The baby is born, and the woman still insists that she is not pregnant. Netizens: The family is really big enough

Guide: Was were born, and 28 -year -old women insisted that they were not pregnant. Netizens: The family is really big enough

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In life, some women may not be sure if they are pregnant because of obesity or irregular menstruation, but can you believe that someone will not believe that he is pregnant before childbirth?However, this confused mother still exists.

No, a Ms. Zhao, a mother of Guangxi, she was pregnant in October, but she knew nothing about her pregnancy experience.

Xiao Zhao is 30 years old.After spending 6 years with his lover, he had no children.A few years ago, he had seen a doctor and said that he was not pregnant because of the "Cold Palace".Just put it down.But from this summer, Xiao Zhao found that he seemed to be getting fatter and thought that he might have moved less recently, and he was blessed more. In addition, he had irregular menstruation and had seen a doctor before.They all said that pregnancy "Gong Han" is not easy, so I don’t care.

Until a few days ago, abdominal pain was like cramps, so I called an ambulance and sent to the hospital.The doctor checked whether the fetus had appeared and was about to be born.This scared the doctor and immediately notified the delivery room to prepare for delivery.Even at this time, Xiao Zhao still did not believe that he was pregnant and asked the doctor in the elevator: "Doctor, are you sure I am pregnant??

The doctor was dumbfounded. I don’t know how to have such ignorant parents?The sister who accompanied her to the hospital and said, "The child is born, but I am not prepared. I just call my family and the family at home. I don’t know what to do."

In this regard, many netizens also commented: This family is really open -minded:

1. "Auntie" did not patronize, accompanied by rising body temperature

The "aunt" on time is the most obvious and typical signal to judge whether women are pregnant.If the husband and wife neither take contraceptive measures and have contraceptives before and after ovulation, and the aunt has not yet come when the ovulation should be ovulated, then you can buy test strips for testing.

In addition, if the pregnancy is successful, the basic body temperature of women will rise due to the impact of hormones.In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s body temperature will remain at 36.9? 37.2 ° C, and this situation will continue to decline by about 3 months; therefore, this is also the criterion for judgment.

2. The chest and waist will have varying degrees of soreness

If the pregnancy is successful, it will lead to changes in women’s endocrine, the breasts will feel swelling, the areola becomes black, and the milk -like secretion will occur, and backache will occur in the middle and late stages of pregnancy; this is also a normal early pregnancy physiological phenomenon.

3. Skin pigmentation

During pregnancy, women often find that facial skin is caused by pigmentation, forming pigmentation.Some of these plaques will gradually disappear with the end of pregnancy, hormone levels will return to normal, while others will not disappear.

4. You can eat and sleep

If you can only eat or sleepy, there may be no problems, but if you have the above symptoms and can eat and sleep, and the taste of the diet changes at the same time, then you are almost pregnant!

The above can be used as a basis for judging whether you are pregnant.If you want to determine whether you are really pregnant, you should go to the hospital for further examination to ensure the health of your baby and mother!

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