Suddenly burst of fire!Hangzhou’s long -haired girl was photographed in the heavy rain!Netizen: Be sure to find her

Yesterday (3rd), a video of "a woman stopped the car in the rainstorm" was on the Internet, and she was searching for the same city.A long -haired girl wearing a powder -clothes and hot pants was anxious to shout in the heavy rain to help a man falling to the ground.In less than 3 minutes, the girl was drenched.

Many netizens were touched by this scene: "When he saw someone falling to the ground, his sister did not hesitate to choose to help, moved to tears, and good people would be safe forever." Some netizens said, "Whoever married, whoever blesses is blessed""

1. She is soaked in the rainstorm

Still in a hurry to call for help for strangers

On the evening of June 30, heavy rain was rained.At 18:24, a man drove an electric car to the intersection of Linqiao Road and Tianwan Street, Linping District, and suddenly took a car to the ground.Essence

At 18:25, a girl with an electric car and a raincoat passed by and immediately unloaded the raincoat and helmet.

"Master, how are you?" The girl asked with each other.But the man did not respond at all, suspected to be in a coma. His leg was pressed under the electric car, the raincoat wrapped his body with the car, and a helmet rolled around.At this time, a few passers -by stopped at the scene. Everyone was at a loss and had to call the police for help.

During the waiting process, the rain was getting bigger and bigger, and the long -haired girl seemed very anxious. She covered her hair in one hand and walked to the intersection from time to time.In less than 1 minute, the girl was drenched throughout.

At 18:27, the patrol car PTU103, the Lintong Public Security Police Police Brigade, was here.The girl ran all the way to meet and led the car patrol to the scene. Then she couldn’t wait to tell the situation to the special police officers. "Hurry up, he just fell, I can’t move it …"

Seeing the man who fell to the ground was wet by rain, the team member Xu Jiangtao squatted in front of him and asked. At this time, the man’s eyes were still closed and did not respond.

"People are unconscious, are you connecting to 120? Is it almost time?" Xu Jiangtao held the man’s head with one hand and supported the umbrella for him.The long -haired girl and several people also stepped forward to help, and cooperated with the electric car that would be pressed on the man.

Later, the special police officer Li Jiawei brought a folding cone barrel. According to the recommendation of the 120 emergency doctor, the man’s head was padded to make his upper body uniform and kept his breathing uniform.

The team members found and registered the identity information of the man, only to find that the girl who had just been drenched by her body had long left …

2. Fatty and heat stroke falls on the way home

The men’s condition has improved, and I want to thank the good -hearted person

It didn’t take long for the police at the 120 ambulance and the Nanyuan Police Station to rush.

The man also woke up in a shouting in the surrounding voice. He was stunned and was overwhelmed when he saw everything in front of him. "It’s okay, I’m okay. How can I be here?"

"120 is here, don’t move first, it’s not sure if you have any problems."

In the hospital, the doctor was diagnosed with a preliminary diagnosis, and the man’s body was not a big deal. It may be a brief coma after falling.

The man told the police that his surname was Wan, from Hubei, and worked in a nearby factory.Mr. Wan said that he was tired for a day, and he might have a little heat stroke on his way home from work. In addition, the rain was heavy. He suddenly dizzy on the road, and he fell as soon as he was dark.

Mr. Wan said that he had a good body and insisted on not going to the hospital.Subsequently, the PTU patrols helped Mr. Wan get on the police car and sent him safely to his family to take care of it.

The next day, the police visited Mr. Wan and learned that he had recovered."I don’t know who else helped me. If you find a kind person, you will help me thank them." Mr. Wan said.

3. Netizens are circled by powder clothes girls

who is she?do you know?

This short video was posted on the "Charm Hangzhou" vibrato, and many netizens were moved by the pink clothes in the heavy rain.

Netizens "We" said: "This is the beauty of the world!" Netizens "or for a long time" commented: "There is no good person in the world!" The netizen said: "This man should do good things and do not do less.When I met a kind girl, I met the police car just waiting for the traffic lights, so I was good at good. "

Some netizens anxiously launched the "stalk": "Brothers and sisters, ask this girl’s information within five minutes!"

Goodwill will be contagious, and some netizens sharing their experiences in the comment area to share their assistance to the hand of assistance-

Netizen "Xiaoxi Ma Ma": "A few days ago, when I was in the middle of the rain, I met an old man with a stroke sequelae and moved slowly in the rain. He hesitated for 1 minute.The umbrella was scared and happy at that time. "

Netizen "Kai": "I have also met. There was an old grandmother who fell on a battery car on a rainy day. Because I saw a child, I immediately stopped and prepared to help.She actually just fell to avoid the car, because the rain was too slippery. "

Reporter Zhong Wei Video Yu Lei Correspondent Wang Xing Intern Wang Chen Yun Chen Xuefang

Source: Hangzhou Daily

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