Taro is "natural insulin", which can help lower blood sugar. Is it true?

When it comes to blood sugar, many "sugar friends" will be restless.Yes, with the development of society, the prevalence of diabetes has also begun to increase year by year. Some data show that the prevalence of diabetes in China has risen to 11.2%.The total number of diabetic patients exceeds 100 million, and the number of patients ranked first in the world.It seems that the disease of diabetes is still very powerful, and it is constantly eroding humans with magic claws.

Aunt Zhang has often experienced symptoms such as dizziness and weakness recently. He also often reads the time on the wrong watch. Originally, he had to go to the kindergarten to pick up the little granddaughter from school at four o’clock.There is only one child left in the kindergarten.

No, Aunt Zhang was sent to the hospital for examination by her daughter two days ago, only to find that the retina had problems. Most of the aunt Zhang, who had been diabetes, was caused by blood sugar unprepared.Sure enough, the results of the examination came out and found that the blood sugar rose and affect the retina’s health.I asked Aunt Zhang about his old fault, why not control it, did you continue to take hypoglycemic medicine?Aunt Zhang vomited for a while, and said that the friends of their elderly clubs not long ago told her that eating taro can reduce blood sugar, and taro was still natural insulin.Aunt Zhang thought that it was three poisonous medicines, and food supplements could solve the problem of blood sugar.Display the medicine.

Can taro really act as insulin?Seeing the status quo of Aunt Zhang, we should have the answer in our hearts.Taro is rich in nutrients, and eating taro often can indeed promote physical health.It makes people mistake that taro is a natural insulin, and it may be a misleading role in the nutritional element of the taro itself, such as the following:

1. Slow -lift speed

There are a large amount of starch in the taro, which can also be used as a staple food.The staple food is a part of the food that cannot be missing on weekdays, including people with diabetes and cannot refuse the staple food.However, it can be selected in terms of staple foods. Compared with the fine food we often eat, such as rice and white noodles, choosing coarse grains such as taro can slow blood sugar slower.The main reason is that in addition to containing starch and rich dietary fiber in the taro, the dietary fiber is not easy to digest. Entering the body will slow down the digestion of the body, slow down the absorption of glucose.Can control excessive blood sugar.

Compared with fine grains, coarse grains are low, and coarse grains like taro have a strong sense of satiety. For diabetic patients, choosing coarse grains such as taro instead of fine grains, which has certain assistance to control blood sugar to control blood sugar.effect.Rough grains with similar functions as taro are also such as sweet potatoes and potatoes.Therefore, people with diabetes can choose more coarse grains to eat.But do not be greedy, once too much consumption, not only is it difficult to digest, but also affects blood sugar.

2. "High Potassium King" — taro

Taro is also rich in potassium. Potassium can protect the stability of blood sugar for people with diabetes and help promote protein metabolism. Diabetes often lose a lot of potassium due to pathological reasons. It is also necessary to supplement potassium to the body.The potassium content in the taro is very high, and people with diabetes can eat more potatoes such as taro.Most of the potato foods are rich in potassium, and it is recommended to eat.

In addition, if you want to help the body to replenish potassium, many fruits and vegetables can also help, such as bananas, spinach, spinach, amaranth, and so on.

3. Rich vitamin

There are many vitamins, plant adhesive protein, etc. in taro. These nutrients can provide diabetes with immunity and generate immune protein in the body to help patients improve their body immune resistance. To a certain extent, they can also improve the condition.

In this way, the taro made people mistakenly think that it was natural insulin. Li Wenhui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Union Hospital, had clearly stated that all foods were not suitable for "hypoglycemic".Some foods do have certain credit in controlling blood sugar, but it cannot exaggerate its words that this food is known as "natural insulin".

If you don’t need to be so exaggerated to depict these foods, you can also think that some foods can indeed play a role in controlling blood sugar in some people, but this cannot be said that foods like taro can control blood sugar.And everyone’s constitution is different. It may be effective in controlling blood sugar in some people, and there may be different results in you.Therefore, do not want to control blood glucose like Aunt Zhang alone.

If you want to effectively control blood sugar, you need to use a scientific method:

First, choose a reasonable diet, coarse grains are good, but also control the amount of consumption, with a variety of nutrients, let the nutrition and healthy balance.Control heat, eat foods with less fat content, and add more protein supplements.

Second, increase exercise consumption.Frequent exercise exercise to promote the consumption and metabolism of nutrients in the body, which is conducive to stability of blood sugar.

Third, if you can’t control your diet, patients with diabetes still need drugs to help. You must come according to the actual situation of the body. You must not be seen by your own.

It is necessary to control blood sugar to rely on diet, but it is an unwise choice to completely depend on diet. It is important to choose a scientific method!

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