superstitious?Taboo?Pregnant women in these 4 places really can’t go

Once a woman is pregnant, the elders in the family will surround the pregnant woman and say a bunch of seemingly superstitious words: for example, the secret of conservative pregnancy in the first three months, such as not to participate in other people’s red and white happy events!

Although these sounds superstitious, pregnant women have to obey for their babies. For example, a certain star is obviously photographed for gynecological pregnancy test, but it will deny the news of pregnancy. After 3 months, the press conference will be released.Said that you are pregnant and start to stop work and rest!

Can I really leak people from their families three months before pregnancy?In fact, many taboos after pregnancy are just like superstition, but it is the truth that humans verify after time!


Can’t you say three months before pregnancy?

Everyone knows that the fetus is very fragile in the first three months of pregnancy. The fetus in this period of time is actually easy to have a miscarriage. After the first three months, the fetus is stable, and the wedding event can be greatly announced.In reality, many people like to send a circle of friends and inform the public that once they accidentally have a miscarriage, they will explain to others and increase sadness!

Therefore, the pregnant mother in the first three months should pay more attention to protecting the fetus, instead of rushing to tell the good news of her pregnancy, protecting the fetus is the top priority!


Can’t you participate in a red event?

The elderly in the family say that pregnant women should not participate in their happy events, otherwise they will run away from their happy events. Of course, this statement is superstitious, but pregnant women should not participate in people’s happy events.The venue for happy events, people have a lot of people, the air is not good, the pregnant woman is not sensitive enough, it is easy to wrestle and hurt, threatening the safety of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not go together to reduce the probability of accidents!


Don’t move pregnant?

The old man has a fetal god, so he is not allowed to move the pregnant woman.Of course, the fetal god does not exist, but moving is a very physical and mental thing. Therefore, during the movement, pregnant women are vulnerable to suffering, and excessive fatigue can easily lead to abortion.


Don’t go to the place where you are pregnant?

"The funeral ceremony is too obscure, you don’t want to go with your child." This sentence often appears in the mouth of the elderly at home.In fact, it has nothing to do with the obscure qi. The reason why you cannot go to the funeral after pregnancy is mainly because there are many people at the funeral scene, chaotic, and cannibal and bamboo.Fetal development.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to these taboos!Don’t think it’s superstition, just break through!

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