The 20 sentences needed by female runners!(Must -see, men are casual)

Every time I discuss running equipment and training plans, there are always female runners that we can tell us if we can produce a content of the needs of female runners.Today, I summarized some "big truths" to female runners.

No matter how big the chest, you need a sports BRA

The simplest and rude reasons for wearing a sports BRA is to fix the chest to prevent them from shaking too much.

The breast is located in the pectoral muscle, mainly composed of fat, breast and connective tissue. There are no muscles. Only ligament and skin have the main supporting effects.Any movement in the chest in the exercise will cause the chest to shake the "" trajectory. It is easy to cause breast sagging if you don’t pay attention to protection for a long time.Many people have experienced the pain of chest pain in different types of exercise, especially women with big breasts are more obvious.Once the breast is damaged, it is irreversible.

Therefore, no matter the age, the size of the chest, or the type of exercise, sports underwear should be wearing during exercise.Even if you only have A. Doing low -intensity exercise, exercise BRA is essential!During exercise, pain can be relieved by wearing tight sports underwear, and stress can also be transferred from sensitive shoulders and chests to the back and underarms to enhance the comfort during long -term exercise.

The physiological period can run

"Women can exercise during menstruation, but to choose the appropriate exercise and strength. In addition to relaxing mood, appropriate amount of exercise can also promote blood circulation, relax muscles, increase pain tolerance and pleasure, and even be able to dysmenorrhea for dysmenorrheaIt plays a certain relief effect. Select the right way during menstruation, and reduce the intensity of exercise and reduce exercise time. "" When there is a lot of menstruation in the first 48 hours, it is recommended for walking, simple stretching or gymnastic gymnastics, small dumbbells to exercise limbsPower, etc. are not recommended to try to stand upside down, jump, and violent anaerobic exercise. "Go down to rest. " – Dr. Lilac

You can run in the early stages of pregnancy

Running in early pregnancy is okay, and proper and soothing exercise can bring many benefits to pregnant women: such as slowing fatigue, reducing insomnia, shortening childbirth time, will not allow you to gain weight during pregnancy, strengthen the endurance of childbirth.Postpartum recovery quickly and so on.But the amount of exercise needs to be smaller over time.

UC Berkeley’s track and field queen Alysia Montaño, who has won 5 national outdoor championships, participated in the 2012 Olympic Games as representatives of the US national team, breaking the US 600 -meter record in 2013.

Everyone’s physical condition and acceptance of exercise are different. You need to carefully measure your exercise habits. It is certain that some low -strength and soothing exercises during pregnancy are better than lying on the bed.many.

The effect of morning running and night running training is not very different, but morning running is safer

So far, there is no fundamental difference between morning running and night running for no research results.

Morning running can make you quickly excited, which is conducive to maintaining vitality all day, but there are also people who are exhausted after the morning running; night running can reasonably use the off -work time to help sleep, but some people are excited for insomnia all night after running at night.

What time to choose to run has a lot to do with your own individual situation, but it is certain that you can bring many unsafe factors to girls during the night running vehicles, pedestrians, and darkness.One more thing here, regardless of men and women, pay attention to safety!IntersectionIntersection

Aerobic aerobic training in the morning does burn more fat

Fasted Cardio (FC) is a very popular way of sports in recent years, and is popular among the fitness industry and even endurance athletes.According to the human digestive process of food, it can be simply divided into each time of the day into eating state and an empty stomach.Among them, eating status refers to the time period when the human body is digesting and absorbing food; an empty stomach refers to the time period of the human body after completing the digestion and absorption of food.

In the state of eating, due to the rise in blood sugar and insulin secretion, the human body is in a synthetic metabolic state (fat is easier to accumulate).In an empty stomach, the blood sugar content is reduced, the insulin is returned to the initial state, and the fat is easier to be broken down.

In an empty stomach, the insulin content is relatively low. Due to the lack of carbohydrate intake, the human body will mobilize more fat to provide the energy required for exercise.Aerobic aerobic training can help increase blood circulation in the abdomen, promote the combination of catecholamines with β receptors, and quickly burn fat.

You may not be thin but do not exercise, you will not lose weight

What is more important than theory is practice.Slimming is related to many factors, but if you don’t take the first step in exercise, everything in the follow -up is the night.It is really difficult to fight for lazy cancer, but you will become a new person.

Body fat is more valuable than weight than the numbers on the scale

Fat or fat, look at body fat.Some girls are obviously not light weight, but they look beautiful and muscles are firm.It wasn’t that they reported their weight, in fact because they were low body fat.The same weight of muscles and fats can be 5 times the volume. It can be seen that the potential of our fat girls is large.

Rather than get the twenty pounds on the scale, it is better to go out and run out and turn fat into muscles.

Running will not be thick legs

Don’t blame the thick legs to the running head.Run with the correct posture, and keep the scientific warm -up and stretching, not only will not be thick legs, but also will make your legs thinner.

Just after running, the hind leg is briefly congested. It is a temporary thick leg. It will restore the original itself after a few hours. Don’t be scared by this phenomenon.

If you don’t do targeted power training, you will lose your chest

Running thin chest is not the original sin of running.Because as long as you want to lose weight, you will definitely lose your chest, because there is no local fat loss in the world.Once the fat is effectively reduced, the fat on the whole body will be affected.The same is true of the fat on the chest, but it just reduced with the flow.Running a thin chest, I should say congratulations: It proves that your body is also successfully losing weight.

The best way to avoid lean breasts is not to run.In addition to wearing a sports BRA to reduce the vibration, it is more affordable to do the strength of the chest.Practicing the pectoral muscles will rise to a cup.

Doing strength training will not make you as strong as bodybuilding athletes

Generally speaking, girls’ strength is much weaker than boys.During strength training, most girls also choose no equipment or small equipment.This intensity will not increase your muscles significantly, and at most it plays the role of firming muscles.If you want to systematically increase your muscle, you must also need to take the rules of the supplement.

Increasing muscle is not so simple.If you can turn into a muscle man just every day, can you still sell the male member card?

Increasing strength training can reduce the damage to women’s knee joints

Due to the physiological structure, it is more likely to have knee joint pain than boys. For example, bone pain (PFPS), the front cruel ligament is damaged, because the pelvis is wide, some girls will form a larger Q-Agle.

During running, the knee -related muscles and ligaments are under greater pressure, or unevenly stressed.Increasing strength training can effectively strengthen the four -headed strength of the stock.Pay attention to the exercise of the core muscle group strength, you can avoid bending over the back of the bow while running, sway left and right, and reduce the chance of running injury.

You will run very well if you don’t get warm -up

The most important role of warm -up is to improve exercise performance and prevent training injury.In addition, warm -up can also enhance the metabolic activities of muscles, ligaments, and joints, reduce viscosity, increase elasticity, and accelerate the rate of muscle reflection and shrinkage, so that the muscles are active in the next exercise.

For those with weak bodies, warm -ups can also enter an active state in advance by accelerating blood circulation and preventing accidents in advance to prevent accidents during strenuous exercise.Heating up can also make the cerebral cortex in a suitable excitable state, make the brain more sensitive to the motion reflection, and effectively prevent muscle ligament strain caused by insufficient coordination of the motion.

If the warm -up is not in place, you will experience the same feeling when you run for 20 minutes.

If you do not stretch in place, you will feel particularly abandoned

In addition to expanding joint activity, the most important role of stretching is to help you relax your muscles.

After running, the muscles continue to shrink thousands of times and tens of thousands of times like rubber bands. It will become very nervous and shrink short.At this time, the muscles lost elasticity and became stiff.If they do not stretch the shortened muscles after running, they will "squeeze" together. Over time, they will expand horizontally, and eventually make the legs look thicker.

Without stretching, after running, you will feel sore within 2-3 days in the next 2-3 days, and you can’t even go down the building and can’t beat your knees.

Eating less will not let you really lose weight to eat the right food

Three points, eat seven points.Eating here is not not eaten, but delicious.Many people will experience the process of "exercising for a long time, still not thin at all".Most of the problems are on "eating".

Intake in excessive calories, drinking sports drinks, eating junk food, turning into the sky and regrets to start a hunger strike … Under such a diet, it is a miracle to lose weight.

Running girls especially need to pay attention to iron supplement.Taking less animal foods will also increase the probability of producing iron deficiency anemia. Running will also cause iron to lose, because iron will flow out of the body with a large amount of sweat.

The correct diet will not only make you starve, but also make you healthy.

At the same time of running a large amount, an excessive diet may disappear

Every kilometer running, you will burn a lot of energy. If you don’t pay attention to replenishing energy in time, it may be easy to occur "energy deficit.""Energy deficit" causes a series of hormone secretion to be suppressed, manifested in physical amenorrhea, disorders of eating, osteoporosis, etc.

At this time, adjusting your own diet as soon as possible can restore energy to balance.Increase the intake of carbohydrates (fast replenishment) or healthy fats (containing nutrients to help the body secrete hormones), and re -balance the proportion of macro nutrients.

Sun protection when running outdoors is the top priority

Running in the sun for a long time is cool, but it is not small to hurt the skin.If you don’t want the pores to become bigger and bigger, the skin is getting rough, as long as you plan to run for more than 20 minutes, please apply sunscreen.

Try not to choose ice water when hydrating

During exercise, hydration should be quantitatively quantitative, so you must not replenish it if you are thirsty. You cannot replenish a lot of water at a time. You only need to take a bite each time.It is best to supplement the mineral water or distilled water under normal temperature, do not drink sports drink for a long time.

Do not drink too cold water during exercise to help protect the stomach.

New shoes are beautiful, but don’t wear new shoes running games

It is possible to prepare a pair of boots for the game, but if the game day is its first show, then you may run extremely painful.There are very few shoes that are very fitted without running in.Wearing a pair of running shoes for 42 kilometers, the feet are likely to be bloody at the end.

If you want to wear new shoes, it is best to start with it one month in advance.On the marathon track, it is not as new as the old.

Most people will turn black after running the toenails of the toenails

After running, black armor is a common motion damage. Mostly due to the long -term squeezing and friction of the toe, the nail bed bleeding or the blood circulation is not smooth and the blood circulation causes the black armor.

The main ingredients of human nails are keratin (the same as rhino -horn ingredients), which is transparent, and protects the finger (toe) end. The blood color in the nail bed can be seen through the nail bed, so the (toe) end is generally pink.The nail itself does not have any nerves and blood vessels. It does not feel pain nor bleeding. The black armor is black and red due to the bleeding of the nail bed. The swelling and infection stimulate the pain caused by the nail bed.

It’s onychomycosis, rest assured!

Before the game, there were eight ten of the ten girls who went to the major running groups.

Like the title.

May all female runners run healthy, free, and happy

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