The 13 -year -old girl’s belly is covered with "stretch marks", pregnant?Doctor: I am afraid that it is more serious than the twins

Xiaoxue, a girl in junior high school at the age of 13, has grown a lot in recent months. She just started to bulge slightly, but slowly felt that her waist and abdomen were getting larger and larger, and her weight was soaring to 145 pounds.So I think that the child is still normal in adolescence and is not serious.

As a result, when Xiaoxue got up to wash his hands, suddenly felt a little pain at the bottom right of the stomach. Even if the painkillers were taken, it was not relieved, but it became more and more serious.?Isn’t this a typical stretch marks on the belly?This time my mother also stunned …

Why do girls have stretch marks on the belly of girls?

This mother is also very puzzled: In theory, their children go to school normally every day, and have never returned late or do not return all night. How can this be?

Fortunately, the CT examination solved the mother’s confusion in time. Daughter Xiaoxue was not pregnant, but it may be more serious than the twins. The girl’s belly is so large because there are large ovarian cysts in the body.It is compressed to the girl’s internal organs and intestines, so severe abdominal pain will occur, and the cysts may explode. It needs to be removed immediately.

Fortunately, after a few hours of rescue of doctors, the cyst fluid in the cyst was brought out little by little. While completely removed the cyst, it also kept most of the girls’ fertility and hormone functions. After the surgery was completed, XiaoxueIt was more than 30 pounds directly, and it returned well after surgery.

Why is there ovarian cysts in junior high school students?

Ovarian is one of the important reproductive organs of women. The main role is to produce and discharge eggs, synthesis and secrete hormones.And ovarian cysts are actually cysts that occur on the ovaries. The inside of the cyst may be water -like, blood or pus, etc. Some are similar to water balls.

Ovarian cysts are actually more common, and can occur at any age, including young girls in teenage, and because the ovaries are located inside the pelvic cavity, there are basically no obvious symptoms in the early stage.It is very dangerous when it appears.

For example, children in adolescence may also be reversed by ovarian cysts. Due to the large cysts, such as changes in position or severe activities, it may cause acute severe abdominal pain.Wave.In rare cases, cysts may also be one of the manifestations of early ovarian cancer.

What should I do if I find ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are divided into two types: physiological and pathological. Like oval cysts and luteum cysts, they belong to the former. Through B -ultrasound, you can detect it. Most may disappear yourself without being too nervous. Even if ovarian cysts are detected after physical examination, it is also found to be ovarian cysts.You can wait for the end of the menstrual period after 1-2 months, and the cyst may disappear.

If the cyst continues and the diameter is less than 5cm, pay attention to regular follow -up to see if there is a vicious possibility. If the diameter is more than 5cm or even grows up, or after diagnosis is a teratoma, you can consider surgical treatment.

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