Take instant noodles in confinement and cook your own baby.

My friend Luo Yu, 33 -year -old, female, occupation: real estate sales, which are what we call a commercial house.

We have known whether it is 13 years or 12 years. I have known for many years. I don’t remember the specific time.

At that time, the two of us were consistent, and we couldn’t talk in particular, so I just kept it until now.

I don’t know where to hear such a sentence. If the friendship between the two people is more than 7 years, then they are friends of each other in their lives.

At that time, we were unmarried, no baby, or family chores. They went to work every day, shopping after get off work together, planned to buy what clothes, looked better to wear, talk about star entertainment gossip, discuss which store’s meals are better. eat.

Really carefree days, happiness!

When we were shopping, there was always a tail behind, and it was a boy in different villages in the same town of Luo Yu.

He is introverted and doesn’t like to talk very much. He is not tall. When you talk to him, he looks at you, and there is a hint, just like the little red hat facing the big gray wolf, always afraid that the big gray wolf eats it to eat itThat feeling.He looked like this, I took him a nickname called a little child.

He didn’t talk much, but his hands and feet were very sharp. When we were shopping, we often helped us pick up the shopping bag.Ask if we want to drink water?Do you want to eat something?It is really thoughtful.

The little fart likes Luo Yu. To what extent, she did not help her except her bathing and rubbing farts.

He cooks is particularly delicious, and that’s it for more than a year.

Luo Yu’s aunt came to her house and said to Luo Yu’s mother that the girl was 30, and she did not marry her, what to stay at home, and who was 30 years old and had two baby.

Luo Yu’s mother loved her face, and asked her relatives and friends to give Luo Yu Zhang Luo.The men introduced are good conditions. There are civil servants, a business at home, and a house rented by a house to rent a house.

Luo Yu’s family has good conditions. Although it is rural, coal mines are produced at their house.

When Luo Yu was young, he started to make coal. Later, he invested some money into real estate. At the end of the year, more than 200,000 dividends were divided.

Luo Yu’s mother planted a cigarette leaf at home, and there were 50,000 to 60,000 in a year.

The little fart’s house is also in the countryside, and his parents enjoy blessings!

At home, he is the boss, and there are two sisters, one goes to college and the other is studying in high school.

Although his parents said that in the countryside, they did not do farm work, and the fields were full of weeds.

The little fart is doing sales. He pays every month. There are seven or eight thousand times when he is ascended.

Finally, the moonlight clan, no deposit.He gives 2000 each each month, and the tuition living expenses of the two sisters are burdens.

Usually, two sisters have to buy some clothes, mobile phones, bags and the like, which is carried by himself.

His pair of parents, like a brand, just spend money regardless of doing things.

It seems that they are alive to prove that the three fart children’s sisters are not orphans.

The little fart heard someone introduced the object to Luo Yu. He was a little anxious and ran to Luo Yu’s house to propose.Luo Yu’s mother directly proposed a gift of 120,000.

The little fart child was young and ignorant, and called a cousin of his peers and went to mention it.It is said that the cousin is the most promising in the same village. What unit is the leader. He feels that he has to propose a relative.

As a result, the instead of looking for the elders of the man’s family and accompanied the matchmaker to the woman’s house.

Luo Yuma was very angry.

The first is the big thing for marriage. I did not ask the elders to come forward, disrespect the female family, and did not take the woman’s house in their eyes.

The second is that the color gift is not in place. The little fart can only take 60,000 yuan of gifts by himself. His parents have no money.

The third is to find the cousin who is the first leader. It feels a little bit of power to suppress the person, which makes Luo Yuma uncomfortable.

Afterwards, Luo Yu’s mother asked about the situation of the little fart’s house, and she opposed her daughter’s relationship with the little fart, let alone getting married.

Luo Yu also told me that she said that there were more than 200,000 gifts on their house, and only 120,000 in my family. My dad’s plan was to have a 120,000 color gift. We bought another 180,000 and bought a set in the urban area.Two -bedroom houses.Our small county on the five -six line, the full payment can be taken down, and the provident fund is decorated.

Because of the problem of colorful gifts, the two of them are in a state of being dispersed and constantly.

After that, Luo Yu brought her a cousin of a friend’s house, the demolition household, and a son.

On the main road of Xincheng District, there are 5 and a half -floor self -built house, next to the Three Hospital.

When this condition, Luo Yu’s mother urged the other party to come to the house.

On the day when I was sent to the door, I talked about 120,000, and the man came to the door with only 50,000.Luo Yu’s father and Luo Yuge were overwhelming at the time, trying to take him away with the matchmaker.For the sake of face, Luo Yu’s mother did not want to look at the jokes around her, and stopped the hands of the grandfather.

In fact, it was Luo Yu’s mother. The house on the side of the road was thinking that her daughter would marry in the past.The house on the side of the big road is more than 100,000 rents each year, which is more than enough for life.

It’s pretty beautiful, and the reality comes faster.

At that time, the 120,000 color gift became 50,000. Luo Yu’s mother accepted it. The man wanted to buy three gold for the woman’s family, and he had to buy a set of clothes worn on the wedding day. The man only gave 800 yuan.

Dear friends!Think about 800 yuan to buy Sanjin, and buy a set of clothes.

Think about the three golds I bought and bought, it took 16,000, and the clothes I wore on the wedding day were more than 3,000.What can he buy 800 yuan?

There is no way, only Luo Yu can buy Sanjin and clothes.

Let’s talk about the five -storey self -built house by the road to the road in his house. Luo Yu knew that after marrying it, the house had been sued by the bank to the court for a long time.

The house was built by a bank loan and failed to repay on time. The bank was annoyed and was often urged.

The 5 and a half -floor house was decorated only on the top half of the top, and it came from to live. The lower five floors below were rough houses and did not rent out.

The more angry is still behind.

Luo Yu was a cesarean section. After staying in the hospital for three days, he packed home.

After arriving home, her mother -in -law hugged her child, her husband held a bag of items for having a child, but she walked behind, supplemented with the knife mouth on the belly, and climbed the stairs with the wall with one hand. She was really powerless and called her husband to help herOne.

Her husband yelled at her loudly. We were holding the child and didn’t help people hold things.Why are you not ancestor?Let’s raise you up!

Luo Yu was angry and sad.60,000 do not marry, marry you a 50,000 face goods.

When confinement, no one took care of her and her son. She was cooking by herself and brought her children herself.Sometimes the child is so bad that he can’t eat the meal, so he has to soak the bucket instant noodles to solve it.

On the 28th day of confinement, the father -in -law said that she asked her to go out to find a job to earn money and pay the bank loan. Otherwise, the family would be stunned and could not live in this house.

The father -in -law’s younger brother was on the side, and when he heard this, he said that it was too much. Before the confinement was done, he asked others to make money to find a job and make money.Your son is free to do anything every day, you don’t ask him to go out to do things to make money.As a result, the father -in -law shouted, so he told him not to say much.

On the 15th day of confinement, the life is better!Her husband and father -in -law quarreled and were stunned by the father -in -law, saying that there was no money, don’t live in his house.Her husband took her mother and son to live in an apartment for 500 yuan a month, lived for 39 days, ate 39 days of instant noodles, and three meals a day.

Is it pitiful?Can’t you be wronged?

Luo Yu brother really couldn’t stand it. He received the mother and son of her mother and son. The child was weaning eight months later and returned to her husband’s house.

Luo Yu found a real estate sales job. He had done this job before. It was very experienced. The commercial house was high -value items. The commission was quite considerable. It was 7,000 or seven or eight a month.

Sometimes we chat on WeChat. The old lady is now making money to make money, and I never want to be out of my house.Seeing the text of the chat box, I can feel that at the end of the mobile phone, she gritted her teeth.

For more than a year when she was married and pregnant, her husband did not give her a penny.She used her savings before her previous work, and the car loan of her married car was repaid by herself 3,000 per month.

But the car was used by her husband. She drove out to fill the facade every day, drinking with a group of fox friends, dog friends, KTV, and a monthly credit card of more than 100,000 and 100,000.

Luo Yu came out to work and had income.I bite my teeth and bought some money and bought a two -bedroom house.It was the homeowner’s work mobilizing, selling very cheap, only 230,000.

Luo Yu did not pick the apartment, lighting, and location, and took it directly.

She remembered to quarrel with her husband, and her husband asked her to get out of the time.

Husband and father -in -law quarreled, and they also called their family of three.

Rolling …

Therefore, she has to find a place to set herself anyway, and the name of the room is Luo Yu’s parents.

And now she is separated from her husband. She wants to divorce her husband, and his husband disagrees.

Luo Yu’s husband asked her to earn money to support the baby, bring a baby, but also earn him.Also earn money to pay off the loan of his house.

Luo Yu is now thinking about it clearly. At first, it was the house on the side of the road by her mother.Waiting to marry to collect rent, you don’t marry this condition, who do you have to marry?

As a result, I really got married, and I realized that Jin Yuqi was outside, and it was defeated inside.

Now I go to work during the day and go back to my nest at night.Go to see the children, spend money by yourself, or spend the child, and never give the disgusting husband family.

Don’t find me if it’s okay. If you have something to do with your children.

Luo Yu, who lived smoothly before the age of 30, was full of taste.After 30 years of age, he jumped into the fire pit from Miyu.

Think about this year.If it was not so persistent, it would be 120,000 with the little fart, and it would be better than today.

The little fart is also very diligent.Even if the family looks like that, the two people make money more than one person earn money, and they can’t afford the house.

Renting a house and living in the same life. At that time, when they got along, the little fart helped her treat her as a baby and treat it as a princess.

I regret it hard to buy.

Marriage is to marry because of emotion, and don’t get married because of his age.

There must be an opinion on being a person. Don’t listen to the encouragement of others. Even the parents are not good, because the life is good or not, it is yourself, no one can replace, your own feelings.

As the so -called, the shoes are unattractive, and your feet know!

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