Symptoms of pregnancy are similar to colds and timely screening and response

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The signs of the early pregnancy are similar to cold symptoms, such as rising body temperature, headache, mental fatigue, yellow face, etc. Sometimes, they also feel particularly afraid of cold. This is easy to make expectant mothers without pregnancy as a cold treatment.If you take medicine and injections, it will hurt the fragile baby.

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Here are reminding expectant mothers that after starting pregnancy, you should always remind you that you may be pregnant. When you need to use the medicine, you must think of this problem to avoid regrets.

In addition, in addition to showing similar symptoms to colds, there are some special physical changes. Specific mothers can understand in advance and screen on the spot: delayed menstruation for more than 10 days; appetite changes, poor appetite, sometimes nausea, vomiting, I like to like it.I do n’t like to eat what I eat. What I did n’t like to eat became particularly loved; breasts felt swollen, touched with pain; frequent urination.These situations appear, and the possibility of pregnancy is very high.

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Targeting the sign of pregnancy as a cold and taking a cold medicine, can the child still ask?

It is not necessary to cause malformations when taking medicine. Whether the baby baby will be seriously affected. It has a certain relationship with the ingredients, doses, and time of the cold medicine. You can consult a doctor and analyze it.If the dosage you eat is small, the time is short, and the medicinal properties are mild, you can track the development of the baby’s baby before deciding to stay.For the sake of insurance, we must treat themselves as pregnant women for the time being.

At this stage, pregnancy may not be verified, but for the sake of insurance, expectant mothers should treat herself as pregnant women.This is very beneficial to the development of conscious adjustment of behavior habits, living habits, eating habits, and work and rest habits.

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Make changes in clothes, the clothes are as loose and comfortable as possible, and do not wear tights.It is best to be cotton products, because the skin of pregnancy will become sensitive.Don’t wear high heels anymore, change to low -heeled shoes with flat shoes or heels without more than 3 cm.

Make changes in the diet. Three meals a day are quantitative. Do not eat too irritating foods, including too sweet, spicy, too cool foods, do not eat anymore, automatically stay away from harmful foods, such as wine, coffee, strong tea, etc.

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The work and rest must be changed, and the laws of nature should be conforming to the law.If it is often black and white upside down, adjust it in time.

When going out, go smoothly and slowly, don’t go to too many people, and don’t compete with others.

Try to be calm as much as possible, do not have ups and downs, excessive excitement, sadness, anger, and depression are not good for the baby.

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Medical method of judging pregnancy

In order to confirm the diagnosis, you should go to the hospital for examination for about 6 weeks.The method of determining pregnancy in the hospital is very simple and convenient, mainly through gynecological examination, urine pregnancy test and B -ultrasound.

1. Gynecological examination: The gynecological examination that determines the pregnancy may be the first prenatal examination. Many women or young pregnant women who are just pregnant are very scared or difficult.This is a very normal psychological feeling. If you want to overcome the fear, the best way is: please walk with you, please encourage you.From the perspective of psychology, at this time, what women need most at this time are the encouragement and support of her husband.Therefore, each man who is a husband must help his wife overcome psychological pressure, encourage his wife not to be shy, not to be nervous, and relax to cooperate with the doctor.During the examination, the doctor will find that your uterus starts to grow, the cervix and the lower section of the uterus become soft and purple, and the color of the vaginal mucosa is darker.The accuracy of women in two weeks after conception was almost 100 % accurate.

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2. Urine pregnancy test: This test can diagnose early pregnancy and disease -related diseases, with a reliability of 95%.At present, a "early pregnancy" test can determine whether you are pregnant in 5 days after a period of menstruation.About 20 days after the mother’s fertilization (that is, 35 days of menopause), the urine of pregnant women began to contain the "fluffy gonadotropin" produced by the placenta, which gradually increased in the future and reached its peak by 60 days of pregnancy.Through biological pregnancy tests, the presence of this hormone in the urine can be measured to achieve the purpose of diagnosis of pregnancy.The first time the test is collected for the first time in the early morning, because the urine at this time is relatively strong, the amount of hormones contains is large, and the test results are more accurate.

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3. B -ultrasound: This is a simple and easy way.After 5 weeks of pregnancy, use an ultrasonic probe to check the abdomen. From the screen, you can see that there are young embryo sacs in the uterus.

If the above symptoms and signs appear, you may conceive.But some women may have no discomfort, or the reaction may be mild.In this case, the best way to exclude your doubt is to go to the hospital to ask the doctor to help you check the diagnosis.

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