The belly of the female plants in Jiangsu became larger. The doctor’s examination found that she was pregnant for 4 months, and her husband: born!

In 2011, a woman in Jiangsu became a vegetative due to a car accident, and her belly suddenly became larger.So why would she still get pregnant?Is this child born in the end?Let us look down with doubts.

Gaodejin and Li Na are ordinary couples in Nanjing, Jiangsu. They have been married for 5 years and have no children.Gaodejin is a construction worker, and Li Na is a kindergarten teacher.Although they are not rich, they love each other and have hope for the future.

One day in December 2010, Li Na went home on an electric car after school in the kindergarten.On the way, she met a big truck and was knocked to the ground.She was unconscious and was taken to the hospital for rescue.After a few hours of surgery, the doctor told Gaodejin a bad news: Li Na’s brain was severely damaged and has become a vegetative.

Gao Degin heard the news, his heart was like a knife.He couldn’t believe his lover suddenly left him.He refused to accept reality and insisted on transferring Li Na to the best hospital in Nanjing to continue treatment.He sold his house and car and borrowed a lot of money just to give Li Na a miracle opportunity.

However, miracles did not happen.Li Na has always been in a coma without any response.The doctor told Gao Dejin that Li Na’s situation was no longer hopeful. It was suggested that he gave up treatment and sent her to a nursing home or euthanized.Gao Dejin was unwilling to give up.He said: "She is my wife, I can’t give up like this. I want to accompany her and wait for her to wake up."

Gaodejin went to the hospital to visit Li Na every day, and washing her face, combing her hair, changing clothes, feeding, massage, speaking … he hoped to wake her soul with her love.He also bought her a lot of toys, books, music and other things, and put it beside her bed to make her feel warm and happy.

After three months.One day in March 2011, when Gaodejin went to the hospital to visit Li Na, he found a strange phenomenon: Li Na’s belly became bigger.He thought that Li Na was fat or had edema in his stomach, so he found the attending doctor and asked him to check Li Na.

The doctor made B -ultrasound for Li Na, and the result made Gaodejin stunned: Li Na was pregnant for 4 months!The doctor was also surprised that it was a medical miracle.He explained that although Li Na was a vegetative, her physical function was still operating. Her egg and Gaodejin’s sperm may be combined before or after the accident, forming an embryo.He said that this situation is very rare, but it is not impossible.

Gaodejin was surprised and confused when he heard the news.He was surprised that he and Li Na finally had their own children, which they had always dreamed of.What he was confused was that Li Na was a vegetative, can she give birth to a child smoothly?Is there any problem with children?What should he do?

Gaodejin asked the doctor if he could kill the child.The doctor said that this was a difficult decision.He said that if the child was killed, it might cause greater harm to Li Na’s body and even endangers her life.If the child is retained, it may bring some positive stimuli to Li Na, which helps her recover her consciousness.But it may also increase her burden and cause her condition to deteriorate.Moreover, whether the child is healthy cannot be guaranteed.

Gaodejin was in contradiction and tangled.He didn’t know how to choose.He loves Li Na and loves their children.He doesn’t want to lose any one.

He thought for a long time, and finally made a decision: born.

He said: "I think this child is a gift from heaven, maybe Li Na’s signal to me. I can’t give up this hope. I want Li Na and the child to survive. I believe the miracle will happen."

Gaodekin told his doctors and family members.The doctor expressed respect and reminded him to make full preparation and risk assessment.The family expressed his opposition and persuaded him to be more rational and not to do stupid things.Gao Dekin insisted on his choice and said, "I know you are all for me, but this is my wife and my child. I have a responsibility and rights to make a decision. Please support me and don’t give me any more.pressure."

Gaodekin began to prepare for Li Na and children.He bought more nutritional products and clothing for Li Na, did more inspections and treatment for her, told her more stories and jokes, and sang more songs and craves … He returned to itThe child took a name: Gao Huanhuan.He said, "I hope you can come to this world as happily as your name."

After five months.One day in August 2011, Gaodejin received a call from the hospital: Li Na was going to produce!Gaodejin rushed to the hospital immediately and waited anxiously outside the operating room.After two hours of nervousness, the doctor finally came out and told Gaodeka a shocking

The doctor finally came out and told Gaodejin a shocking news: Li Na and the child were all safe!Moreover, Li Na woke up!

Gao Degin was so excited that he heard the news.He ran into the operating room and saw his lover and children.Li Na was lying on the bed and smiled weakly at him.Gao Huanhuan was lying in her arms, crying.Gaodekin walked over and hugged them tightly.He said, "Li Na, you wake up! I am so happy! Do you know? We have a daughter! Her name is Gao Huanhuan! She is our miracle!"

Li Na looked at Gaodejin and Gao Huanhuan, and her eyes were full of love and gratitude.She said, "Gaodejin, thank you. Thank you for not giving up me, thank you for giving me a child, thank you for giving me a new life. I love you, I love our daughter."

Both doctors and nurses were moved by tears.They said that this was a medical miracle and a love miracle.They blessed Gaodegin and Li Na and took pictures for them.

Later, after a period of rehabilitation, Li Na’s body and spirit recovered well.She returned home with Gao Degin and started a new life.They brought Gao Huanhuan, giving her the best education and care.Gao Huanhuan looks very beautiful and smart, and is their pride and happiness.

Gaodejin and Li Na experienced the test of life and death, but gained the best love and affection.They told the world with their own stories: as long as they have love, they have hope; as long as they have faith, they have miracles.The child is Li Na’s miracle, and the birth of the child also gives her courage, hoping that Li Na can grow up healthily with the children.

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