Surprising incident: daughter -in -law and father -in -law climbed the mountain, and after returning home, daughter -in -law was pregnant, leading to a tragedy

According to legend, during the Ming Dynasty, there was a family surnamed in Qingshan County, and the medium and generations were transmitted in the family. What is even more evil is that even if the male lead in the family later married a few more wives and concubines, it was either abortion or a daughter after pregnancy.

Duan Yu is the twelfth generation of the Chu family. He has been spoiled by his parents since he was a child. It is because of his parents’ spoils that Duan Yu has been raised from a young age.I have not been to my mother’s firm lock, which has aroused the curiosity of Duan Yu.

So Duan Yu often asked his mother, and his mother always told Duan Yu’s house to worship the tablet of this ancestor, and did not allow Duan Yu to disturb.Gradually, Duan Yu sank it to the bottom of her heart, but every time she saw her mother lock the door, she always had a curious ripple in her heart.

In a blink of an eye, Duan Yu has been married for three years, but he has not seen his wife’s belly with movement. When the family begged the son to be eager, the mother quietly walked into the hut, staying in it for half an hour.Later, I told Duan Yu: "Let the daughter -in -law and her father go to the Taoist view on the mountain to worship, and it is a son."

Duan Yu hurriedly asked his mother: "How do you know that you will be a son?"

When my father saw his wife said that he leaked his mouth and hurriedly hit the field and said, "Our family on behalf of the single pass, you don’t know."

In the early morning of the next day, my father took his wife to Taoist, but for several days, Duan Yu was very worried about his father and wife.The mother saw that her son’s anxiety stepped forward and comforted: "Don’t worry, it is estimated that he lives in the Taoist view for a few days to ask for peace!" After a few days, his father and wife returned, and his wife told Duan Yu with joy: "This time I was absolutely pregnant, or a boy! "Duan Yu asked his wife how to know, and his wife supported it for a long time, and made excuses to leave.

Within a few days, the wife was pregnant, and the family was particularly happy. When happy, Duan Yu found that his mother frequently went to the small house in the past few days.

As his wife’s belly gradually became bigger, his father and mother were too busy.Duan Yu remembered that the old on the street once said, "When the wife is pregnant, the husband goes to Taoist Taoist and worships his mother and son." He immediately moved to the mountain where his father and wife were on.

Duan Yu did not find a Taoist outlook on the top of the mountain, but a small mound. Duan Yu curiously dug a few mounds and found that there were dry children inside.With a mound with a wet soil, Duan Yu also dug it and found that the child was buried short. Therefore, Duan Yu took the child’s body back home and asked his parents and his wife.

It turned out that in order to get money, Duan Jiazu sent a "no later life" vow. Later, Duan Jiazu hoped to have a child day and night when he had money, and he also invited a demon road to protect Duan’s future generations.After three days of demon thought, the power of nine cows and two tigers gave the Duan family a "planting child" magic spell. As long as he married his wife for three years, he could find a three -year -old child buried the child on the top of the mountain.As a child, children can be reborn to Duan’s house.If the child on the top of the mountain is pulled out, the Duan family will have a fortune, and this life will not be later.

After listening to Duan Yu, he seemed to understand something.The small house door that the mother was often locked in one foot was opened, and found that it was not the ancestor of the Duan family, but the tablets of many non -surnames.Children’s parents.

My father saw that the children who had "planted" with daughter -in -law had been pulled up on the mountain, and said with all my mouths: "My Duan family is over!" The mother crouched in the corner and cried, and Duan Yu took the tablet worshiped in the hut.It came out and released the news that the parents who had been harmed their children over the years came to claim the corpse.

In the evening, the wife was aborted. Duan Yu hurriedly asked Langzhong and tossed in the middle of the night. In the end, the child was gone, but the wife’s fate was kept. The father and mother learned that the grandson was crazy on the spot.The fire burned a sophisticated light, and then his father and mother died.There are only wives and Duan Yu in the family,

In the evening, Duan Yu walked in front of his wife and said to his wife, "We can’t let innocent children be punished for the greed of our ancestors." The wife nodded.Although they did not have children, they lived happily.

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