The 17 -year -old girl was despised by the whole school because of "pregnancy". After the truth was revealed, the teachers and students present were crying.

Text 丨 Fanfan Mom

In the process of contacting others, we will make the heart discomfort because of their strange eyes and reasons in various aspects.

This is not only for adults, but also for minors. Especially for girls who "taste forbidden fruit", they are far more sufficient than we think.

There is a 17 -year -old girl (pseudonym Xiao Jia) from the United States. Her grades are very good, treating others and kindness, and very capable. She is the gel girl in the eyes of everyone. Everyone likes her very much.

But when Xiaojia High School had not graduated, she was "pregnant". The perfect image at first was destroyed in an instant.

The teachers and classmates looked at her with a strange eyes. They said behind her three and four, pointed at her, and even someone splashed her dirty water …

Even Xiaojia’s relatives began to dislike her, despise her, abuse her, and speak to her. Although the real environment is unbearable, Xiaojia will endure silently.

However, when Xiaojia was 6 months pregnant, she appeared on the school’s podium with a big belly, picked up the microphone, and disassembled her fake belly in public. All the teachers and students present were shocked after seeing the truth.

It turned out that Xiaojia wanted to investigate the situation of campus bullying through her own experience, so she pretended to be pregnant. In order to make the show more realistic, Xiaojia also deliberately showed uncomfortable pregnancy during the fake pregnancy.The reaction action is just to make everyone believe that she is really pregnant.

When the truth was revealed, Xiaojia told her various encounters in the past six months. After speaking, the teachers and classmates in the audience began to cry, and at the same time admired her courage and creativity.

In the process of growing up, I have encountered "misfortunes" more or less. Maybe in everyone’s opinion, this is a discussion after meals, but it is indeed a harm for me and even affects her life.

In fact, many children may have encountered this problem above. After all, children do not have a certain recognition ability.

From some of the above problems, we can recognize our children, and maybe some cold violence may be suffered in school.

Therefore, as parents, we must know how much such problems will bring to their children, and learn to help them reduce the pain to avoid causing greater tragedy.

When most of their parents are educating their children, they hope that they can "study hard and go up every day."

But in fact, the environment of the child is not single. They are not just learning to spend peaceful on campus.

We cannot understand the mind of young children, especially some of the contact between children, which is likely to cause problems. At this time, campus violence may cause.

I have seen such a news before, and a child was suspected of stealing their headphones by other students in the class.

Therefore, this child squeezed another child outside the school and beaten in the corner. It was not expected that because such a behavior caused the child to be unconscious when he was halfway in class. Fortunately, the teacher sent the child to the hospital in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

After learning about this situation, the parents still said, "Obviously I usually educate him, he must not mess with right and wrong, and study well in school. How can he have such a situation?"

Sometimes excessively make children honesty and cannot solve any problems. After all, those who stick up will not bully you because you are honest.

For the bullied children, this experience is unforgettable in their lives, and may even have a shadow.So parents should teach their children how to avoid cold violence at school.

1) Accompany the child more to make the child full of security

Those children who often suffer violence are more obvious, either lack of security or inner inferiority.

And most of this situation is related to the education of our parents. If we want to make our children live normally in school, we must make them full of security.

Let the children understand that no matter what problems have, parents are the strongest reliance on them, so the child is willing to tell the parents about what they encounter, and at the same time, it can also reduce the harm to the child.

2) Understand the life status of the child

Some parents do not understand the children’s situation at school, and even when they open the parent meeting, they are unwilling to participate. Such a situation will naturally cause the child to be dissatisfied with their parents.

This is the case for a long time, and they are not willing to communicate with their parents. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation for a long time, we also hope that parents can do a good job and communicate with their children more.

Under such circumstances, parents can naturally come into contact with their children more effective information.

3) Teach children’s knowledge of violent bullying

After the child is sent to the school, the parents may not be able to take care of the children’s aspects. Therefore, parents can only keep in touch with the child’s class teacher or teacher at any time and ask the child’s condition in the school.When the violent bullying incident, parents would not know in the drum.

In addition, in daily life, parents should also teach their children to protect themselves, so as to keep their children away from harm.

Parents are the only reliance on their children. If the parents do not help them, who can they rely on?

Therefore, as a parent, when the child encounters hurts, he should not fall into the stones, but it should be helpful, otherwise the child may advance the endless abyss.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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