Sweet potato, is it a "weight loss artifact" or "weight gain"?Don’t guess, the answer is here

Do you like sprayed sweet potatoes?

Especially in winter, the hot roasted sweet potatoes in their arms are really very happy. You can smell the fragrance of roasted sweet potatoes in a far place.

However, the effect of sweet potatoes is divergent. Some people say that eating sweet potatoes can lose weight, but some people say that eating sweet potatoes will increase weight. What about the truth about sweet potatoes?Take you to understand today.


Sweet potato, is it a "weight loss artifact" or "weight gain"?Don’t guess, the answer is here

Sweet potato can lose weight, there are several reasons:

Rich in dietary fiber

The dietary fiber content of sweet potatoes is about 5%to 1.3%. However, after deep processing of rice, the content of dietary fiber is less than 0.5%. The sufficient dietary fiber enters the intestine, which can improve the sense of satiety and reduce the sense of hunger, so it has reached the reachThe role of weight loss.

Low energy

On average, the energy per 100 grams of sweet potatoes reaches 90 kcal. However, the weight of 100 grams of heat at 116 kcal you usually eat is more suitable for weight loss.

low fat

The fat among sweet potatoes is only half of the rice, so sweet potatoes are low -fat foods, and they are more conducive to eating during weight loss. These are the reasons for sweet potatoes to lose weight.The reason why someone eats the more fatter is to fall into the following misunderstandings:


Although sweet potatoes can assist in weight loss, if you do not control the amount of intake, you will also be counterproductive. Among them, starch contains into the human body into carbohydrates, which will also cause obesity. Therefore, it is best to find the right way to lose weight.A full, reduce calorie intake.


The best sweet potato method is to steam it in the pan, not add any condiments, and will not be processed in complex processing. In this way, the dietary fiber inside is better preserved, but after fried or other cooking methods, dietary fiber will be fried or other cooking methods.It was destroyed and turned into a food that increased heat.

The time to eat is wrong

Although sweet potatoes can help lose weight, the time to eat is not right, which will also affect weight loss. For example, eating sweet potatoes for dinner, less body consumption function itself, eating sweet potatoes containing starch is not good for weight loss, so the best time to eat sweet potatoes should be the best time to eat sweet potatoes. Therefore, the best time to eat sweet potatoes should be the best time to eat sweet potatoes.: Breakfast <Lunch <Dinner.


Who is not suitable for eating sweet potato


Many people like to eat sweet potatoes, but the content of carbohydrates in raw sweet potatoes is close to rice. If it is roasted with carbohydrates, it will be higher than rice. It is best not to touch patients with diabetes.

Gastric ulcer

The content of sugars and dietary fiber in sweet potatoes is relatively high. Not only is the stomach emptying relatively slow, but also promotes gastric acid secretion and is prone to acidic acid. Therefore, people with gastric ulcers are not suitable for sweet potatoes.

Frequent flatulence

After entering the human body, sweet potatoes will produce qi and sour, so many people will feel bloating and even increase farting after eating sweet potatoes, especially those with abdominal distension, it is best not to eat sweet potatoes.

No matter what food is, it is too late. Although sweet potatoes help lose weight, they must also master scientific methods. At the same time, they must learn scientific matching to meet the needs of physical nutrition.

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