The "beating" woman is different from those who have never been hit, there are three differences, see if you distinguish it out

With the gradual liberalization of ideas, the incidence of pre -marital cohabitation and pre -marital sex has increased.However, the problem is not small, such as: the abortion rate has risen year by year.

Xiaoli is an ordinary office worker who has just joined the job for a few years.Although the work experience is not rich enough, the emotional aspect is not too much.

Since the university, she has been hiding from her house and applied to the school for not staying.But she was not to work hard to work hard, nor was she looking for a quiet learning environment, but she lived with her family and school and lived with her boyfriend.A few years after graduating from college, with the continuous improvement of the life experience of husband and wife, the health problems followed.

One day Xiaoli felt uncomfortable with her lower body, so she went to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

During the examination, the doctor asked straightforwardly, "Have you played a few children?"

"No, no!".

The doctor did not answer, and looked at Xiaoli straight.

"Three of them." Xiaoli said.

"Your cervix is so big. You are so young, do you want to continue to have children in the future?" The doctor hated Tie Gang to blame Xiaoli.

"I have been engaged in this job for so many years, and you can see it at a glance at a glance!"

Xiaoli did not expect that her physical condition was penetrated by the doctor at a glance.

For ordinary people, it seems that if you have no fetal abortion, your body will not change significantly. Coupled with the development of painless abortion, some people do not take abortion seriously.As everyone knows, when you ignore, your body is changing.

During our growth, the body will grow.If a body is too fat, it is likely to grow obese patterns.Female friends also have stretch marks during pregnancy.

In fact, our skin is composed of collagen and elastic protein, and the basic components of these two proteins are amino acids.These amino acids are a net type, which are intensive and neatly arranged to form elastic fibers.It is this "net" composed of amino acids that maintain the toughness and toughness of the skin, and maintain the contraction and relaxation of the skin.

However, this network has limited tolerance.If the body is too obese, the volume of meat and fat increases rapidly, and the growth rate exceeds the growth rate of amino acids in the skin. At this time, this "net" will be pulled to form obese patterns.

Similar to obesity patterns, due to the continuous growth of the baby in the belly of female friends, the uterus continues to become larger, and the fat accumulation of abdominal wall during pregnancy, resulting in the elastic fibers of the abdomen and its surrounding them., That is, stretch marks.

Some people may have doubts, they are born, and there are stretch marks?

It depends on the time of fetal fetus. Generally, stretch marks appear in about three months of pregnancy. These patterns are different, wide, width, width and narrowness. They are pink or purple without obvious rules.Generally speaking, stretch marks appear mostly on the abdominal wall, which is pregnant to more than five months. As the progesterone continues to secrete, the breasts continue to increase, and different sizes of stretch marks will appear.

For some women, stretch marks may appear in the inside of the thighs, the outside of the thigh, the hips and even the shoulders.What makes it difficult for most female friends to accept is that although the skin elastic fiber will slowly recover, the stretch marks will not disappear. After all, it is not easy to recover as early as the beginning.These patterns will change from purple and pink to silver -white, which affects the mood.

In fact, not only stretch marks, but also pigmentation on the face and chest!

There are different sizes, red spots or pregnancy related to pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the endocrine system in the body has changed a lot, such as: progesterone, estrogen, and velvet gonad hormone secretion increase.The improvement of these hormones not only prepares for the birth of newborns, but also causes skin melanocyte function to a certain extent.And during pregnancy, the number of melanocytosis in the endogenous pituitary gland increased.These two factors lead to pigmentation, especially in the face.

In addition, the darker of the areola and nipples is also related to the changes in these hormones!

In fact, whether it is stretch marks or these pigments, the impact on female friends is not great.However, this does not confirm that abortion has no effect on the body. After all, the biggest difference between women who have been fetal and female friends who have never had a fetus are the changes in the uterus.

1. Cervical mouth

We know that there are two commonly used surgical methods in abortion surgery.

One is the suction palace (negative pressure attraction). Put the straw inside the patient’s uterine cavity. Under the action of negative pressure, the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity sucks out the patient’s body.

The other is clamping with tongs, that is, clamped out of the embryo tissue in the uterus with an oval forceps.

No matter what kind of surgery, it has a certain impact on the cervix.

The first is that the cervix of the normal unintentional female is a small round hole. The cervix mouth of the female after childbirth is a type, but the palace should be expanded during abortion surgery.So women who have not succeeded in giving birth to her children, her cervix is a large round hole, not in a font.Doctors can judge what the woman is in the cervical shape.

In addition, no matter which kind of abortion surgery, especially for multiple times, it will cause certain damage to the cervix, which may cause muscle valgus and fibrous damage at the cervical mouth.When these changes are small, it will increase the risk of infection. If you think about it, you will even cause pregnancy difficulties!

2. The endometrium becomes thinner

Women who have undergone abortion surgery have become the most significant changing endometrium.The endometrium as a place where fertilized eggs are developing in bed, which is of great significance for women’s normal conception and childbirth.

Generally speaking, the thickness of the endometrium is eight to ninem.The clearance technique that is performed in women’s accidents or the choice of women’s active miscarriage is very harmful to the endometrium.When medical equipment is surgery in women’s uterus, it is likely to scratch the endometrium of the uterine, causing congestion, which will cause the endometrium to become thinner.

Usually women after surgery, endometrium is only about 3 mm.Different women’s recovery time is not the same. Physical constitution varies from person to person. Some women quickly return to normal thickness, while some women have a long recovery period.For women who have flowed many times, their uterine endometrium will obviously be thinner than normal people.The thinning endometrium is not conducive to the development of the embryo in bed, leading to infertility.

In addition, endometrial endometrium is the source of menstruation.Excessive endometrium can cause women’s menstrual disorders, which can even cause menopause.

3. Increase risk risk of uterine diseases

Whether it is curettage or negative pressure attraction, it is possible to cause uterus harm. The most serious damage is the perforation of the uterus.

Due to excessive surgery speed, uterine equipment can cause perforation to the uterus.During the operation, the patient will suddenly feel tenderness and rebound pain in the abdomen, and uterine perforation is likely to occur.The disease refers to the damage of the uterine wall, resulting in the same in the maze cavity and abdominal cavity.This symptom is likely to cause symptoms such as hemorrhage and peritonitis, which is very dangerous.

In addition, symptoms such as uterine wall adhesion and cervical uterine adhesion may occur during surgery.Symptoms such as residues and bleeding infections may also occur after surgery, and these symptoms will leave obvious "traces" in the patient’s body.

Therefore, for doctors, there is a significant difference in the uterus of the abortion and the normal uterus or the uterus after childbirth, and the impact on women does not have to be ignored!

Now you still think that there is no difference between women who have "fetal abortion" and people who have never been hit?

For female friends, it is necessary to achieve contraception when there is no plan for children.The flow of people is very harmful to women’s bodies, so whether it is a husband and wife life or a choice of choice after pregnancy, you must consider it carefully to avoid bringing good results.


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