The 48 -year -old woman has been pregnant, and "relatives" visited 7 days later. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor laughed

Sister Li is 48 years old. The eldest son is married and his younger son has graduated from college, but recently she suddenly became pregnant!This made the family that had a harmonious family suddenly exploded. The reason was that the two sons thought that the mother did too much. Why did they have two sons?Anyway, if you dare to give birth, you will not recognize this mother!

Sister Li, who had just discovered that she was pregnant, thought that if this child was a daughter, he sneered and went to the hospital to testify with her husband. After the blood was drawn, the doctor did confirm that Sister Li was pregnant, but the progesterone was less small, but the progesterone was small.You must take some medicine to keep your tires, and then review it after 7 days.

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Sister Li who returned home was afraid that the sons knew what she was pregnant, and she was sneaking in medicine.After a dinner, Sister Li was taking medicine. When the daughter -in -law who had just entered the kitchen saw it, she asked Sister Li: "Mom, are you caught a cold? Are you taking medicine!" Sister Li was embarrassed at the time, and the big daughter -in -law looked at her mother -in -law.Her face, look at the medicine in her hand, feel particularly familiar.Later, she told her husband about this, and everyone guessed that Sister Li was pregnant!

As soon as this spread, the house was exploded!Especially when the two sons came out, they accused Sister Li, who did not have three babies without their permission. What if they were a son?Do you have the money to buy a house and buy a car at home?Even if her son is a daughter, after she grows up, her mother is older. Who will raise her?After the sons said these words, they also said, "Mom, if you dare to give birth, we dare not recognize you!"

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After speaking, the sons fell to the door and left!This can make Sister Li crazy!On the spot, I felt that my chest was tight, and she could only go back to the room to rest for a while, but as soon as she lay down, she found that she had a pain in my lower abdomen, and her lower body suddenly had a warm current. She suddenly realized that it was not good!I went to the toilet and checked it. Sure enough, bleeding!Her husband quickly sent her to the hospital.

After the doctor’s examination, he smiled and said, "There is no pregnancy in your body. This time it is just a aunt! Don’t worry, this is just a biochemical pregnancy, so you should be a aunt once, and you can prepare for pregnancy again after you finish it.! When Sister Li heard that her child was gone, she suddenly "fluttered" and sat on the ground paralyzed. I thought: Son, are you like you, are you happy? "

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Parenting Tips: The survival of the fittest is still suitable for fertilized eggs. Biochemical pregnancy occasionally does not affect pregnancy at a time. As long as the case is coming, you can get pregnant again.However, if this situation occurs for a long time, you must go to the hospital in time to find out the cause before preparing for pregnancy!Listening to many young pregnant mothers said, there are many situations. Do you have encountered this situation like Sister Li before?How did it be cured later?Welcome to leave a message to share ~

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