Story: Women lent money to their neighbors. Dreaming of neighbors came back to the money at night, and said that she was dead

(Original folk story, the picture comes from the Internet)

Chunlian and her husband became pregnant for one year. From then on, her husband did not let her do anything, so she kept her at home to raise her fetus at home, and her husband rushed to go to the field every day and night.

Half a year later, in the autumn harvest season, the husband sold the food he had hit, handed the money to Chunlian, and said that when the due date, he would take the money to go to the hospital to give birth to a baby.

Chunlian collected the money. Who knew that the next day, the neighbor Dan Lan hurriedly found her and begged with tears: "Sister Chunlian, my mother -in -law had an emergency, and she needs to go to the hospital quickly, but my family has no money! You have no money! You have no money!Borrow me some! After a few days, my mother -in -law is sick, so I will go out to make money and return you! "

This big orchid is a foreign woman. Within less than a year after marrying to the village, her husband died. Her mother -in -law’s body was not good, so Dan Lan didn’t rush to remarry, but stayed to take care of her mother -in -law.

On weekdays, Dan Lan loves to laugh and laughs, and it is pretty good to get along with Chunlian, so at this time, Daran came to find Chunlian to borrow money, and Chunlian did not hesitate to borrow all the money in his hand to Daran.

After the husband returned home, after learning about this, he immediately worried: "Those money is going to give you to the hospital to have a baby! Now you lend the money to Daran. In the event of the due date, she is not going to do it?Our family has no money anymore! "

When the words were falling, Chunlian sighed: "Drandland is a bitter woman, let’s help her! She said that she would return the money to us after some days. My due date is not still a few months!It’s too late! "

Listening to Chunlian said so, her husband shook his head helplessly, and no squeak.

It was said that Daran’s mother -in -law lived in the hospital for about a month, and eventually died. After Daran buried her mother -in -law, she went out to work.

On the day after day, seeing Chunlian reached the due date, but never saw Dalai returned to pay back the money.Later, after all, her husband could only borrow some money from relatives and friends, and sent Chunlian to the hospital to have a child.

In the days later, her husband often complained about Chunlian, saying that she was stupid and should not lend money to a foreign woman. In the end, the money was drifting.Chunlian heard her husband said so, thinking of Daran, intuitive cold.

That night, Chunlian did not fall asleep until the middle of the night, but she dreamed of Daran.

In the dream, Daran was wet, put a stack of money on the bedside, and then said with a cry: "Chunlian, I’m sorry, I will return the money to you now. Actually, I can’t help but work hard!After a few months, I encountered a black -hearted boss who had arrears the work money. It was not easy to ask the work money until it was so easy to return the money to you, but who knew that the taxi I was on the river had fallen into the river halfway, but the driver and I and I me and the driver.All drowned … "

Dreaming about this, Chunlian suddenly woke up, and the whole heart pounded greatly. The dream of intuition was as real.After that, she got up and turned on the lights, and saw that the door was tightly tight, so she was relieved, but she turned around and found a stack of money on the bedside!

For a while, Chunlian was surprised, and his scalp fried intuitive.Then she hurriedly woke up her husband, and the couple counted the money on the bedside together. It was exactly the number of borrowing to Daran. The couple looked at the money until dawn did not close.

In addition, after dawn, there was a news in the village. Dan Lan took a taxi yesterday evening. The car drove on a bridge 30 miles away. Has accidentally fell, and Dan Lan and the driver had drowned.

With this bad news, Chunlian was really stupid, looking at the stack of money on the bedside, his heart was like a knife cut …

(The story is over)

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