Swell and swollen hands and feet during pregnancy?Try these 10 tricks to slow down edema

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers will experience edema, swollen like a "big bun" in hands and feet. Pressing it will fall down. When the swelling is severe, it is swollen and numb.

I have been in the past 30 weeks, this is the case, and edema can cause weight growth.So I went to check a lot of information by myself, and share the following content for prospective mothers. The prospective dad must also learn to prepare from time to time ~

Does edema during pregnancy?Is there a way to relieve it?

Most of the edema during pregnancy is normal

Edema during pregnancy includes physiological edema and pathological edema.

Most of the pregnancy edema is physiological. Generally, it appears on the hands, ankles, insteps, calves, etc. often not obvious in the morning. After daytime activities, it will be more obvious at night, and one night of rest will fade.

This is because the level of hormone during pregnancy changes, which leads to an increase in water. As the baby’s baby grows grows, the uterus gradually becomes larger, and the legs of the expectant mothers and pelvic veins, blood circulation and reflux ability deteriorate, which will cause edema to edema, which will cause edemaEssence

Physiological edema is a normal phenomenon. Generally, nursing can be relieved, and it can gradually recover after giving birth.

A few pregnancy edema is pathological. Edema appears on the face, perineum, and even the whole body of the expectant mother. At the same time, there are symptoms such as headache, blurred vision, or the diet during the edema.Inside adds a pound of more than a pound.

Pathological edema is associated with pregnancy -induced diseases such as hypertension and kidney disease during pregnancy. It is necessary to seek medical treatment for specific reasons for targeted treatment.

How to relieve edema during pregnancy?

If the expectant mothers are physiological edema, don’t worry too much, you can try the following 10 tricks to relieve.

01 Hall the foot pad and raise the leg

When you are sitting, you can find a small bench and put it under your feet.The position of raising the leg is conducive to promoting blood circulation and relieved edema.Remember not to stir Erylang’s legs to avoid hindering the flow of veins and worse the edema.

Similarly, when you lie down and rest, you can also put the pillow under your feet to promote blood circulation.

02 often change posture

Sitting or standing for a long time can easily cause poor blood circulation and cause or aggravate edema.

The expectant mothers can sit up for a while and get up and walk around, walk around, and move their bones.

03 Massage legs

If the legs have edema, expectant mothers can make a massage.If it is not convenient to massage yourself, you can help your husband.

When you massage, you should pay attention to pressing from the bottom to the top, that is, massage the heart in the heart, let the accumulated blood flow back to the heart, and promote blood circulation.

04 foot soaking

Specific mothers can soak their feet with hot water for 20 minutes, and the water surface should be higher than the ankle, and it is best to reach the position of the calf belly.

Soaking your feet can expand the peripheral blood vessels, enhance the force of squeezing the blood vessels, and allow the vein to return the blood. Such excess water is not easy to accumulate at the end of the hands and feet.

05 lying on the left while sleeping

As the pregnant belly is getting bigger and bigger, if you lie down flat, the huge uterus can easily compress the lower cavity vein, affecting the blood flow and causing edema.

If you take the left lying posture, you can help the blood vein return of the cavity. This will not only cause leg edema, but also reduce the symptoms of varicose veins.

06 Pay attention to weight management

Pay attention to a balanced diet, exercise appropriately, and control weight.If the weight is overweight, it is easy to increase the burden on the body, which is not conducive to venous return.

△ The above data is a single -bumper standard.Due to the latest standards, the prevailing mothers can refer to the standard of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2016": expectant mothers with normal weight before pregnancy can grow by 17-25kg during pregnancy, and those who overweight before pregnancy can increase by 14 to 23kg.Can increase by 11 to 19kg.

07 wearing elastic socks

If you need to sit or stand for a long time due to work needs, expectant mothers can consider wearing stretch socks dedicated to pregnant women from the second trimester (fourth month) to improve the venous cycle of the legs.

08 Do not mention heavy objects

Mother -in -law should not raise heavy objects, so as not to increase the pressure on the legs, increase the edema, and even increase the pressure of the abdominal pressure, causing the risk of lining and leaking urine in the postpartum.

09 Appropriate exercise

It is important to do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, such as walking and doing pregnant women yoga, which can promote blood circulation in the body and achieve the purpose of swelling.

10 rest

Be sure to take more rest. If the pressure of work or housework is relatively high, please ask the people around you to help share.

Many expectant mothers mistakenly think that drinking less water can avoid edema, but the reason for edema is not to drink more water. Drink water every day or drink.It is generally recommended to drink 1500 to 1700ml per day in the early pregnancy (3 months before), and drink 1500 to 1900ml a day in the middle and late pregnancy (after 3 months).

In addition, be careful not to wear a ring or other relatively tight jewelry, so as not to remove it due to the serious edema.

Finally, I hope that expectant mothers can spend the whole pregnancy. Friends with the same situation remember to collect it with one click, so as not to find it when it is used.

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