Spring allergies after pregnancy is troublesome?Making these five points can greatly improve the immunity of pregnant mothers

For pregnant mothers with allergies, spring is not a friendly season. First of all, it is extremely unstable temperature. I also wore short sleeves yesterday. Today, I may wear coats. The temperature changes are particularly willful.This is a "nightmare" for pregnant mothers who have reduced immunity after pregnancy.In addition, dry weather, air containing various germs, pollen, and catkins, so that the pregnant mother must be careful to breathe, try to avoid allergies.Because of the baby, pregnant mothers cannot use medicine casually, so try to prevent allergies from the root cause during pregnancy.

First, stay away from allergens.If pregnant mothers have a history of allergies before, they should know what they are allergic to, and avoid touching these things in life.Stay away from allergies can reduce the chance of inducing allergies.If you do n’t know what you are allergic to, you can go to the hospital to check the allergic source test. After all, there are many things that can cause allergies, such as dust in the air, hairs on animals, and pollen.

Second, a reasonable diet to maintain body nutrition.After the pregnant mother has a baby, one person eats, two people absorb, the spring is dry, and sometimes there is no appetite.Maintain a reasonable diet to allow the body to have sufficient nutrition, so as to improve immunity and fight against spring allergies.Among these foods, bird’s nest is a good choice. Not only is they rich in nutrition, but also rich in collagen. It has a good recovery effect for the skin that is easily damaged in the Spring Festival.

Third, refuse to get a cold upper body.Suddenly warming the air in spring, it is easy to cause some respiratory infections and cause a cold.If a cold is severe, it may also cause serious diseases such as pneumonia, which is very dangerous for pregnant mothers and baby baby.Therefore, at this time, pregnant mothers should not go to places where there are many people to reduce the risk of being infected.

Fourth, the clothes you wear are mainly cotton.Because of the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers will become very fragile, and skin allergies will also be one of the common problems.The clothing of the wool can easily hurt the skin, and the loose clothes of cotton are generally not irritating to the skin and will not be oppressed. Therefore, it is recommended to wear cotton clothes during pregnancy. In addition, when taking a bath,Don’t be too high in water temperature.

Fifth, be sure to wear a mask when you go out.Many people do n’t like to wear masks. They feel inconvenient to wear masks and sometimes affect breathing. However, masks can filter the haze and impurities in the air, protect the nose from being harmed, and reduce breathing harmful substances.Therefore, in the season of poor air quality in spring, pregnant mothers must use various measures in order to protect their health.

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