The 38 -year -old pregnant woman has not moved for 20 days after the due date.

This is a hearty story, a nightmare of a 38 -year -old pregnant woman, a thrilling and real experience.

Pregnant woman Xiao Na has passed the due date for 20 days, and the child still has no movement.Doctors and nurses have been observing, hoping that the moment of delivery will come soon.However, just when they started to enter the operating room and artificial delivery for their children, a suffocating bad smell was filled with the entire hall.

The doctors looked pale and quickly put on the mask, but the nurse around him had a little unstable standing.At this time, the doctor had just opened Xiao Na’s abdomen, and the blood and umbilical cord of the fetus had been swollen by amniotic fluid.The doctor below the doctor, and the child was pulled out urgently, but there was an incredible scene: the amniotic fluid has deteriorated, and the bad smell that makes people can’t stand it can smell far away.

Doctors began to agree that the child’s amniotic fluid has deteriorated, and it has been blocked by amniotic fluid without breathing and no oxygen.Xiao Na and her husband were crying to die, and they once thought that their children had given them a big compensation.

With the birth of the child, the strong bad odor began to spread.At the moment when the caesarean section was cut, a obvious secret revealed: there is a stinky placenta in the child’s belly, which is the main reason for the stench.The concentration of the placenta is very high, and it is terrible, and this is part of the reason for the child’s due downs in the abdomen.

But surprisingly, children can still survive.Although he was a little light when he was born, he still had the ability to cry.The doctors gave the children an emergency treatment. After a period of treatment, he finally recovered his health.

This incident is educated for this couple and everyone in the entire operating room. During pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay more attention to diet, work and rest, and maintain a comfortable mood in daily life.Body, understand the importance of pre -fertility examination for maternity.The deviation of any nature may cause unimaginable consequences.Finally, I hope that every expectant mother can easily live during pregnancy!

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to exceed the due date, and at this time they often feel anxious and disturbed.Therefore, as doctors or family members, they should work hard to help them to shorten the output and reduce their pain.Here are some effective methods to help pregnant women give birth as soon as possible.

1. Walk around

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote delivery.Walking can promote the fetus to move towards the pelvis, which can stimulate the uterine contraction and accelerate delivery.When pregnant women walk, gravity will accelerate the fetal movement, which may also help speed up the speed of childbirth.

Pre -delivery sparring gymnastics

Poor gymnastics is a safe gymnastics performed by pregnant women, which can help the body become soft and help speed up the labor.Ball gymnastics can also help eliminate fatigue, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve the efficiency and comfort of the birth.If pregnant women do not have a ball, they can use an ordinary comfortable chair to let their legs sit high -side, which can help reduce the weight of the pelvic cavity and accelerate the delivery process.

3. Eat some foods that are good for maternal women

Maternal needs to consume a lot of energy when producing.To accelerate delivery, pregnant women need to maintain a high energy state.She can eat some foods that can provide nutrition for such energy, such as fruits, vegetables and grain products.In addition, she should also pay attention to drinking water, drinking more water is good for diureticity, and promotes the production process by excretion.

Psychological adjustment

Maternal psychological factors also have a great impact on childbirth.Because mental burden, emotional fluctuations, etc. can also affect the progress of childbirth.Therefore, as family members and doctors, they must provide them with psychological support and comfort to help them keep calm and confident.

Quickly give birth by giving oxytic drugs

When pregnant women cannot give birth naturally, or if they cannot wait for natural delivery due to severe and abnormal symptoms, doctors can consider using oxytic drugs to accelerate delivery.Under the supervision of a doctor, use oxytic drugs to make the uterus accelerate and promote childbirth.However, the use of drugs needs to be cautious and more closely observed.

In short, after pregnant women exceed the due date, they should take some methods to improve production efficiency and reduce discomfort in the late pregnancy.At the same time, family members and medical staff need to provide them with better support and attention to ensure that they will give birth smoothly.

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