The 13 -year -old girl with a mentally retarded girl was pregnant unexpectedly and was seriously injured at home at home.

Shiling Town, Shaoguan, Guangdong, Fan Shixiang (nickname is good), born in 2006 (nickname), is only 13 years old this year.In May 2019, she was found to be pregnant by her family that she was pregnant, because she was too large to induce labor.So far, Fan Shixiang’s parents do not know why their daughters are pregnant, and what makes them collapse is that the child was seriously injured as soon as he was born.The younger was good, but after production, she regarded her daughter as a "sister".The picture shows Fan Shixiang’s parents who are just born.

"In March of this year, I found that I had been vomiting when I was eating well. I asked where it was uncomfortable. I told me that my stomach hurts. At that time, I thought my daughter had a bad stomach."Ms. Luo did not suspect that her daughter was pregnant at the time.Until I entered May, the good stomach became bigger and bigger, and Ms. Luo began to realize that the situation was wrong, so she took her daughter to the local neighborhood committee for help.The picture shows Fan Shi good children in the thermal insulation box.

After the staff of the neighborhood committee saw a good situation, they hurried to the hospital with Ms. Luo with Ms. Luo.After going to the hospital for examination, I found that I have been pregnant for a long time, and the fetus has been more than 35 weeks.Because the fetus is too large, good health is not suitable for induction of labor.The doctor recommends going home to wait for delivery, and the due date is approaching and will be arranged for hospitalization.The picture shows Fan Shixiang himself or a child.

Back home, good parents were very angry.Ms. Luo, a good mother, said, "So far, we don’t know how to get pregnant. Usually, only siblings are at home, and both of them are intelligent first -level disability.Life, Ms. Luo and her husbands worked in small jobs in the local area. Both were early and returned early, usually at 10 o’clock in the evening.When they went out, they had only a good brother with her brother, and a normal younger brother in school.The picture shows Fan Shixiang’s mother, Ms. Luo, holding her child.

The good due date is July 6, but on June 16th, a good mother returned home to find that a good child had given birth.Because of premature birth, a good mother and the staff of the neighborhood committee quickly dialed 120 and sent their children to the hospital.The picture shows children who are treated in ICU.

On the first day after arriving at the hospital, the child’s situation was normal.But on the morning of the third day, the child’s head began to appear.After examination, the doctor found that children have symptoms such as scalp hematoma, craniocerebral bleeding, and neonatal umbilical inflammation.Therefore, she was suspected that she was standing and produced at the time. When the child was born, it fell to the ground, and his head was hit. The doctor suggested that he immediately transferred to the neonatal department for further examination and treatment.The picture shows children who are treated in ICU.

Because of the unable to pay huge treatment costs, Ms. Luo ’s husband and wife had no choice but to take a good mother and daughter to be discharged.When he returned home, his father collapsed because of his blame, and his emotions collapsed for a time. He wanted to go to the building to commit suicide. Finally, he was stabilized under the persuasion of people.The picture shows Fan Shixiang’s parents who are just born.

"That’s a life, giving up is to kill people, but what can I do, there are already poor at home, there are still two patients, and now another one is added. I don’t know how to live in the future." Ms. Luo said.It is reported that good parents work, and each person has only 2,000 yuan wages. There is also a younger brother who goes to school. A family of five life is very difficult.The picture shows Ms. Luo has a family of six.

On the evening of June 20, the child’s jaundice rose sharply, and the two masses on the head increased significantly, and the situation was very critical.After discovering, the local social workers contacted their loved ones and sent their children to Shaoguan First People’s Hospital for treatment.The doctor’s examination of the hematoma on the head has compressed to the brain nerve, and the jaundice value is as high as 470.The picture shows the local social workers accompanied Ms. Luo to take her child to the hospital for examination.

After rescue, the child’s jaundice value has now dropped to 218, and intracranial hemorrhage has also been controlled. Experts will be consulted in about a week to determine the treatment plan for the child’s brain disease.However, in the hospitalization, a good family has only paid the hospital deposit for the time being. The child’s treatment fee has no money to pay, and it has been owed.The doctor said that if he gave up treatment at this time, the child would be very likely to become intellectual disability.The picture shows the head of the child in the ICU is significantly enlarged.

Although she is mentally disabled, she also knows that she has a child. She calls her child "sister".The children went to the hospital for the past few days, and she always asked her mother "where did my sister go."I do n’t love to communicate with people, but recently I always took my mother to speak and asked "sister".The picture shows Fan Shixiang looking at his child through his mobile phone.

"Now that I have been born, I have to raise her, and I can take care of it when I grow up." For Ms. Luo, who has a child with both intellectual disabled, life is too difficult.Ms. Luo has always worried about what she should do after she is old. Now she is still young and can help bring children well.The picture shows Fan Shixiang, who is mentally disabled, must take care of his mother.

It is less than 14 years old. Who is the child’s father?The picture shows Fan Shixiang’s disability certificate.

At present, a good child is still treated in the ICU, but it has owed more than 10,000.Children have to perform surgery and rehabilitation treatment.The doctor said that at least 500,000 costs are needed, and now, Ms. Luo’s family, don’t say 500,000, is more than 10,000 yuan that owed the hospital now.Ms. Luo was worried that she would be forced to be discharged from the hospital that she would not be discharged. She wanted to save the child.The picture shows the hospital, Ms. Luo frowned.(Chen Jiaqing) The original work, without authorization, is strictly forbidden to reprint any form, infringement must be investigated!

If you are willing to help your child, you can save these two -dimensional codes to the mobile phone album, open WeChat to "sweep", and select the QR code from the album for identification, you can give your love and complete the donation.The project was initiated by the 9958 Children’s Emergency Rescue Center of the Chinese Children’s Children’s Good Rescue Foundation.For details, please pay attention to the dynamics of the donation platform.Supervision telephone: 400-006-9958.

The sensitivity plan "is a bridge for public welfare photographers, charitable organizations, and fundraising platforms to publish pictures of families with dilemma to help raise funds.Foundation, China Social Welfare Foundation and other image public welfare projects jointly initiated by charity organizations with public equity qualifications. If there is difficulties, they can privately message the official headlines of the "Phrase Plan".

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