The 37 -year -old girlfriend was pregnant for 2 months and the family looked forward to the wedding. The man insisted on breaking up and claimed that he could not hurt her.

Xiang Shirong, 42, had a marriage twice, with 4 children.He also had an unmarried girlfriend.After being awkward with his ex -wife, Xiang Shirong met the current 37 -year -old girlfriend Mi Susu.After 2 months of pregnancy, Xiang Shirong wanted to break up with Mi Susu.

When Xiang Shirong saw a reporter, he said a word repeatedly: She is fine, but I can’t hurt her. This will harm her and can’t hurt her like this. This will hurt her for a lifetime.

Xiang Shirong said that in the recent time, his inner pressure has been very strong, and he has been sleeping for many days in a row.He was even afraid of the arrival of the night.

It turned out that 3 months ago, I met his girlfriend Mi Susu from Shirong.He felt that Mi Susu was very good in all aspects, and people were very beautiful.Just when the two people were about to talk about marriage, Xiang Shirong came up with the idea of breaking up.

His reason was that he couldn’t hurt her, and he couldn’t love her in one intention.If you marry Mi Susu, it will hurt Mi Susu’s life.He couldn’t let go of his ex -wife in his heart.

The reporter told Mi Susu that he wanted to say something to Shi Rong, but he was embarrassed to speak.Seeing the hesitation of the reporter, Mi Susu said that he had guessed Xiang Shirong’s idea.

Recently, Xiang Shirong often touched his ex -wife, and it was a long time.Mi Susu said that she hoped to say her thoughts to Shirong himself.

Xiang Shirong covered his face like a child who did something wrong and said nothing.Mi Susu’s mother was emotional, and she wanted to find Mi Susu’s father.

Mi Susu told reporters that before Shi Rong divorced her ex -wife, she found her relationship with her.After Shi Rong divorced on March 23, on March 24, he took a divorce certificate and agreement to Mi Susu’s house to ask Mi Susu’s parents forgive him.

Xiang Shirong said that Mi Susu and his family were very good to him, and he couldn’t bear to continue to hurt them.He couldn’t let go of his ex -wife in his heart.She is currently married to her, which is very unfair to the fetus in Mi Susu and the abdomen.If Mi Susu is willing to break up with him, he can consider killing the child, and he gives Mi Susu a certain compensation.If Mi Susu gave birth to a child, he would also bear the responsibility of being his father.

Mi Susu’s father was very angry.In order to take care of the older daughter, the two husbands and wives came from Hengyang to Changsha, and the entire family also prepared for the wedding for the two.

Mi Susu’s father accused Xiang Rong angrily: Do you want face, do you want to be face?Our family was lost by you.The old man said that Xiang Shirong was playing with his daughter’s feelings, and they could not accept it.

As for the economic compensation what Xiang Shirong said, the old man was even more angry.They are both retired employees and have stable economic sources.They already have 3 real estate in Hengyang.They don’t want to use their daughters’ feelings for benefits.

Mi Susu’s mother said that her daughter had two loves.She will never have a relationship.At the beginning, they did not accept the divorce twice and the 4 children Xiang Shirong, but when they saw that her daughter had been single and Xiang Shirong was good for her daughter, they slowly accepted it.Unexpectedly, Xiang Shirong was deeply disappointed.

In order to protect the fetus, Mi Susu has been taking fetal medicine, and her body is covered with acupuncture.Because she is an elderly mother and has signs of excessive abortion.For this child, Mi Susu suffered hardships, and almost fought on her life.

Xiang Shirong unwilling to lead the reporter to knock on the door of his ex -wife Li Fen.Li Fen said decisively that she would never remarry with Shirong.Even if she is a 2 -year -old daughter, she can also live well.

Li Fen advised Shi Rong that when the two people were together, they had to work hard to cherish, and do not look back after breaking up.Li Fen admits that Xiang Shirong will make money very much, and she can stay at home and not go to work.

Occasionally Li Fen went out to play a mahjong, and he would be violent to Shirong’s family once.During this time after the divorce, she had completely forgotten Xiang Shirong, and she didn’t want to have any exquisite with Xiang Shirong.

In Mi Susu’s room, the reporter saw the wedding photo and divorce agreement between Xiang Shirong and his ex -wife.All of this seems to be implying that Xiang Shirong did not let his ex -wife still.

Xiang Shirong also promised to pay 1,000 yuan a month of living expenses for his ex -wife until she found a new boyfriend.However, the attitude of his ex -wife made Shi Rong discouraged.

The reporter advised Shirong to bear his own responsibility.After discussing with his parents, Mi Susu decided to give birth to a child.Xiang Shirong tried to persuade Mi Susu to give up his child. He was worried that his child would affect Mi Susu’s future happiness.

Mi Susu’s father proposed that he hoped to buy a house for his daughter and her unborn children to provide them with a guarantee in the future.Xiang Shirong said sincerely that he is willing to marry Mi Susu and give Mi Susu a complete home.

Xiang Shirong admitted that he had done too many wrongs before and hurt several children.Xiang Shirong promised Mi Susu that he would no longer contact his ex -wife except the child’s affairs.

Mi Susu’s parents were in a dilemma, and had to decide to accept the temporary reconciliation of two people.Mi Susu reached an agreement with Xiang Shirong.These include two people who voluntarily married, purchased real estate or facade for the woman before marrying Shirong, and they must be loyal to marriage after marriage.

However, what was unexpected that the reporter had unexpectedly, after a few days of signing the agreement, Mi Susu abandoned the abdomen fetus and gave her a certain compensation to Shirong.Mi finally broke up with two people.

@Angel beautiful little fairy said:

The 42 -year -old Xiang Shirong has a successful career and is a very successful businessman.In the face of feelings and marriage, he performed very immature.

What is unacceptable is that Xiang Shirong opened the next relationship before the last relationship was completely ended.Xiang Shirong believes that the new relationship can help himself heal and help himself quickly forget the people and things before.

As everyone knows, this approach actually hurts more women.They seem to have inadvertently become a tool for Xiang Shirong to be angry and revenge on the last relationship.This is not only harmful to them, but also unfairness and disrespect for them.

Mi Susu was not easy to believe in men, and should not be with him when he was still entangled with his ex -wife.Girls should always be careful about their feelings.Be sure to understand and contact the man in front of you, and never be deceived by his sweet words and the appearance of camouflage.

Love is beautiful, marriage is sacred.Each of us must learn to summarize the lessons and lessons of emotional failure, and do not repeat the same mistakes again and again.

In addition, as adults, we must live a real and frank.Reflect on your words and deeds and be responsible for what you do.You know, once the hurt of a person’s feelings is formed, it will be the pain of a lifetime that can not make up for how much money.


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