strange!The truth of the girl was surprised by the truth of pregnancy

The hymen does not break, does not mean that sperm cannot be swimming into the uterus. There is porosity in the middle of the hymen. Even if it is not ejaculated in the body, sperm may swim into the uterus.Do you wrong my daughter or virgin? How could you get pregnant? 22 -year -old Xiao Yin did not come from time to time. Yesterday, she went to the mother and children’s hospital for inspection.

As a result, the mother and daughter were surprised: Xiao Yin was pregnant!

Mother Yin is puzzled: Daughter is obviously a virgin, how can she get pregnant?

Virgin pregnancy, unmarried abortion, infertility after marriage … Such patients have so many gynecologists in Ningbo Maternal and Children’s Hospital.Yesterday, Zhong Huizhen, director of the Maternal Division, said to me: "Please help the Express to call for it to make young men and women learn reasonable contraception. This is also responsible for himself to others.

Xiao Yin’s admission doctor was Zhong Huizhen. At that time, she first opened the list and asked Xiao Yin to test her urination. See if she was pregnant.

When Mother Yin heard it, she was very upset: "My daughter is not married, how can she get pregnant!"

More than half an hour later, the mother and daughter returned to the gynecological clinic, and their expressions were quite strange.Mother Yin handed over the test report: "Do you see, do you check it wrong? She can’t get pregnant!"

In order to determine the test results, Director Zhong opened another B -ultrasound to let Xiao Yin perform further inspection.

The results of the B -ultrasound came out. Mother Yin was angry and anxious, and asked the B -ultrasound doctor with a high voice: "My daughter is still a virgin, how can I get pregnant?"

The doctor turned to look at Xiao Yin, Xiao Yin lowered his head, flushed his face, and whispered, "We are in vitro ejaculation, why are we pregnant?"

When I heard her daughter say this, Mother Yin was so angry that she couldn’t say a word.

Explanation: Director Zhong said that more than one example has encountered virgin pregnancy. Almost every patient’s expression was the same: "How can virgin be pregnant?"

"This is the consequences of ejaculation in vitro. Some people think that as long as they are not ejaculating in the body, they will not be pregnant and do not take any safety measures. In fact, the hymen does not meanIt is not a completely closed film, otherwise women’s menstruation will not come out.

"Even if they are not ejaculating in the body, a small part of the semen will stay in the woman’s body in the previous sexual behavior, and the sperm will swim into the uterus. If the ovulation period of a woman is happening, once the sperm and egg meet, they will get pregnant."

There are too many bizarre pregnancy. The following is really frightening everyone present. Xiaobian takes everyone to see what is going on.

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A 4 -year -old boy from India was bizarre pregnancy: the truth scared everyone.One day he suddenly had a stomachache, and his family sent him to the hospital. After a doctor’s examination, he found that there was a dead tire that had been fully developed.This symptom is called internal tires, also known as foetus in fetu, and has a probability of 500,000 in the occurrence, with only 200 cases.

How is the parasitic tire formed? Originally, the mother was pregnant with twins. One of the embryos was wrapped in a well -developed embryo, and he was born with him.After a long period of surgery in the Indian boy’s body, his hands and feet have been removed, and his hands and feet have developed completely, and his head has only developed by half.

In 2012, the media reported that a third hand and chest appeared on the back of a 11 -year -old girl from China. In fact, this was also the symptoms of internal tires.

Parasites in internal tires are usually unable to survive, and they are also dangerous for the parasitic side. 80%of them are parasitic in the abdomen, and there have been examples of parasitic in the skull.

Experts said that because this parasitic tire is benign, parents discovered that they were basically huge and even caused by compression symptoms. At this time, most hospitals were easily mistaken for tumors.Therefore, once you find that the child’s growth and development is abnormal, you should go to the children’s specialist hospital as soon as possible. If the parasitic tire can be removed in time, it will not recur.Extension: 13 -year -old girl is pregnant because of bizarre hot spring, the truth is like this

According to reports, Magalina traveled to Egypt with her daughter Kate not long ago. However, shortly after the mother and daughter returned to Poland, Kate often experienced vomiting symptoms. After taking her daughter to the hospital for examination, Magdalina found out in shock to findThe 13 -year -old daughter was pregnant!

Mazdarina was angry and asked her daughter who had sex with who had sex in Egypt’s trip, but Kate told her mother innocently that she is still a virgin. She has never had sex with anyone.The relationship, even the boy’s hand never touched.

Mazdarina carefully recalled all the itineraries in their trip to Egypt. She suddenly remembered that when she and her daughter stayed at a hotel in Egypt, she used the hot spring swimming pool of that hotel and Kate swim there.

Magalna then suddenly remembered that in the past, a man in Germany had a report in the swimming pool that caused a swimming woman to be pregnant, and the swimming pool of that Egyptian hotel was also mixed with men and women!The only explanation of pregnancy is that when she swims in the Egyptian swimming pool, the sperm left by a male nocturn in the pool in the swimming pool accidentally entered her daughter’s body! The angry Magdalina immediately brought the Egyptian hotel to Warsaw, WarsawThe Polish Tourism Bureau of the city requires the Egyptian hotel to provide huge compensation.

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