Suspicious clouds!The 43 -year -old popular goddess appeared in the abdomen of the abdomen: the assistant was hot as soon as he opened

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The 43 -year -old entertainer Zhao Wei has been registered with the wealthy businessman Huang Youlong in 2008, and the two are still sweet. From time to time, they still attended the event in the form of husband and wife stalls. Two years after marriage, Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong’s love crystalline little princess will beIn the world, the family of three was happy.

However, in recent years, Zhao Wei has been busy filming for the mainland variety show "Chinese Restaurant 3", and has performed with many years of friends Huang Xiaoming.Standing rooms, but many netizens still bluntly, when they see them, they believe that "there is really pure friendship between men and women."

In addition to being busy filming a variety show reality show, Zhao Wei’s work continues to work.The script, in addition, she has to be busy producing new movies, and she really can’t stop at all.

However, recently, there was a short video about Zhao Wei on the Internet. When I saw Zhao Wei put on a CAP hat and large frame of sunglasses, she was shot by fans all the way to the airport.Fans are careful not to squeeze at all, and said for a while, "Don’t take pictures, I’m pregnant!" For a while, it caused people to guess: Zhao Wei successfully conceived the second child?

This fragment followed the heated discussion among netizens. Many people pointed out that Zhao Wei bowed his head and covered his nose throughout the process. It seemed to be because the pregnant woman’s smell of balloons was sensitive. Some netizens pointed out that Zhao Wei did have a small belly.Recently staying up late and recording "Actor please". After all, pregnant women cannot stay up late, so it is impossible to get pregnant.

With the fermentation of the incident, Zhao Wei also clarified through the mainland media afterwards: "What the staff said at the time was OK, don’t shoot it. ‘Non -rumored’ pregnancy."What about it?

In fact, I believe that it was just a matter of being chaotic at the time. After all, Zhao Wei also clarified the rumors. It seems that many netizens very much hope that Zhao Wei can chase another one!I wonder if our "Little Swallow" also has a plan to regenerate one and make up the word "good"?In any case, I still hope that Zhao Wei can take care of her body and continue to bring us more good works, come on!

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