The 56 -year -old Deng Qingming dreamed!The daughter wrote a letter …

In 1998, 14 pilots were selected as the first batch of astronauts in my country.

As of 2021, only one of the 14 people had not performed the flying mission and was still in active duty. He was Deng Qingming.

Deng Qingming.Photo source: China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office

Back up many times and pass by with dreams. At the age of 56, he has always been training.On November 28, China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, three astronauts in Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming, and Zhang Lu will perform Shenzhou No. 15 manned flight missions.

As the "God Fifteenth" is about to lift off, her daughter Deng Manqi had something to say to her father.Let’s take a look at this letter full of affectionate to his father:


In the fall of 1991, my mother was difficult to give birth.

The doctor asked you to protect your adults and children, and you choose to protect the adult firmly.

Then everything turned in danger, and I eventually came to this world.

That year, I was zero, you were twenty -five years old.

In my infant, I was misdiagnosed with congenital heart disease, and my body was full of acupuncture. My family took a few times to protect my life for me.

However, you have to perform a task, driving a handsome fighter aircraft soaring in the sky and escorting the motherland.

I grew up.

After you fly home after flying, you can perform the magic of dancing at the nails. I am surprised and jumping and jumping.

Later, you told me that you put the magnet under the chair and tell me the principle of magnets.I was fascinated by my father’s invention.

That year, I was three years old and you were 28 years old.


For the first time in my memory, you said that you would take me and my mother to Beijing.

We took a long car and came to a secluded place.

Later, I learned that this place is called Aerospace City.You became the first space clerk here.

That year, I was six years old and you were 31 years old.

My mother repeatedly told me that your new identity is confidential and cannot tell anyone.

You often travel on business, and you will surprise me every time.

You like to buy a beautiful skirt for me and my mother.When her mother was young, she was beautiful and slim, and she looked at the skirts bought by my father.

I wore a skirt you bought and played with my friends. During the crazy run, the skirt broke through. I couldn’t care about it, but I felt distressed that the skirt.

I like chatting with you.

You tell me that the plane is soaring in the blue sky, and the spacecraft is going out of the blue sky.When you fly to space, you will ask me in space.

That year, I was eight years old and you were 33 years old.


One day, we watched TV together at home, the Colombian spacecraft crashed, seven astronauts died, and the media reported the age, occupation and family of each astronaut.

I suddenly realized that astronauts were a high -risk occupation.God is not only facing mission and honor, but also risks and challenges.

That year, I was eleven years old and you were 36 years old.

The Shenzhou V was immediately launched, and the school notified the class to stop the class. In front of the TV, the school students watched the news of the first astronauts in our country flying into space.

At the moment when the Rockets ignited, I was so excited that my heart was surging and blood was boiling. I almost told your secret to the same table: my dad is also an astronaut.

That year, I was twelve years old and you were 37 years old.

There is a parent meeting in the third grade, and you will make time to participate in the sky.

Coincidentally, I met my brothers and sisters who grew up in interviews with reporters. The school paid tribute to their father who was flying in the sky. The students voted to them with worship.I was a little stunned and left silently.

I cry in front of you.You told me distressedly, let us work hard together.

How much pressure did the naive child gave you …

That year, I was fourteen years old and you were 39 years old.


When I was in college, you wrote to me and told me that the astronaut brigade had new blood again. The second batch of five men and two women and two women in the second batch of astronauts were excellent.

In the letter, I told me again that I hope I can engage in the space career after graduation.

That year, I was eighteen years old and you were forty -three years old.

After graduating from college, I was assigned to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. You are also here as the backup of Shenzhou 10.

We miss each other for a year, but due to the requirements of medical isolation, we can only look at the fence and look at each other more than ten meters.

Every time I separate, I will tell you that we work together and do not give up or abandon.

That year, I was twenty -two years old, and you were forty -seven years old.


I’m going to get married.

You are very busy at work. Put out of rare free time to decorate new houses for us, purchase home appliances, eat box lunch with workers, and you can paint a thick stack of decoration drawings.

That year, I was twenty -three years old and you were forty -eight years old.

During Shenzhou 11 mission preparation, you and you are busy in your own positions.You know that there are not many opportunities to fly, and you have launched an charge again.

In order to break through the problem of technology in the middle of my country, you participated in the 33 -day simulation test.

On the day of the task, in the duty on duty in the command hall, I suddenly saw you appearing on the big screen.

Looking at your skilled operation and report, you suddenly appear in your head. I can’t help myself, and tears wet my eyes.

You co -authored with you on the screen.

That year, I was twenty -five years old and you were 50 years old.

This time, you pass by again with Feitian.

On the awards podium of the Time Model, I read the letter written to you emotionally.

The state decrypts the first batches of the first astronauts who have not performed missions, and your names and stories are public.

There are 14 people in China’s first batch of astronauts, 8 of which are dreaming of round space and 5 people unloading the team.

You are the only active aerospace officers who have not performed the flying mission and are still training.

That year, I was 27 years old, and you were 52 years old.


In the morning, the sun has just risen.

I will send you a expedition to the astronaut brigade.

I look at you from a distance, watching your calmness and calmness.

These days, I have been listening to a song:

"My belief is the bottomless sea, and the flames in my heart are surging. The endless power is loyal and forever. If warmth stops in your heart, I would like to wish you all your life. Life is only a belief, no matter who can hear it."

When listening to the song, I thought of you, tears in my eyes.

You only take a faith, adhere to your original intention, and chase your dreams for a lifetime.

This year, I was thirty -one, you were 56 years old.

Soon, I will watch you fly to space on the screen.

At this moment, we waited for 25 years.

In the next half of the year, I am on the ground and you are in the sky.Our life is still going on.

Just as I was a kid’s agreement, we fought side by side.

You will always be the greatest hero in my mind, my dear dad.

Deng Qingming’s family: Pride and care about the return of Triumph

"It is not easy for my brother to insist on it for so many years. We are both proud and concerned, hoping that he will return triumphantly." He stared at the live TV screen. Deng Qingming’s sister Li Saiying cried with tears and wiped the tears in the corners of my eyes with paper towels from time to time.

On November 29th, Deng Qingming’s relatives and friends gathered to watch the spacecraft launch live broadcast on November 29, Jiangxi, Jiangxi, and when the spacecraft ignited and lift vacuum, Deng Qingming’s sister Li Saiying (red clothes in the middle of the picture) burst into tears.On the same day, Shenzhou No. 15 manned spacecraft launched a launch, and Jiangxi astronaut Deng Qingming and Fei Junlong and Zhang Lu jointly performed flight missions.Liu Lixin Photo

At 23:08 on November 29th, Beijing time, Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft launched a launch. Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming, and Zhang Lu three astronauts performed flight missions.That night, at Donghua Town, Yihuang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, which was more than 2,800 kilometers away from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Deng Qingming’s relatives and friends watched the spacecraft launch live broadcast together to witness this important moment.

"… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" When the launch entered the countdown for 10 seconds, Deng Qingming’s relatives and friends and the folks followed the live broadcast.When the Rockets started the ignition process, the rocket’s rear sprayed a thin orange -red flame, and Deng Qingming’s hometown was boiling, and everyone waved the flag.Soon after, the fireworks were put on the night sky.

On November 29, Deng Qingming’s relatives and friends gathered together to watch the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft launching live broadcast.Liu Lixin Photo

"My brother finally dreams, very happy, very excited, and I can’t express it in words. It feels like dreaming." After the successful launch of the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft, Deng Qingming’s brother Li Qinghua’s joy overflowed.

After preparing for more than 20 years, Deng Qingming finally waited for his flying mission.In 1998, Deng Qingming was selected as the first batch of astronauts in China, and was repeatedly selected as a backup multiplication group.Before performing Shenzhou No. 15 manned flying mission, he was the only Chinese astronauts who did not perform the flying mission and were still active.

Earlier in the morning on the 29th, the Li Saiying family was busy and placed the fruits and snacks they bought on the coffee table. The door was affixed with the couplets written by Deng Qingming.lively."After waiting for so many years, we have all been happy for him." Li Saiying deliberately put on a festive red jacket.

"Brother is very tough and has always insisted on his flying dream." Li Qinghua recalled in an interview that he saw a book called "The Mystery of the Universe" on his brother’s desk when he was a child.This is the "seed" buried in my brother’s heart.

Deng Qingming encouraged a book of his brother Li Qinghua.Liu Lixin Photo

In 1984, Deng Qingming, who was 18 years old, joined the army, and the letter became the main way for him to contact his family for a long time."My brother often wrote a letter to the family. I still feel very warm when I think of the book of my parents under the kerosene lamp." After many years of years, I looked at the yellowish letter again and relive the family relationship between the words.Li Qinghua’s eyes flushed and wet eyes.

"Backups have been backups many times, and my brother still insists on training and is always ready. He told me during the chat that this is his job, it is his duty.It’s indifferent. "Li Qinghua said.

Deng Qingming, who got the "space ticket", was going to "travel on a business trip" for half a year.Deng Qingming agreed with his family to take them to take a look at the beautiful universe and blue earth.

"Because of fear of disturbing his brother training, we would hardly call him, but he would contact us as long as he was free. He called me yesterday, asked the situation at home, and told us to pay more attention to the body."Li Saiying said that his brother would stay in space for so long. He hoped that he would be peaceful, smooth, and successfully completed the task.

Like my sister, Li Qinghua is both proud and deeply concerned about his brother’s task on space. "After all, in space for so long, my brother is getting older. As a loved one, there is a little more affection."" ".

Brother Deng Qingming tells the story of the family book and recalls happiness.

When Shenzhou 15th astronaut Deng Qingming’s brother, Li Qinghua (with his mother’s surname) on the 29th, when he showed some family books kept in the display home, he chased the past and recalled the happy time of his parents.

China Shenzhou No. 15 manned spacecraft launched the offer at 23:08 on November 29.In the afternoon of the same day, a reporter from China News Agency drove to Deng Qingming’s hometown of Donghua Town, Yihuang County, Jiangxi Province. His sister Li Saiying’s house was not far away at the door of the door of the house, and it was played by Deng Qingming.The video of the staff and the media meeting.

On November 29th, Deng Qingming’s brother Li Qinghua (first from left), his brother Gan Lijuan (second from left), sister Li Saiying (middle), niece Chen Zhen (right), niece son -in -law Zhang Donghai(First right) Gathering at home, the walls behind Deng Qingming hanging on the wall and his photos with his family.Liu Lixin Photo

On the background wall of the living room in Li Saiying’s house, the calligraphy works of "Shenzhou Xing Sky and Gao Tiangong will compete for the sun and the moon" written by Deng Qingming were previously written in the middle.Many relatives and friends and neighbors have come to celebrate one after another, looking forward to witnessing this important moment.

In the face of the camera, Li Qinghua took out a thick family book and told reporters that his brother often wrote a letter to his family after joining the army. This traditional way is to convey the thoughts and care of his loved ones."I browsed again yesterday, tears in tears, these books are heavy, and the words are all affection."

"Life is a constant waiting and hope, and persuaded you to lay a good foundation. Otherwise, if you encounter opportunities and celebrities in the future, you can’t play and say why I did not work hard before?"One of the family books he wrote was read. From these inspirational words, he can vaguely see Deng Qingming’s mentality, normal and posture in the 25 years of dreaming.

In Li Qinghua’s memory, at that time, the happiest moment of the whole family was to receive a letter from his brother."The feeling of reading the book with my parents under the kerosene lamp, the brothers and sisters listen to it. Now I think of it is particularly warm, very happy and happy."

On November 29th, Deng Qingming’s brother Li Qinghua showed reporters to reporters to show the family books sent home in the early years.Liu Lixin Photo

Speaking of emotional places, most of Li Qinghua and the family next to him were wet."Brother’s space dream has always been the dream of mother, but unfortunately, now the brother has successfully fulfilled his dream. If she can see it, she will be particularly happy."

At the moment of the live broadcast of the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft through the live broadcast, many families including Li Saiying cried again."My brother has been working hard for so many years and finally dreams. We feel the same with many of his efforts and pressure. Now we only look forward to his space journey smoothly and return to the task."

Reporter: Wu Pengquan Jiang Tao Liu Lixin

Comprehensive "CCTV Record, Gan News (ID: Gannews)

Source: China News Agency

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