Special popular science: Those things to get pregnant (4)

In clinical practice, we also encountered some pregnant women. They would ask when I was sick during pregnancy, or accidentally took X -rays and CTs. Can the children still need it?

In fact, doctors are also very difficult to answer this question.

Taking a pregnant woman with a regular menstruation as an example, the two weeks of conception, that is, the day of menstruation is the boundary. No matter what substances have been exposed to this, if the embryo is severely damaged, the most fatal blow will be aborted;After survival, although it is damaged, it can be repaired through stubborn self -repair, which can be completely repaired. Generally, this embryo is not a problem or healthy.Therefore, we believe that within two weeks of pregnancy, the bad substances that are exposed to are all or nothing. Otherwise, it is completely aborted, or there is no response or impact.

If it is two weeks after two weeks of pregnancy, the first day of the last menstrual period starts, and the fourth week to ninth week, this period is when the fetus is the most sensitive.Not everyone who is in contact with poor substances will have deformities. This is difficult to judge, and we cannot give you accurate explanation, but we will tell the patients to let the patient decide on their own.

There is also a question that everyone cares about is, can they be in the same room during pregnancy?

We recommend that you do not have a vaginal sex life for three months in the morning and evening.It can be available in the middle of the six months, but it should be noted that the movement should not be too large, and the posture should be particular.

It is not recommended to have sex in the early stages of pregnancy, because at this time, the embryo has just been transplanted from the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity. The placenta within 12 weeks is not completely formed. During this period, abortion is more common.After 12 weeks, the embryo is relatively stable. At this time, you can start sexual life as appropriate.

It is not recommended to have sexual life in the second trimester. At this time, the fetus is already very large. On the one hand, the pregnant woman’s physical burden is relatively heavy, the energy is not very good, and the sexual life experience is not good.The membrane is broken or infected early, and the semen contains prostaglandins. Do you remember this?We are talking about contraceptives. The prostaglandin can soften the cervix and cause contractions, which may cause aura premature birth.

The abortion and premature births caused by sexual life are not uncommon clinically.Proper sexual life is beneficial to pregnant women and fetuses, but we recommend that expectant parents should pay attention to communicating with ways. The two points that pay special attention should not be too stimulating the nipples of the expectant mothers, and try to avoid semen in vain.Both behaviors are likely to induce contractions.

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