The accidental pregnancy couple chose to have a miscarriage, but the two regretted it afterwards. Director: There is still a way

Ms. Gu in Zaozhuang flowed out once. At that time, the couple were busy and were not suitable for children. Although contraceptive measures were taken, they were still pregnant. For this child who was not suitable for arriving, the couple eventually chose to chooseAbortion.

It is difficult to get pregnant after abortion, and the young couple seek medical treatment all the way to Jinan

I thought there was nothing after the abortion, but who knew that the original abortion would cause infertility in the future.If Ms. Gu knows that there will be such a result, even if she gave up the job, she would choose to give birth to the child, but things had happened, and it was impossible to regret it. Only infinite remorse left to the couple.

In order to be able to go to the child, the couple did not go to the hospital for examination, and the medicine did not eat less, but the result was full of hope and ended with disappointment.The husband and wife were unwilling to give up, so I came to Jinan from Zaozhuang all the way, and I took them.

After a detailed consultation and examination of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Gu existed in the adhesion of the uterine cavity.The adhesion of the uterine cavity is a common disease of women, causing great harm to women’s health. If it cannot be checked in time, it will cause female infertility.Seeing the anxiety of the husband and wife, I told them that they would have a lot to get pregnant if they cooperated with treatment.

According to different adhesion sites, the symptoms are not exactly the same, but the main symptoms are repeated artificial abortion or curettage, and the periodic abdominal pain, less menstruation, and secondary infertility occur.Patients with fully adhesion of the uterine cavity may occur with amenorrhea, amenorrhea can be long, and the treatment of estrogen and progesterone does not cause retreat bleeding.The uterine cavity part of the adhesion or the endometrium is destructive, but the menstrual cycle is normal, but the menstrual cycle is normal.

Minimally invasive surgery, come to pregnancy early

There are also periodic abdominal pain.Generally, about one month after artificial abortion or curettage, sudden lower abdominal spasm pain occurs, more than half of them are accompanied by anal swelling; some patients have severe abdominal pain, restless sitting, difficulty in action, and even exhausting, defecation, defecation, defecation, bowel movementsIt is very painful, and sometimes there is a sense of anxiety.Pain generally gradually decreases and disappears after 3-7 days. It is about one month apart, and periodic abdominal pain occurs again, and the gradual increase is aggravated.

Finally, infertility and repeated abortion and premature birth.Condition infertility occurs after uterine cavity adhesion, and repeated abortion and premature birth even if you are pregnant.Due to the uterine cavity adhesion, the endometrium is damaged, the uterine capacity is reduced, which affects the embryo normally in bed.It also affected the fetus to survive in the uterine cavity to the full moon.

I explored and treated her situation with hysteroscopy.It can effectively penetrate into the uterus and check the position, scope and degree of adhesion.At the same time, the adhesion was separated and the balloon was placed in the balloon to prevent the postoperative adhesion again. The surgery was very successful. After surgery, I cooperated with the hospital’s characteristic preparations for conditioning to improve her internal environment.For a month, Ms. Gu was pregnant successfully, congratulations!

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