Star Yi Yi: The net exposed Cai Xukun’s one -night stand, causing the woman to get pregnant …


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As a result, some netizens have recently exposed on the Internet: Cai Xukun and the woman are introduced in a KTV scripture in Chaoyang District, Beijing.Then a one -night stand of the male and female love, one month later … actually became pregnant; the woman also had a good time for a while, and found Cai Xukun for the first time; when she told her about the original book and after and after the situation, she told her.After Cai Xukun, he frowned and said that it was still possible to fight … So, the woman also obeyed Cai Xukun’s words; a person quietly went to the hospital and killed it.

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Most people’s thinking logic is affected by the ending or ending here. No one expected that Cai Xukun’s mother was learned of this; doubtful masterpieces … from this think of a very complicated and complicated situation, it was a very complicated and complicated situation.I always think that the girls of the girls who are giving up in the family will deliberately set up a bureau to take the opportunity to blackmail their sons; so the master asked the son for a thoroughly, so he knew the son and the girl’s girl.取 When there is a relationship, no contraceptive measures are taken; so …

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For this reason, Cai Xukun’s mother can also be said to be deliberate to rack my brains; cautiously can’t be cautious … to formulate a win -win strategy (to say that it is a plank to cross Chen Cang), on the one handA positive contact with the girl’s family and discussed compensation; on the other hand, the private detectives who secretly hired secretly observed the follow -up of the women and the illegal puppet;The character of the 一 has no moral bottom line; even at the door of the girl, the girl’s house, set up a monitoring camera as well as the other people’s unknown situation.It is indeed superb the most basic moral bottom line of human beings.

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Who has no friends and relatives in my life and who has no one in my life. Can I have no friends who have heterosexual friends in their lives?IntersectionDon’t forget that this world of our lives is a large collective of men’s and women’s groups. Human society is a mixture composed of female and male senior animals.Cai Xukun’s mother who can be a "agent" is just obtained the social account information of the girls in the private detective. She saw a lot of friends who had a lot of heterosexual friends in the girls who were suspicious.The son; precisely because of the strong intervention of Cai Xukun’s mother, it brought a lot to the girl’s life.

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Our public figure, Cai Xukun’s mother, is indeed too tossing. It is not reconciled to not know the people of the son’s naked in the world.Son’s life.Anyway, I was convinced …

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The male protagonist Cai Xukun in our heye was debuted by "Idol Refinery" that year. It belongs to the kind of high -cold and arrogant person; with the words of our female fellow compatriots, it is a cold beauty.The stuffy type that wants to be unprepared is as cold as an Antarctic ice and snow outside; it actually burns the charcoal fire …

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In fact, as early as 2019, netizens revealed the news; the protagonist Cai Xukun, the protagonist of our old man today, was already with Ouyang Nana. They held hands like a small couple.People are watched with a singer’s wife, and the news said that the news said that at the time, everyone did not believe that there may be such a rampant. Slowly, everyone forgot to this.

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According to the latest news of everyone’s online friend paparazzi, Cai Xukun held a personal concert in Thailand in Thailand in Southeast Asian countries in these days; our focus character Cai Xukun in our old man today, on the stage of public concerts, because ofThe intimacy and hot dance with N networks have caused the outside world to talk about it. Everyone said that because Cai Xukun’s enthusiastic attitude towards the woman during the performance was beyond the boundary of ordinary friends, the two of them looked like couples that looked like couples.(On the stage, I hug you and hug you and me.) Naturally, it has caused many fans to criticize and do not. Everyone has a label to Cai Xukun with "charming fan".

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It is said that as early as 2021, there were many online news from the media platform that Cai Xukun had three children; but there were not many sources of life, this is not the first time that Cai Xukun was exposed for the first time was exposed for the first time.Children, they even listed the mother of two children …

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It is necessary to talk about the gossip news of the entertainment industry for a few days and nights. There are people who have money and status.I ca n’t hold myself; I have made a lot of ridiculous children, and in the end they must pay for their waywardness. The most harm to their children can be used to the child’s life;The public conscience of society and basic moral laws are a challenge and disrespect, and they will definitely be condemned by public opinion and certain constraints of laws and regulations. To be a person must be cleaned up.

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The last thing I want to say is that no matter when and wherever we do, we control what the Internet celebrity/big boss/big boss/senior official is Hou Lu; you must follow your inner conscience and do things. Do not "float".; If a person’s mind is proud of forgetting the shape, it will definitely make some silly silly; Yu people in the society are a bad shadow "negative energy", sorry for the country’s expectations of the people’s expectations of the people’s expectations of the peopleAnd the majority of netizens have always supported it; did you have no trace of guilt and anxiety in your heart …

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