The 18 -year -old girl was violated by the 40 -year -old factory, the girl was unfortunately pregnant, and the man was forced to have a miscarriage.

The girl was 16 years old for her boyfriend. The two tasted the ban on the fruit at the hotel, but they were abandoned by her boyfriend afterwards.

At the age of 19, he was seen by his girlfriend’s 40 -year -old dad, and he was unfortunately pregnant. The man was afraid of being discovered by his wife and children.

Use the future of the girl’s family as a threat, forcing the girl to have a miscarriage.

The girl has no way to go, and Tushu retaliates revenge: She is going to kill her girlfriend.

The most beautiful death row: Ren Xue embarked on the way to kill

By investigating Ren Xue, the police found that the girl had an unusual experience.During the technical school, Ren Xue became the goal of chasing several male students because of her beautiful appearance.She chose the son of the senior cadres in the factory, a handsome and handsome guy as a boyfriend.Ren Xue’s character is hot, lively, impulsive, and values face.This handsome guy has a very good condition, not only outstanding appearance, but also superior background.If you can be the daughter -in -law of this family, Ren Xue may be able to live a wealthy life without having to go out to work.As a result, the two began to interact seriously and met their parents.However, both families oppose that they are so young and fall into love.At that time, Ren Xue was proud and proud of this handsome and excellent boyfriend.They were inseparable from the topographic, and the whole school and even the entire plant knew about it.However, it didn’t take long for the two to fall into a taboo relationship.A few months later, Ren Xue realized that she was pregnant, but she did not know about contraception.

Boyfriend raised his pants and did not recognize others: 16 -year -old girl was abandoned afterwards

When she was afraid, she found her boyfriend to discuss the solution.The boyfriend was also very scared, so he told his family about it, but her boyfriend’s mother was originally dissatisfied with Ren Xue, and this time she was angry.She scolded her son fiercely and said that he had told him not to find such a person.Later, her boyfriend’s mother found Ren Xue, took her to Xin’an Hospital for miscarriage, and gave her a compensation fee.At that time, if the mother had a mouth hanging the river and persuaded: "You are too young, where can you ask for a child? Or do you get it first. When everyone is working, he will be married, afraid of no children?" Ren Xue was only 16 years old at that time, lacking in society, lackingExperience, she hid her mother for abortion surgery.

However, after the operation, her boyfriend began to avoid her.Ren Xue took a lot of effort to block her boyfriend on the street.However, the boy spoke to break up.Ren Xue was so angry that he fought fiercely with her boyfriend on the street.The people around me saw someone fighting, and they watched them.The boyfriend was anxious to escape and pushed Ren Xue away.Ren Xue’s face was stuck on the ground fiercely, scratching and bleeding.Ren Xue, who was only 16 years old, lost her virginity, experienced abortion, and was relentlessly abandoned by her boyfriend.To make matters worse, in this small factory factory, this story almost spread throughout the entire place.No matter where Ren Xue go, there will always be people who point out and laugh at.

The killer and the murderer Ren Xue were a good girlfriend who was inseparable from Xingying

After conducting a side investigation, the police found that there was no hatred between Ren Xue and Xiaoding.On the contrary, the two were very good friends.Ren Xue’s father is an ordinary worker in the factory, and his mother is a housewife.Her elder brother is a temporary worker in the factory workshop.Ren Xue’s elder brother and Xiaoding’s sister are classmates, and Ren Xue and Xiaoding are also classmates.Due to the timidity of Xiaoding, Ren Xue often became her protective god.Once, two male classmates in other classes were prancing, and they repeatedly pulled Xiao Ding’s braids, and Xiao Ding was scared to cry.Ren Xue was not afraid of strength, and severely condemned the two students and drove them away.Another time, Xiao Ding and Ren Xue went home together. Suddenly a wild dog biting Xiao Ding’s pants and not loosened.Xiao Ding was scared and cried, and Ren Xue kicked the wild dog away hard.

Due to these relationships, Xiao Ding often invited Ren Xue to play and eat at home.However, Xiao Ding went to Luoyang to go to his junior college after graduation, and Ren Xue went to work in the factories’ cafeteria after a few months to work as a waiter for temporary work.Therefore, the two talents slowly contacted.

40 -year -old man starts with his daughter 18 -year -old girlfriend

Ren Xue said frankly after being caught by the police: "You all know what happened before. I was 16 years old, and the whole school was known. Parents often scolded me and I lost the motivation to study. After graduating from the technical school, I did not take the test.The hope of the university. The family is not good, it doesn’t matter, you can only be at home. Xiao Ding’s grades are worse than me, but because of my father’s relationship, I was sent to college. I was jealous of her.Good live. "

"I don’t have a job, I am very anxious. I decided to help Xiaoding’s father, Lao Ding, and hoped that he could help me find a job. I explained the situation to him.A few days a week, the income is good. However, I don’t meet the requirements. I am 18 years old, he is more than 40. He pretend to be serious, I call his uncle. I long for this job, ask him hard, and say that he will return.He said, how do you plan to return? Some of the surname Wang gave him a lot of money in order to get this job. "" In the conversation, his hand reached into my legs. I was startled and pushed away.He was not angry, and said that I was not the first time, and pretended to be innocent. He also greedily said that he had come to work with him a few times, and he could work for me. I refused to sleep. Lao Ding said that he was the factory director.I will not have a job. "Since then, Ren Xue has run a lot of places, but I can’t find a job. In helpless, Ren Xue found Lao Ding as his lover. After the incident, Lao Ding gave it toRen Xue found a job, but what she didn’t expect was that she was deceived.

Ren Xue said: This is not a formal job at all, but just a temporary position with no stability and may be fired at any time.I felt very angry, looking for him theory, accusing him of deceiving my body.However, he didn’t care at all, and responded: "For your conditions, it is already good to find this job." He also threatened me: "Your father, elder brother and second brother work in our factory to work in our factory., And they are all temporary workers. If you are making trouble, not only you can’t keep your own work, but your family will be driven away. "At that time, I was only 18 years old and had no social experience. As soon as he scared me, I dare not dareNo more trouble.

But the good times didn’t last long, Ren Xue was pregnant.Lao Ding was afraid that the existence of this child would cause trouble and endanger his factory director. He resolutely not to this child.But Ren Xue wanted to give birth to a child, because she could no longer conceive the child anymore, and she and Lao Ding had argued. When Lao Ding saw that the girl was so tough, she proposed to give Ren Xue a sum of money.But Ren Xue refused.Ren Xue said: Lao Dingnai said that he could give me a good job.He told me that an old technician in the factory retired and had a position.This position is very good. It is a formal employee and is highly respected. Wages and bonuses are three times that of ordinary workers.Given that my secondary school education meets the requirements, this is a rare opportunity.I thought at the time that as long as I could have this job, I didn’t have to worry about my life.Even if I can’t give birth, at least I can eat meals.

I was a little confused at the time, and impulse his proposal for a while, and went to Xin’an Hospital for abortion surgery.But what she didn’t expect was that Lao Ding even deceived her again.Ren Xue said angrily: "After I was discharged, I heard that there was a new technician when I came to the factory. I immediately felt angry and couldn’t wait to rush to the technician’s office. However, I was surprised to find thatThe technician turned out to be Lao Ding’s daughter, and Xiao Ding, who had been close to me. I asked Lao Ding, but he revealed a rogue face and laughed at the end of this woman. "Speaking of itHere, Ren Xue was emotional: "Lao Ding told me to do my waiter honestly, otherwise there would be no job. He said confidently that I had hit the child and he was not afraid of me. He asked me provocatively.Is there any evidence to prove that he had started with me? I was extremely angry and left the factory director’s office. At this time, I had only one thought, I wanted to retaliate.Just take revenge on his daughter to make him suffer for a lifetime. "

A girl died tragically: the corpse was exposed, burnt on her body

In 1992, a few women screamed on a deserted mountain in the suburbs of the county.There are no residents around the mountain, and only one middle -aged woman is collecting herbs.After hearing these frightened shouts, the middle -aged woman was also scared and was at a loss for a while.Soon after, there were a few more tragic screams on the mountain.Middle -aged women gathered courage and walked towards a screaming direction.Just a few minutes after walking, a fire came from the mountain.Middle -aged women were puzzled and suddenly found that two people panicked the mountain.Women wisked behind the tree and secretly observed the outside.Two young people, a man and a woman, hurriedly under the mountain.Men are not tall, and their looks are quite ugly.He has short chin, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows, and looks a little beast.On the contrary, women are very beautiful, white and tender, beautiful and tender.This beauty and ugly contrast left a deep impression on women.

Witnesses at the scene of the crime said: I saw two panic suspects

When the two went down the mountain, they hurried and frightened, and seemed to be the ghost chased.The man’s hand also held a green barrel, looking like a gasoline barrel.Is it they setting fire and burning mountains?Middle -aged women are worried that they will be burned by them, so they just wait to wait and see.Unexpectedly, the fire gradually disappeared after a few minutes.At this time, an old man under the mountain also hurried up the mountain after seeing the fire.The two were more courageous and continued to climb up.After climbing hundreds of meters, the old man found that there were traces of burnt mountain in the distance, and there seemed to be another object lying there.The old man’s eyes were spent, and he didn’t see well, but the eyes of middle -aged women were keen.She took a closer look, and suddenly screamed, and the basket that left the medicine ran down the mountain.On a few square meters of scorched soil, a burnt female corpse was lying on the carbonization, and half of it was still intact.The female corpse was naked, and her legs were separated.The upper body of the corpse, especially the face, has been completely burnt and becomes a bone, but the lower body has not been burned.In a hurry, the old man quickly called the police.

After receiving the alarm, the police were shocked.They immediately notified the higher -level Public Security Bureau and quickly arrived at the scene.Later, the local criminal police also arrived quickly.However, due to the late time, the sky was dark, and the on -site survey became quite difficult and difficult.The condition of the female corpse is very complicated and has a headache.Her upper body was completely burned by flames, her face coke turned into a skeletal shape, and she could not recognize her appearance.She has no clothes and no clothes or portable items all over her body. She cannot determine her identity through these.

After a preliminary examination of forensic doctors, they concluded that the death of the victim girl was not caused by fire, but was murdered. At least after at least two to three attacks, they were killed.The murderer’s attack method is extremely cruel, and it is obviously intentionally put the victim to death.The victim was burned by the murderer after death, and there was no trace of the corpse.

The identity of the deceased is fascinated for a while

Forensic inferred that the victim girl should be very young, about 20 years old, and has not experienced fertility.Judging from the analysis of muscle and skin, she is not born in rural areas. It may be the county town or at least a resident in the town. She has not engaged in agricultural labor.The female corpse did not wear clothes, and her legs were separated, giving a impression of being killed.However, strangely, the results of the corpse test did not find male liquid, and the victims did not find traces of infringement before their death.The autopsy shows that the victim’s woman is still a little girl.The memories of women alone are obviously unrealistic. The case is in a deadlock. The police are going to start with the female corpse.

In the future, the old manufacturer found that her daughter was missing

Fortunately, the victim’s identity was quickly confirmed.The reporter is the old factory director Ding, a person with a coming head.The emergence of this clue made the police see a hint of hope.The police and the director of the factory, Ding Ding, provided some important information.According to Lao Ding, on the night of the incident, his son Ding Yong and his girlfriend Xiaoxia never returned after going out out of the outing.Lao Ding was very worried because his son and Xiaoxia would not disappear so long.The police asked: "How old is your second daughter?" Lao Ding trembled, "She was 19 years old." The police then asked: "Is she skin white and red nail polish on her feet?" The police paused pauseAfter a while, I continued: "Lao Ding, we found a burnt female corpse on the wild mountain in the suburbs." Lao Ding couldn’t accept the news, and he trembled and said, "No. No. That’s impossible.It was my daughter. She just entered the society for two months. Where would there be enemies, no one would kill her. This must be a misunderstanding. "Lao Dingjian believed that it was not his daughter.

The identity of the deceased was the old daughter of the old Ding: Xiao Ding

However, the police insisted on letting him confirm the body.Lao Ding’s wife also had to confirm it together, but the police worried that she could not bear it and let her wait outside, accompanied by her son.Only allow Lao Ding and the eldest daughter to enter.When they entered the mortar room, they immediately smelled a strong smell.Lao Ding’s eldest daughter almost vomited, almost lost a balance, and a female policeman quickly helped her.At the same time, Lao Ding stared at the corpse’s legs, barely glanced, and then he cried with headache.At first, he cried, then became howl, and finally stopped making a sound. He rolled on the ground.Lao Ding’s wife waiting outside the mortar room heard her husband’s cry, and immediately realized what happened and fainted on the spot.Lao Ding’s only son couldn’t make a sound, and the entire family was in despair and grief.

Social relationship of the deceased of the case: Girl Xiaoding’s life

Xiao Ding came to the factory with her parents since she was a child, and received education from elementary and vocational schools here.After graduating from the vocational school, the girl’s grade was average and did not go to college.However, Lao Ding is not an average person. His social relationship is widely sent to a specialty school and successfully obtained a college diploma.After graduating in 1992, with the relationship between Lao Ding’s connections and college degree, Xiao Ding successfully became the technician of the factory.As a technician, Girl Xiaoding enjoys a high social status and is regarded as an elite in the entire factory.The wages and bonuses of technicians are three times that of ordinary workers, and they are also promoted to engineers.

However, the little Ding did not have an enemy.She has always been very honest and even timid.When you encounter problems, Xiaoding always chooses to avoid, and all things rely on parents, sisters and brothers to help solve it.She has always been focusing on her studies. After entering the factory, she still rely on her father’s support and asylum. There is almost no social circle, and it is impossible to have enemies.Considering that the girl is timid and dare not associate with boys, let alone a boyfriend. The police began to consider whether it was a love killing case.However, the girl’s family said she had no familiar male friends.Police were confused about it.

At the beginning, the police thought that the murderer was a strange man who saw the color

They began to doubt whether the suspect was a stranger, because the girl was so beautiful, which may cause someone to get the heart and cause him to start with the girl.According to the on -site judgment, the murderer had subdued Xiaoding, and then he pinched the neck of the rope with his hand. The whole process may last at least 10 minutes to kill Xiaoding.If it was for violations, why did the murderer choose to kill her after subduing her, but chose to kill her?This is unreasonable.What’s even more strange is why the murderer still burned the body?There is only one explanation of the corpse, that is, the murderer and the victim know, he wants to cover the identity of the victim.However, if a stranger attempts to invade, why should the murderer cover it like this?This is also impossible to say.

Another puzzling question is why Xiaoding runs to the barren mountains that are a few kilometers away from the town and the factory?According to her sister, Xiao Ding is very timid, and even if someone is accompanied, she dare not climb such a mountain.All this is difficult to understand.During the investigation, the most striking clue was a pair of men and women witnessed by a middle -aged woman.Although women look outstanding, her face characteristics are not outstanding, and they can almost be called ordinary faces.The appearance of men is very unique, but strangely, Xiao Ding’s sister and brother have claimed that they have never seen this person.

However, the investigation police accidentally discovered another puzzling situation.When showing Xiaoding’s identification portrait in the hospital, he denied that he had seen this man.When the woman’s portrait was displayed to Lao Ding, the old man suddenly shook, and then insisted that he did not know her.This discovery made the police puzzled, and there seemed to be some secret secrets between Lao Ding and this woman.Lao Ding was unwilling to say that the case was in a bottleneck.

The police never expected that a small nurse named Cao Linlin suddenly helped them to solve the case.She took the initiative to report to the County Public Security Bureau and pointed out that Cao Linlin had major suspicions.According to the little nurse, she and Cao Linlin grew up together.Cao Linlin looks ordinary and has no father. He was often bullied when he was a child.The little nurse looked at him and had always protected him, and the relationship between the two was very close.However, in recent days, Cao Linlin was restless, and the little nurse asked him curiously what happened.Cao Linlin confessed that he had killed a woman and said that the body had been discovered by the public security organs. He felt that he would be caught soon, so he was going to escape to hide it for a while.After listening to his words, the little nurse thought that sooner or later he would be arrested, and if she knew it, she would be held accountable, so she decided to immediately reveal Cao Linlin to the Public Security Bureau.Although he is her relative, since he has done such a bad thing, she should not cover him.

According to the guidance of the little nurse, the police went to Cao Linlin’s home in the dormitory area.Cao Linlin moved here with her mother from a very young age. Soon after her mother remarried, her stepfather died.The mother and son depended on each other, and the mother had no special skills. She worked hard to make tofu as a living, and set up a stall at the door of the factory to barely maintain her livelihood.The Cao family’s conditions are extremely difficult, and there are almost no decent furniture.Cao Linlin did not work, and could only do temporary workers in the factory, with a meager income.When the police broke into Cao Linlin’s tattered hut, he didn’t resist, and he was scared.The police grabbed Cao Linlin because Cao Linlin was ugly, and the police confirmed that he was the man on the portrait.

Cao Linlin deliberately stopped the crime alone, and closed her partner’s name.

Although the police interrogated Cao Linlin overnight, he said nothing and only acknowledged that he had committed a crime of violating the murder.This behavior violates common sense.Under normal circumstances, the crime of violating the murder of the year will be extremely severe punishment. Cao Linlin has lost his life. Why should he protect his associates?In contrast, if he takes the initiative to report, maybe he still has the opportunity to make a merit or be lucky to save a life.Police decided to let the witnesses middle -aged women come to identify and confirm that Cao Linlin was the man who escaped the mountain with the gasoline barrel.

After searching for Cao Linlin’s house, the police found a large wrench.After the test, it was found that there was fresh red, and the blood type was the same as Xiaoding.In addition, Cao Linlin found a small green gasoline barrel, but the gasoline had been used up.According to analysis, the green paint left at the scene is completely consistent with the gasoline barrel.In addition, Cao Linlin found some women’s gold and silver jewelry.After Xiao Ding’s sister recognized, these jewelry was worn by Xiaoding that day.This is conclusive.But the police mentioned his associate -another girl.Cao Linlin was unwilling to admit it.

However, under the police’s confession, Cao Linlin still explained another associate -Ren Xue.Police launched an emergency arrest of Ren Xue according to Cao Linlin’s statement.The news quickly spread throughout the county and the entire factory area.When arresting Ren Xue, the police found that her second brother was also at home.He is a security guard of the Factory Defending Section and has a familiar contact with public security personnel.Ren Xue’s second brother said incrediblely that he did not believe that his sister was suspected of killing: "You must be wrong! My sister is only 19 years old, how can he kill?" And Ren Xue himself seemed to be indifferent, claiming that this was Cao Linlin’s false notice against herEssenceShe claimed that Cao Linlin had always been interesting to her, but she framed her after being rejected.In any case, Ren Xue was eventually caught in the Public Security Bureau.19 -year -old Ren Xue was born in 1973. She has a good appearance and youthful vitality. She is a very beautiful girl. She is not panicked and has no fear of fear.

After entering the police station, in order to break her psychological defense, the police brought Cao Linlin into the interrogation room from the beginning to confront Ren Xue.However, it was unexpected that Ren Xue was not afraid, and let the man make a joke.When Cao Linlin saw Ren Xue, she didn’t even dare to say a word.Ren Xue didn’t care, insisting that he knew nothing about everything.Even though the middle -aged woman confirmed that Ren Xue was the girl who went down the mountain with Cao Linlin, Ren Xue remained silent and did not reveal any clues.

Because Ren Xue always denied her crimes, the police could only obtain more clues through side surveys.But it is strange that once he learned that Ren Xue was a suspect, the old Ding family fell into chaos.Lao Ding’s spouse slap his husband in anger, cried loudly, and was chaotic in the family.

A watch for girls’ crime board

Police repeatedly searched Ren Xue’s residence and found a ladies’ watch in a very hidden corner.Based on Xiao Ding’s sister’s identification, this is exactly the watch worn on the day of Xiaoding.This watch is extremely precious. It was given by Xiaoding’s father after her work, and the entire Xin’an County could no longer be found.In the face of conclusive evidence, Ren Xue began to talk nonsense, saying that this watch was sent by Xiaoding to send her. Facing such a poor lie of the girl, of course, the police did not believe it. Through the investigation, colleagues said that Xiao Ding was at work on the day of the victim.It was really wearing a watch, but the watch was gone when the body was found, and it showed that Ren Xue said it was a lie.The evidence was conclusive, Ren Xue explained everything. She and Xiaoding were good friends. On the day of the incident, Ren Xue pretended to meet with Xiaoding. With the old man, she combined with Cao Linlin to kill people, and Cao Linlin was willing to help.It is all because of admiration for girls.In the end, Ren Xue and Cao Linlin were sentenced to death.

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