we wore a protective mask and were not discovered.I have been pregnant for 36 weeks, but there is no way, there are few doctors, and patients have needs.

Therefore, I can understand the pregnant women who seek to consult this special period.During pregnancy, people are more sensitive.During the online consultation, I have a deep understanding of their anxiety, and I will try to give them a reasonable diagnosis to comfort them appropriately.

Obstetricians are attending remote consultations.Picture source: official WeChat public account of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Xiao Chengwen: Consultation in Shanghai in Xinjiang pick up Shanghai Pregnant Women Online

I am the chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. Starting in August last year, I went to Xinjiang with the unit’s medical team to support it.

The time I took on the line here is fragmented. If it is a phone, you can make an appointment. The call is about 15 minutes at a time.If I am busy, I will turn back later.If it is graphic, then I will reply in time when I see it.

In most cases, in the case of unable to meet with patients and not check my body, it is difficult for me to complete their problems only through online consultation, but I can help patients analyze the condition through patient inquiries and judge the timing of the doctor.Suggestions are given during the closed control period.

I remember that it was more clearly at 10 o’clock a day. A patient in Shanghai told me that she felt a little pain in the left lower abdomen and it had been painful for more than an hour. She was worried about whether she was an ectopic pregnancy.Go to the hospital.I carefully asked her symptoms and the degree of pain. I judged that she was likely to be an ectopic pregnancy, so I strongly suggested that she immediately report to the community and go to the nearest hospital for examination.Later, she contacted me, saying that it was indeed an ectopic pregnancy. She helped the hospital in the community. The colleagues in front of us also helped her surgery in time to eliminate the risks.This case can be said to be relatively urgent.

There is also a pregnant woman who had previously been in a three -hospital hospital in Shanghai, about 17 weeks of amniotic fluid puncture surgery. Then, in 17 weeks, she was sealing again. What should I do if she could not do surgery? I analyzed her. Her chromosomeThe abnormal probability is relatively small, don’t worry.My suggestion is that it doesn’t matter a little later. When the epidemic is relieved, you can re -appoint time.Because if she walked the green passage to do amniotic fluid puncture and returned home, she might go to a separate isolation environment, and life was very inconvenient.

This conclusion is combined with the patient’s condition, and then gives advice, not blindly, it must be scientifically evaluated her timing.

There is also a patient who is in the office and takes takeaway every day.And she had a fetal stop, so she was nervous and could not eat folic acid tablets. I mainly helped her relieve her anxiety, such as helping her judge whether she had an early pregnancy reaction, because sometimes the anxiety of the pregnant woman itself also caused abortion in itself.And bad consequences.In fact, what I can do is to give her some nutritional guidance, such as the diversity of diet types as diverse as possible, and it must be a small number of diverse, which supplements composite vitamins in disguise.

In fact, pregnancy is a physiological state and generally does not endanger life. Therefore, in the priority of medical treatment, pregnant women are not as good as emergency patients.But in this process, they still need professional suggestions and psychological support.If my suggestion can truly help patients, I feel very pleased.

During the Wuhan epidemic in 2020, I returned to the online consultation platform and began to do some popular science and live broadcasts on the Internet.At that time, I felt that for those in the isolation, online can still solve some problems.

During the Shanghai epidemic, the obstetrics of our hospital were in a normal state of operation.Pregnant women come to our hospital, and we will open a green referral channel for pregnant women. There are also patients in other hospitals who have been temporarily transferred to us.

In fact, our hospital builds a group for maternals to help them answer some questions and answer some anxiety of their production inspection. The hospital is doing their best to do something.

Like me, it is almost impossible to save people through remote consultations, and my ability is very limited. Compared with those front -line medical care, what I do is insignificant.

On the evening of April 1, nurses of the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital were prepared at the emergency examination desk.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuan Quan

(Min Yujia, Zhou Yuanyuan, Xiao Chengwen are a pseudonym)

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