The 43 -year -old woman naturally gave birth to a baby girl: she has mental abnormalities, and the child 68 -year -old father laughed and opened the flowers.

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Title: 43 -year -old woman naturally pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl: she has mental abnormalities, the child 68 -year -old father laughed and opened the flower

With the improvement of living conditions, everyone began to attach importance to the maintenance of the body, and the average age is rising.

At the same time, because of the good maintenance of the body, the speed of physical function degeneration is greatly reduced, and there are often some medical miracles.

Affected by physiological factors, in the consciousness of many people, women 50 years old are very rare, but the world is not absolute.

An old man in Anhui gave birth to 6 pounds of baby girls, and the doctor said he was naturally conceived.

This can give the 68 -year -old wife happy.

Seeing such an older mother lying on the bed, the family members of many mothers in the hospital showed an amazing vision. After learning that the mother was "60 years old, she was even more surprised.

Women cannot get pregnant after menopause. Most women will go through menstruation before the age of 50. At the age of 60, they can still become pregnant and have children. They cannot be called "elderly maternal". Instead, it is more appropriate to call it "super -aged maternal".

In a water ward of Lingyu County People’s Hospital in Suzhou, Anhui, an old man couldn’t hold his mouth with a smile.

An old woman on the seat beside the wall was holding a baby girl gently, surrounded by many people, and the old man was squeezed behind the crowd.

As the name suggests, the obstetrics and gynecology department is a place for giving birth to children. People who are unknown may congratulate the elderly to add granddaughter. However, this is actually the elderly daughter.

According to the doctor’s description, the baby girl was more than 6 pounds when she was born, the mother and daughter were safe and healthy. The child and mother ID card showed 60 years old, and the father was 68 years old.

After giving birth to a child, the old couple laughed and opened the flowers, and her husband was very considerate to serve his wife.

After the incident was exposed, it quickly attracted the attention of netizens. In addition to sending blessings, many netizens also questioned.

The most question is: this is irresponsible to children.

These netizens’ concerns are unreasonable. Now the child is just born. When the child is 18 years old, his father is 86 years old.

Netizens are worried that their parents are not careful enough when taking care of their children, worrying that if the parents’ lives will not fall in their lives, they will also worry that their parents will raise the burden of raising young daughters on their children.

These are the real issues that have to be considered.

However, many netizens have raised objections. Some people say that many children are not grandparents, grandparents, grandma?Besides, do many "orphans" grow up normally?

Indeed, many young parents are busy at work. After giving birth to children, they do n’t have time to take care of them. They throw their children completely to their parents. They only need to pay for them.

Here is a key point -income.Grandpa and grandchildren take grandchildren. They can be borne by their parents without income.

But if he is a father and dad at the age of grandparents, they need a certain income to raise their children.

Therefore, if you have a good health and financial resources, you can bear the willingness of a child to grow and have the willingness to give birth to a child. It is not necessary to have a child who wants to have children.

Everyone has the right to fertility. In the final analysis, it is still personal private affairs. The opinions of netizens can only be said to be for reference only, because people who "have old age" are not necessary to blame the parties.

However, there is a follow -up of this incident. Although the mother card shows 60 years of age, the local saying that she is only 43 years old. Because the spirit is not normal, the age on the ID card is not accurate, but the baby girl father is 68 years old.of.

Anyway, I wish the child can be safe and healthy!

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