The 19 -year -old girl tasted the forbidden fruit to get pregnant and was scolded by her parents!Neighbors: Parents are also responsible

Xiao Gu grew up with his grandparents since he was a child. When he was in high school, he lived with his parents, but because his parents have been busy working, Xiaogu is on the boarding school again, so the relationship between mother and Komana has always existed some of the, my mother found that her daughter was not delicious to eat, and even eating vomited. This time, the parents of Kobayashi were frightened, thinking that the child was under high school pressure and cooked the body.

After the results of the inspection came out, I made Kobaya’s parents angry and annoyed, and Kobaya was pregnant.I couldn’t hold the rigidity of her parents, and Ogaya told the truth. It turned out that Kobaya talked about a boyfriend at school, and the two had a relationship with the situation without safety measures, so Ogaya was pregnant.After the parents knew the truth, they not only did not help her daughter, but had to cut off the relationship with her daughter.Can’t help but blame Komana’s parents: "Now knowing that you have controlled the child, why did you go early? Why not talk about these things with your children early and popularize these knowledge? Do you have no responsibility for your child to make mistakes?

After listening to these words, Mother Komana also regretted that she should not only make money, ignore the education of her daughter, and harm her children.So how should we educate them for self -esteem and self -love for our children?

The first point: let the child understand how they come from

When we were young, we asked our parents most often, how we came from, and parents were embarrassed to tell us about the process.Often they are vague, just find an excuse to tell us that we are picked up.This really avoids the embarrassment of parents, but for children, they have lost a particularly good learning opportunity, allowing them to understand their origin more clearly, and laid the root of mistakes for future mistakes.

Second point: set the correct three views for the child

In order to allow our children to learn to protect ourselves better, our parents must give their children a gender knowledge early. Do not wait until the child grows up and explores curiously, which is not good for our children’s growth.Establish a correct view of education for children, help children better understand the gender knowledge, and avoid children from misleading by others.Parents should not feel it is difficult to open up. I am embarrassed to tell the children, so I repeatedly push off and give this matter to the teacher. In fact, the child who understands the better teacher is our parents who can help them cognitive and understanding.this world.

Third point: Teach children to learn to learn men and women

For the distinction between gender, our parents must make popularity for their children in a timely manner.Let our children, especially girls, do a good job of self -protection, learn to protect themselves, and avoid being harmed by others.For parents, we must not be despised for children’s health education. We must give children life experience. Educate children to learn to people in the society, have a vigilance to prevent people, and adapt to social danger.

Today’s methods for children’s dual -sex education are shared here.I hope that Bao Bao Bao, you can give children a good education, bring a child to better growth, and let the children live a happy life!

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