Strawberries, which have been rated as "the dirty fruits" for 5 consecutive years, is it the seasonal fruit?How to eat healthy

For many people, it is unimaginable that what kind of fruits can be called "the most dirty fruits" for 5 consecutive years. After being revealed by netizens, it is the strawberry that people prefer in winter.Part of the part is close to 100%, which is such a fruit. How can it become the dirtiest fruit?Do you want to understand if you are …

After investigation, it was found that in the United States, there was such an environmental work group. In related research, it was found that the types of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits were detected and the average pesticide residue was detected.The dirty fruit.

The extent that the pesticide residues of strawberry are higher here. It is not that everyone can do it.In fact, whether strawberries or other vegetables and fruits are different from the data interpreted by the US Department of Agriculture, the safety of strawberries sold in the regular market is guaranteed, and everyone can rest assured to eat.

In addition, unlike the US testing, relevant departments in my country have also been tested. It has not found that the pesticide residue rate of strawberries exceeds the normal level, and it is even relatively high in terms of qualification rate.

For strawberries and other fruits currently sold in regular places, pesticide residue rates also meet my country’s standards and will not affect physical health. As long as everyone eats normally, there will be no problems.

In addition, as "Berry Red Righteousness", it seems that there are still rumors that have been unable to leave for many years, and everyone needs to recognize it.

The larger the strawberry, the more problems with?

There is no scientific basis for this statement. Compared with the past strawberries, some people have even eaten wild strawberries. You will find that there is no big strawberry, so many people think that the current strawberry may be used for medicine.

But in fact, in addition to the breeds, the big strawberries are also related to cultivating experts. They have continuously worked hard to explore, and gradually evolved into strawberries that are now big and red, and their taste is still very high.

There is also a bulging agent that many people are worried about. It is a plant growth regulator, or it is very safe. Only the farmers are legally used, not only the fruit is good, but also has a very high value.

Even if the seasonal fruit strawberries are not belonged to the winter, due to the strength of human inventions, it can also create their suitable growth environment by building a greenhouse for strawberries. It can also be eaten at ease in winter, and the taste is not bad.

For example, in the winter strawberries, there are a variety of strawberries, red -faced, Zhang Ji, etc., full of aroma and good taste. You don’t have to worry about it at all, you can rest assured.

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