The 28 -year -old unmarried girl conducted a marriage checkup and found that her boyfriend turned around for two months.

Introduction: In love, honesty and trust are the cornerstone of the relationship between the two people.However, when misunderstandings and suspicion appear, can this trust be firm?A couple who was ready to enter the marriage hall had a misunderstanding in the pre -marital examination, causing their feelings to be crisis.This story tells us how to communicate and solve the relationship in the face of the problem to maintain each other’s feelings.

In the world of love, the most precious quality is honesty and trust.A lies full of feelings are destined to be unable to last, and the lack of trust will also have a negative impact on each other’s feelings.To love someone, you should give the other party a full sense of security and trust, because the feelings are based on the sincerity of each other.When two people face misunderstandings, timely communication, face -to -face problems, and seeking solutions are the key to maintaining feelings.The story of this couple below is precisely because they did not communicate in time before the misunderstanding, which caused the man to misunderstand and almost let their feelings come to an end.

So what happened between this couple?Why do men have distrust about the woman?

Story review: 28 -year -old innocent girl conducts a marriage check, and the results show that they have been pregnant for two months

Xiao Li and her boyfriend Xiao Yang fell in love for a year and decided to enter the palace of marriage together.According to the agreement, they went to the hospital for a pre -marital examination.Pre -marriage examination is essential for the health of both parties and helps ensure the smooth progress of life after marriage.However, this seemingly ordinary pre -marital examination caused Xiao Yang to misunderstand and left Xiaoli angrily.So, what are the problems with Xiaoli’s test results and make her boyfriend so angry?

It turned out that Xiaoli had been pregnant for two months in the marriage report.However, according to Xiao Li herself, she has never had intimate behavior with any male. Since falling in love with her boyfriend for a year, she has only maintained her hand in hand, embrace and other physical contact, and has no further development.

After reviewing in the hospital, I found that I got the wrong inspection report before

Xiaoli expressed doubts about the results of the marriage inspection, communicated with the hospital many times, and explained her situation.After understanding the situation, the hospital recommends that Xiaoli will check again.The inspection confirmed Xiaoli’s statement.So why did Xiaoli have been pregnant for two months for the first examination?

After investigation by the hospital, there was a girl with the same name as Xiaoli who was the same name and only one year old who was only one year old. The doctor took the wrong report, causing Xiaoli’s marriage check -in by her boyfriend.Xiaoli said that her boyfriend once said that the reason why she chose her was because of her simplicity.Now seeing such a test result, her boyfriend will naturally be angry, thinking that Xiaoli has been pregnant for two months and deceived him.

The misunderstanding is lifted, the boyfriend comes back to apologize, and the girl’s heart has a gap

In fact, although some impulse to my boyfriend’s response, it can be understood.After all, the two had not had a close relationship for more than a year. Suddenly, they learned that their girlfriend was two months pregnant. Any man could not accept it. This is the bottom line of a man.After the misunderstanding was lifted, her boyfriend also took the initiative to apologize to Xiaoli, admitting that she was too impulsive, insufficient trust in Xiaoli, and guaranteed that she would believe Xiaoli unconditionally in the future.

Although things seem to be successfully resolved, Xiaoli had a gap in her heart. When facing this problem, her boyfriend did not stand in her stand to find the cause. Instead, she chose to leave her and make her feel unreliable.

Netizens’ point of view:

Netizens also express their opinions on this matter, some support Xiao Li and persuade her to leave her boyfriend; some said they can understand the behavior of her boyfriend, after all, this involves the dignity of a man.Some netizens believe that this man is too stingy. When you encounter such a thing, you should first review it. In the final analysis, he still does not believe in his girlfriend.Some netizens believe that her boyfriend and Xiaoli have not had a close relationship together for more than a year. Suddenly found that the marriage inspection report showed that she was pregnant for two months, and anyone would think that they were deceived. Who could not be angry?

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