Strange shame!Paying everything for the family in the full -time eight years, but my husband suspects that the child is not born





Sister Sister, my best girlfriend today called me and cried for nearly an hour, and I couldn’t give her good suggestions. Let me ask Sister Sister.

This is the case. My girlfriend is a full -time mother who has Erbao. She also had a serious job before. After giving birth to the second child, I resigned and took care of my children at home.Recently, the example leave was not here, so I bought a test paper to test and found that I was pregnant, so I told my husband that who knew that her husband heard suspicion and suspected that the child in the stomach was not him, but he had to do parent -child identification!

The statement is: The two have wearing a suit each time, and they did not do it a few times last month, so I suspected that my girlfriend was unfaithful to him … My girlfriend was difficult to argue. In other words, they were also wearing a set.I was pregnant, I didn’t doubt it at that time. I said nothing this time, and I had to identify it!

My girlfriend feels very cool. How can there be such a husband who has been married for 15 years. The boss is 14 years old and 8 years old. He has been full -time for 8 years. He has been watching his children and studying his own life.As a result, in exchange for such suspicion, she didn’t know how this marriage went on.I really want to divorce, and I am afraid to face the life after the divorce. What does the child do? I have been separated from the society for 8 years. A woman who runs away immediately is very confident in work.But in the face of such a husband, the heart is cool.

Please analyze it!





Why do you say that knowledge is money and knowledge is strength. Because if people are ignorant, many times they are obviously simple, he must have to complicate, because of lack of knowledge, there will be more suspicion.

The husband of your girlfriend should be a good thing when he feels that when you are put on, not to mention that there is no doubt when the second child is accidentally.If he can see a little more Ke Popen and learn more knowledge, he should know that in addition to abstinence and cedement in this world, there is no absolutely guaranteed contraception method.

Even in the contraceptive method, the oral compound short -acting contraceptives that have reached the best of the best. In the case of completely correct use, the power of contraception can only reach 99.9%, and it can only be said that it is close to 100%.As for this thing, it has more uncertain factors.

For example, there is no set of sets throughout the process. For example, if the ribbon is broken, it may happen that the two parties may not be found in time, and they may get pregnant unexpectedly.

Another example is that the quality of the set of sets is not available. It has been placed for too long, or the packaging is not sealed, aging, or the method is incorrect when used.Therefore, although theoretically, the success rate of condoms is more than 95%of the condoms, but it may not be so high in actual use.

For your girlfriend’s situation, Sister Sister’s personal opinion is:

Isn’t it necessary to do parent -child identification?

To do it, of course, you have to do it, not only do you, but also do it generously and do it high -profile!

You don’t have to wait until the child is born and then do a parent -child identification. The current technology can already be identified by prenatal parent -child. By extracting the blood of the mother, the DNA of the fetus is separated from the baby’s DNA.There is also a more cruel way to detect the detection of embryo tissue after abortion, comparing with the father DNA.

Of course, compared with ordinary parent -child identification, this parent -child appraisal is more expensive. Although Sister Sister has never done it, it has been heard that it is not cheap. This is the interpretation of money.Come out.

Don’t do it without saying a word, don’t say it, say that, as long as your girlfriend has a wellLet me do it. I have to do it. Even if you do it, even if you are born, it ’s not so easy to pass!

Isn’t it suspected that the old lady is derailed?OK!

Call the parents of both parties, or the seven aunts and eight aunts who can speak, let’s call it, let’s open a conference to explain the situation.Let’s do a total notarization?

Today, you said this, the original book said it again, suspecting that the child was not his own. Let’s arrange a parent -child identification today. Then, what do you say after the identification?

What if this parent -child identification is born?This child flows, divorce, all property belongs to the woman, how is the all -in -law of the two children’s living expenses?

If the parent -child identification is not yours, then let’s do it here, how about the woman’s cleaning out of the house?

If you feel that after doing it, you find that it is biological, and the day wants to continue. That’s OK.The agreement is signed, and the deposit of all property housing belongs to the woman. The man immediately, immediately ligates honestly, or how to cut it with Yongzhi?

After all, you are suspicious all day, it is better to do it once and for all. If you are pregnant after cutting, you don’t need to do it for parent -child identification?

It is no longer a society where Dou E is wronged. If you want to wash the grievances, some are evidence.There is an old saying that I am not afraid of the shadow oblique. Since I have a bad breath in my heart, I ca n’t bear it.

Isn’t it a parent -child identification?Do it, do it immediately, do it right away, who is not a grandson!

It is best to do it in front of everyone, live broadcast the blood collection process throughout the process, and the report must be made into a PDF format. Our family group has to send a copy. Everyone has to watch in groups.

To put it bluntly, this is not just a parent -child identification problem. Why do your girlfriend grievance and cry for an hour?What I understand is that because this is a housewife who has dedicated to men and children for eight years, and was suspected of derailment shame.

If there is something really, it can only be said that it is a family of a family of chicken feathers. Even if you negotiate how to leave the field, but if you are wronged, this is the shame of your life, it is a shame!

Obviously I have never done it, but I have been suspected of being splashed with dirty water. If you have experienced similar things, I believe that you will understand the anger and sadness of the cone, because once you experience it, it will never forget it.EssenceNo matter how many years in the past, no matter when you think of it, you have the hate and pain of breaking your heart and griping your teeth, as well as grievances.

Therefore, here, Sister Sister, I also want to say a word to this mother:

Regardless of this time, you are so hard that you can tear your face, dare to make this battle, and hope that you can use it as a ring.

This incident can be an end or a starting point. From now on, do not use men and children as all of their own life. It is less than 40 years old. It is the good time of life. Why ca n’t you be self -reliant?

Because it has been out of society for eight years, it cannot continue to leave!Because you understand now, you have no confidence in your life and work, so you can’t let yourself continue without confidence!

If you really chose tolerance, then I will understand your difficulties. I just hope that this hidden humiliation can inspire you to forge ahead from this day and night, make you reborn, and bring you different changes.Let yourself get rid of this dilemma that he is suffering from others because he has no ability to live, and he must be patient with humiliation!

When you are tired, you do n’t want to work hard, just think about the motivation to persist in yourself. In this way, one year, two years, three years, or even a few years later, when you dream back at midnight, think of the humiliation you suffered that year.When you still feel the pain and sadness it brings you, you can consider it again.

At that time, you may make a different choice for you to take a look at the confidence you survive and the chips in your hand.

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