Stomach acid nausea and vomiting, how to deal with these pregnancy reactions during pregnancy

As a person who has already experienced the entire pregnancy, I should be familiar with the second treasure, but in reality, I often educate me not to be too naive. When the pregnancy reaction is coming, I still cannot face it calmly.

The pregnancy reaction is not just like the TV series. The pregnant woman can’t eat things, smells the taste of food, or just rush to the bathroom to vomit.This kind of uncomfortable is not short -lived. I will continue to have a sense of heart. I see a pregnant mother today and say that I have been in my pregnancy for thirty weeks and are still pregnant. It is really hard.

The cause of pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, everyone knows that hormones in the body have changed.This is also a small "means" used by fetal baby to ingest nutrition.In order to obtain more nutrition, fetal baby needs to increase the time for pregnant mothers to digest food.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will secrete a large amount of progesterone and relaxation. Under the action of these two hormones, the speed of food entering the stomach will slow down.Although the baby in this way takes more nutrition, the impact on pregnant mothers is that heart burning and indigestion will occur.

The sense of heart that has not disappeared not only made people particularly uncomfortable, but also affected normal meals.The period when I was most uncomfortable was in the state of being unable to eat. I was also anxious. I felt that it would not work if it was not eaten. I was afraid that it would affect the baby’s growth, but I could n’t eat it, and then I was even more anxious.

The cousin in the hospital suggested me to change the habit of eating. Since it is uncomfortable now, it means that the habit of eating in the past may not be appropriate. You can make some changes appropriately, such as:

1. Eat less meals

My cousin told me that this way of diet can help me control weight. I heard this good thing as soon as I heard it, and I immediately changed three meals a day to eat five meals a day.Of course, the total amount of eating is unchanged, otherwise not to mention control weight, this is simply gaining weight.

The advantage of eating less meals is that eating less during meals, not too much burden on the stomach, and convenient food digestion, which can reduce some heartburn.

2. Don’t drink water when eating

I do n’t know if there is a pregnant mother like me. When eating, you must put a glass of water, or a bowl of soup, and eat while drinking.I have always felt that drinking more liquid is also good for digestion.The cousin told me that it is not wrong to drink plenty of water, but it is best not to drink water while eating.Because the increase in liquid intake during meals will increase the symptoms of stomach bloating and indigestion.If you want to drink water or something, drink after a while.

3. Chew slowly when eating

Chew it for a while when eating, and chew the food even worse, and then it is easier to digest when it is in the stomach.The old people particularly like to watch the children’s big mouthful, and feel that eating this is fragrant, but in fact, this method will affect the digestive function, because eating is too fast and too urgent. As the food swallows the air, it will cause flatulence.Essence

4. Chewing gum

For the first time, I heard this method and thought that my cousin was joking with me, but she said to me seriously that chewing gum will increase the secretion of saliva, which will neutralize the gastric acid in the esophagus and then reduce the sense of heart burning.With a doubtful attitude, I tried it to be useful once, but it didn’t last long, because it was later chewing gum and chewing me.However, it is also shared, maybe some pregnant mothers are suitable.

I have a lot of money, a second -born mother who draws more money, do you have a great pregnancy reaction during pregnancy?Is there a sense of heart burning like me?Come and leave a message board to communicate with me ~

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