The 23 -year -old pregnant woman was encouraged to drink at the party and had a dead baby the next day. The doctor was distressed and angry.

Ms. Li, 23 years old, a young and beautiful pregnant mother.

Speaking of her, she felt both distressed and angry.

I was distressed that she lost her child in October in October; she was young and indifferent. Since she dares to be in my stomach, she also goes to attend a classmate party to drink.

According to her family, she returned from her hometown from a foreign country to have children. She just met a high school classmate party. She thought that it was a child, and the belly was only a little tightened occasionally.Who knows that during the party, some classmates coaxed: if you drink some wine, maybe you will start tomorrow, and you can quickly "unload" and make it easier.

So through the atmosphere, one cup after a drink, the wine that was banned during pregnancy was drunk overnight.In the middle of the night, the classmate sent her home.After arriving at home, she was confused and fell asleep.Until 9 am, she was awakened by contraction, sweating, and her family found that she was wrong. She hurried to take her to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, she always said that she wanted to go to the toilet, and the family said that she would let her tolerate and wait for the hospital to go to the hospital.When I came to the first floor of the hospital, my family shouted loudly: Doctor, come, come and see my daughter -in -law, she is going to have children.When the nurse heard the call for help, he quickly asked our obstetrician to come to the door of the hospital. I saw a small red blood on the car, accompanied by a smell of dung, and she had gritted her teeth and said painfully: "Hurry up, help me, the child is coming out! "

The nurse helped take off her pants and saw that the child’s head really came out.what to do?You can only give birth to the child in the car.The scene in front of me is shocking!Children have been purple, the umbilical cord has been yellow, and even some parts have been dark. The examination found that there was no muscle tension, no breathing and heartbeat.Final diagnosis: Shun Yin a dead baby.

After receiving the birth, she sent her to the delivery room with a flat car, cleaning and sutured the perineum.Although the family members outside the delivery room were crying, she had lost any resistance to resistance, lying on the bed with her eyes closed, tears kept flowing there …

The important thing to say three times:

Pregnant women have to ban alcohol!

Forbidden alcohol!

Forbidden alcohol!

Whether it is pregnancy or pregnancy, pregnant women must ban alcohol!

Because drinking during pregnancy will allow alcohol to enter the placenta, and the blood circulation is absorbed into the body by the fetal baby, so that the cell division of the baby’s brain development process is hindered, which will cause abnormal brain cell development.Internal development, deformity, fetal syndrome with alcohol syndrome, babies with low intelligence may even cause serious consequences such as fetal death.Therefore, mothers must prohibit drinking throughout pregnancy. Even beer, red wine, or other drinks containing alcoholic drinks should be prohibited from drinking.

If you are a pregnant mother, you are a person with alcohol -dependence, please also control your desire, hold your mouth, and think about the babies in the belly.When you really want to drink, just listen to music, watch TV series or eat some healthy snacks to disperse your attention, try to allow you to spend a healthy pregnancy, so that your baby will grow and develop healthy in the palace.

Hope that this real case can attract the attention of pregnant mothers. Do not make a joke with the baby’s life. There is no regret medicine in the world!I wish you "pregnancy"!”Zero plan”””

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