The 14 -year -old female middle school student in Shandong was pregnant unexpectedly.

If it wasn’t for real, maybe Xiaoqian (pseudonym) parents would not think that the parent -child appraisal would be the result. Where is the problem?

14 -year -old Xiaoqian is a middle school student in Yantai, Shandong. In February 2022, during the winter vacation, Xiao Qian wanted to use a holiday to find a part -time job to earn some pocket money, and finally found a part -time job of sorting courier at the sorting station.It was just that Xiao Qian didn’t expect that this job would completely change her life.

On February 17, 2022, Xiao Qian helped customers find express delivery like in the past. One of the men Wang added Xiao Qian’s WeChat on the grounds of asking Xiaoqian to help find courier.strawberry.Xiao Qian, who did not have any social experience, let Xiao Qian take off.

At noon that day, Wang took the initiative to invite Xiaoqian to eat. Because Wang had left a good impression on Xiaoqian before, Xiao Qian thought that Wang should not be a bad person, so he agreed to Wang’s invitation.

It was just that during the meal, another strange man Jiang came, and then the dinner of the two became three, and during the meal, the two also deliberately filtered Xiaoqian.Xiao Qian, who was not deeply involved in the world, naturally didn’t know how to refuse, so they were easily controlled by the two of them.

After eating, Wang and Jiang brought Xiaoqian to KTV to sing. On the one hand, they wanted to make Xiaoqian more relaxed their defense. On the other hand, they could find a chance to drink during KTV singing, making Xiaoqian even more confused.

After the KTV singing, Wang and Jiang flicked Xiaoqian to play cards in the hotel. In the end, Xiaoqian was cheated by the two to open the room in the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel, through Jiu Jin, Wang and Jiang had an invasion of Xiaoqian. Because Xiaoqian was young, and she knew that the matter was not glorious, so I did not tell herself as soon as possible after the incident.His parents did not find that herself was pregnant.

After more than a month after the incident, Xiaoqian unexpectedly found that he would inexplicably retching and felt nausea. Then he told his children’s children.EssenceAfter the other party learned that Xiao Qian’s description, the first reaction was that Xiao Qian was likely to get pregnant, so he asked Xiaoqian to buy a pregnancy test stick for testing.

Later, Xiaoqian used the pregnancy test to test, and the result was really pregnant.At that time, Xiaoqian didn’t know what to do. Later, the children of relatives told their parents, and then notified Xiaoqian’s parents, and the matter was finally learned by Xiao Qian’s parents.

Xiaoqian’s family is not very good. The source of the family’s income is mainly to fight zero workers and farmers. After this incident, Xiao Qian’s parents still feel a bit incredible, but in order to ask Xiao Qian to ask for a statement, I still chose to call the police as soon as possible for the first time.I hope that Wang and Jiang will pay the price for their own illegal acts.

After the alarm, Xiao Qian accompanied the family to the police to do a transcript, and then the police conducted a case investigation on the matter.

After the case was filed, Wang and Jiang found someone to talk about Xiaoqian’s house, hoping that Xiaoqian would withdraw the lawsuit or issue an understanding of the understanding through economic compensation.However, Xiao Qian’s parents’ attitude is very resolute and does not accept financial compensation. They must let the two pay their due price for their shameless behavior.

What makes people unexpected is that there will be accidents when they do parent -child identification (DNA identification).

Xiaoqian performed abortion surgery with the company’s company, and the relevant organizations taken out were preserved as evidence. At the same time, sampling was sampled to use it for parent -child identification with the two suspects.

According to the truth, the children in Xiaoqian’s belly are either Wang or Jiang’s. However, after the final identification results were announced, everyone was stunned, because the results of the appraisal issued by the police were realistic.It has nothing to do with Jiang.Neither of them was the father of Xiaoqian’s children.

Xiao Qian’s family has a serious doubt about such identification results.The reason why it is so doubtful is mainly because of the local police’s attitude towards the case.

According to Xiaoqian’s family, on November 28, 2022, the court conducted a trial of the case, but the judge clearly asked the police to provide the "Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal", that is, the results of the DNA identification, but the police did not provide it and only gave it.An appraisal conclusion.

On March 27, 2023, the court held a trial of the case for the second time, and once again asked the police to provide the "Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal", but the police still did not provide it.

Later, Xiao Qian’s parents complained to multiple departments on this matter. Against this background, on May 16, 2023, Xiao Qian’s parents were able to see the "Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal" in the Public Security Bureau, but they did not not haveWhat culture does not understand such professional reports, but the police do not let them take pictures or copy, so they cannot judge whether the authenticity of the report and the identification results are credible.

Therefore, Xiaoqian’s parents want to re -apply for appraisal.According to the truth, it is reasonable and legal for their application for re -identification, but they do not get the support of the relevant departments and do not know where the problem is.

It is worth mentioning that in the recording evidence provided by Xiao Qian’s parents, he could be clearly heard that a man came to their house at that time, saying that Wang and Jiang were willing to produce 100,000 yuan for understanding.And also said to Xiao Qian’s parents:

"This money can be given to you, and the public prosecution law is OK. Anyway, it is to deal with other relationships."

Combined with this recording and the fact that the police did not provide the fact that the police did not provide the "Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal" at the first trial. Xiaoqian’s parents even questioned the previous identification results, so they insisted on applying for re -appraisal.

In fact, Xiaoqian’s parents’ demands are very simple. They want to know that if Wang and Jiang are not the father of Xiaoqian’s children, who is the child’s biological father?In addition, if it is confirmed that there is a problem with the identification results, then Xiaoqian should be innocent, and at the same time, let Wang and Jiang be punished.

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