The 20 -year -old girl is pregnant and insists that "no sexual life", these lucky contraception psychology can never have

A few days ago, I heard such a strange thing. A girl had a menstruation for half a month, and her abdomen was painful. She got up and vomited in the morning. She even fainted in the classroom and went to the hospital for examination. The results showed that early pregnancy was pregnant.The girl and her mother were stunned, and the girl cried and said, "I have no sexual life, how can I get pregnant?", The girl’s mother on the side was also very excited: "Yes! It must be engaged in doing itWrong! Don’t frame my daughter! ".

After the mothers and daughters were calm, the doctor took them to the office, and whispered whether the girl had a boyfriend. The girl nodded. The doctor asked the girl if she had intimate contact with her boyfriend.There are marginal behaviors.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see what happened in a girl.The ignorant boys and girls know too little about sexual life, insufficient awareness of self -protection, and luck of contraception, which causes many girls to do not even know why they are pregnant.In order to prevent girls from accidental pregnancy and abortion, you must know these unreliable contraceptive methods!

1. Endogenesis contraceptive

Men will flow out of a small amount of semen and prostate liquids from the urethral mouth before ejaculation. Once they enter the opponent, they will also cause the woman to become pregnant.Moreover, you can’t see the sperm into women’s body. It does not mean that you really don’t go in. Don’t hold a chance to contraception.

2. Safe contraception

Safe contraception is not safe. Girls should have a little delayed menstruation or a few days in advance, which means that the ovulation time will also change to a certain extent, not as accurate as the calculation……. Don’t pin the hope in case.

3. Breastfeeding contraception

Some mothers did not have menstruation during breastfeeding, so they naively thought that she would not be pregnant, and as a result, she liked the second child.In fact, during breastfeeding, ovulation may be ovulate even if menstruation does not come, and ovulation means that you may conceive.If you want to breastfeed peacefully, don’t take this danger.

First of all, of course, wearing a condom!The above three unreliable contraceptive methods can be avoided by wearing condoms.Some people may say that there are certain risks in condoms, but compared to the three high -risk contraceptive methods above, the risk of condoms is much lower.Some people may say that the experience of condoms is not good enough, but it is really important to experience the physical damage of the body of the girls who accidentally get pregnant and then have a miscarriage?

If all this has not persuaded you, if you want to pursue a better experience with each other, then short -acting contraceptives are at least a better choice than abortion.Short -acting contraceptives are compound drugs made of progesterone and estrogen. They mainly use mechanisms such as suppressing ovulation, changing the endometrium environment, changing the shape of cervical mucus (cervical mucus become viscous), and preventing sperm penetration.The purpose is that the effective rate of contraception reaches more than 99%, and the effect is comparable to tubal ligation!

The advantage of short -acting contraceptives is that long -term use will not affect fertility, and can regulate irregular menstruation, large amounts of menstrual blood, dysmenorrhea, long or too short period of menstrual period.The disadvantage is that taking medicine is more troublesome. Generally, it is necessary to take it for 21 days in a row, stop the medicine for 7 days before continuing to take it, and there may be the risk of increasing cardiovascular disease.

The last thing I want to say is that I hope everyone can learn more scientific knowledge in sexual life, cherish the body of themselves and the other person, and do not do something that may regret life because of impulse or lack of common sense, especially girls, you must know how to know how to knowTo protect yourself, in the end you will be grateful to the right way to choose the correct way of contraception.

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