Taboo and moxibustion after moxibustion

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Audience friends, hello everyone, I am Dr. Peng Xin, Chinese medicine.

Today, we continue to explain moxibustion health series courses.

(1) Forbidden moxibustion site

Today is about the taboos and moxibustion after moxibustion.What are the taboos of moxibustion?The first taboo is the acupuncture point of the face, as well as nipples and large blood vessels. It is not suitable to use direct moxibustion to avoid scarred scars.This is about direct moxibustion.These moxibustion methods such as Thunder Fire Moxibustion also easily cause burns, so be sure to avoid burns.(Today’s headline@((() The acupuncture points on the face should not only pay attention when moxibustion, but also pay attention when hanging moxibustion and moxa.I rarely suggest that you use moxa to moxibustion the face in the outpatient clinic.Of course, there are a lot of health halls, beauty salons, and hospital acupuncture departments, which are used when treating facial paralysis or facial beauty.But it is also very careful. Be sure to avoid burns, otherwise scars will be left.

The body’s nipples and large blood vessels are easily purulent or infected with direct moxibustion, or cause very serious diseases.So be sure to pay attention that you cannot directly moxibust these parts.Remind us to use indirect moxibustion, such as when moxibustion, or hanging moxibustion, that is, when moxibustion is used to use moxa, these parts should also pay attention.The part of joint activity is not suitable for purulent moxibustion, so as not to heal the pyllavia, which affects functional activities.(Please pay attention to WeChat: PENGXINBOSHI) So the parts of the joint activity, such as knee joints, elbow, and shoulder joints are not suitable for purulent moxibustion.It is said in the previous course. The pus in the direct moxibustion, after putting on Aihuan to lit, the purulent forming scars.Because joint movements are often activated, these parts can easily cause purulent collapse and can easily cause functional activities to be affected.At the same time, these places are very difficult to heal, and the skin can not help.So do not use purulent moxibustion.

We must also pay attention when we suspend moxibustion.Do not burn the joints at the joint.Do not get foaming, it will be troublesome, affect the activity, it is easy to scratch.So this part is very particular.

(2) Anti -stomach full -to -be

The second is the time when the analogy is extremely fatigue, or when you are full, or if you are afraid of moxibustion, you should be cautious in these circumstances.For weak patients, Ai Zhu should not be too big when moxibustion.What I said just now, Ai Zhu is too large, and the firepower is too fierce.This is about the stimulus volume cannot be too strong to prevent fainting moxibustion.(Today’s headline@((() People who halo moxibustion rarely encounters, but there are many people who meet the halo.Some people are very sensitive to acupuncture acupuncture.If you go down, you can’t wait to faint, there are a lot of people.But when doing moxibustion, especially suspended moxibustion, or moisture, most people have no dizziness or fear.But if there is, pay attention.What to prompt?The stimulation of moxibustion is a bit large, he is scared.

Here is the precautions of ancient times.The focus is that the situation recorded in ancient literature is more common. Why?Some people are afraid of pain. When moxibustion, it is actually a kind of burns, which is actually painful.Therefore, if Ai Yi is particularly large, the area of burns is large, and the scar is large, so if people can’t stand it, they will faint.It is equivalent to the pain of pain.When this paragraph talks about moxibustion, Ai Yi should not be too big.For those who are weak, they stop moxibustion once they are dizzy.Wake him up, then spray the water, let him slow down, just slowly.

(3) Pregnant women should not moxibustion

The third point is that the pregnant woman’s abdomen and lumbosacral region cannot moxibustion. There is a fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant woman. The lumbosacral area is the lattice acupoint. Do not make moxibustion when you are pregnant.This is some taboos and precautions recorded in ancient medical books.

(4) Prevent Ai ash from falling off

The fourth point, in the process of moxibustion, to prevent the burning moxa from falling off and burning the skin and clothing.This situation rarely appears, but it has been.In the Department of Acupuncture or some health museums, you will find that there are some unskilled moxibustion masters, and the gray is about to fall down, and he will not play.At this time, you must play Ai ash in time.Blow with your mouth to make the fire boil a little, and then continue moxibustion.(Today’s headline@((() Don’t wait for the ash of moxibustion, and it is not treated. Once the gray falls, the ash near Aihuo is also very hot.Too serious, but it hurts.After Ai ash falls, for example, the clothes you wear are particularly thin, and it is made of nylon material. As soon as Aihon fell, the clothes were a hole.So be sure to pay attention not to let Ai ash fall off and fall on the skin and clothes.This is the taboos of some moxibustion, you need to pay attention.

(5) Trivial heat and hot moxibustion

The fifth point is that there are some patients with yin deficiency and fever, and there are some patients with actual heat evidence forbidden moxibustion.Everyone is high, yin deficiency, what performance does yin deficiency fever?Five upsets, dry mouth, hair loss, thirst, and weight loss are yin deficiency.You can search online to search for yin deficiency performance, and you know.There are also patients such as internal heat, hot heat, night sweats, etc., and try not to moxibustion as much as possible.Such patients can soak their feet with wormwood water and rest early.At the same time, take ingredients such as lily and lotus seeds, and you can cook soup and soothe the gods after drinking.You can also put jujube kernels and red dates.Do not use moxa moxibustion at this time. Especially big moxa moxibustion is easier to get angry.This is the fifth, which reminds us that we must perform dialectical moxibustion according to the patient’s physique and condition.This is the taboos I talked about moxibustion.


Continue to talk about the treatment after moxibustion.What should I do if the treatment of moxibustion mainly refers to what if the blisters occur?This is rare, but it will appear.When moxibustion is carried out in the Department of Acupuncture, acupuncture is rarely used directly moxibustion.However, when moxibustion or suspended moxibustion, blisters will be encountered.In case it appears, just don’t scratch it, don’t care about it, let it slowly absorb naturally, it will be fine in a few days.(Today’s headline@(Dr. Peng Xin) If the blisters are relatively large, you can use the needle of disinfection and acupuncture.After disinfection with alcohol, pierce the blisters gently, then press with a cotton ball to put the water inside out.Because the pierced holes are very small, it will not be infected, so as long as the water is squeezed out, the blisters will be stabbed, and the thin skin will be affixed to the skin again.If you are afraid of infection, apply such potions such as dragon gangsia.

If it is scar moxibustion, during the period of moxibustion sores, try not to scratch the wound.When I was studying before, I experienced scar moxibustion.In Zhongli acupoints, there are also Yuan points, I remember moxibustion at the time.This is direct moxibustion, also called scar moxibustion.After that, when the purulent is about to be good, after forming a scalp skin, the local itch is particularly itchy at this time.But do not scratch your hands. If you accidentally scratch your hands, the skin will fall off again, and then re -generate it. This is more troublesome, and it is not easy to repeat repeatedly.Therefore, at this time, the wound must hold back and do not scratch it with your hands to protect the skin. At the same time, you must ensure cleaning and prevent infection.When taking a bath, pay attention to all aspects, do not break it.This is all important precautions.This is the treatment of moxibustion.

Well, this is here today’s lectures, thank you for listening, we see you next time.(To be continued)

This article is: Dr. Peng Xin of TCM explains the series of "Moxibustion" series of courses-25.(More exciting content is continuously updated …)

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