The bitch’s body is swollen, is it raising or pregnant?Dogs have these symptoms, the owner should pay attention to

If there is a bitching bitch in the house, its body shape suddenly expands as quickly as blowing balloon. In addition to being fat, it may be pregnant.Dogs are only 63 days during pregnancy, and there are no obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, after the estrus period of the dog, the shovel officer needs to pay attention to whether the dog is abnormal at all times, such as emotional fluctuations and red nipples.

Although there is no obvious sign of dogs in the early stages of pregnancy, there are some changes in the end.In the early days of pregnancy, the dog’s nipples will become bigger than usual, and the color will become more pink.After about 3 to 4 weeks, it will gradually appear symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, physical reduction or excretion of mucus, and emotions may also fluctuate.

For more than 20 days, the dog’s milk line will become bigger and more red.Generally speaking, you can feel the fetal sliding in the dog’s belly on the 30th day of pregnancy.In addition, when the dog perceives that the baby is about to be born, the nesting behavior may appear. They may tear some fabrics, or other items to try to build nests.

Some owners find that dogs are suspected to be pregnant, and they may think about gestational sticks for humans to test pregnancy.But in fact, the pregnancy test stick can not test the dog’s pregnancy.Because dogs and humans are two different species, the material that the two are pregnant are also different.If you suspect that the dog is pregnant, it is best to take it to the hospital for an ultrasonic examination to prevent the dog from being a fake pregnancy.

It is only 63 days from pregnancy to childbirth. It is not easy to welcome the advent of new life.During this time, the owner needs to pay special attention to the pregnant dogs, and you must pay special attention to all aspects of the diet.

1. Reduce strenuous exercise

Dogs in the early 30 days of pregnancy were the critical moment, and there would be risk of abortion in accident.Therefore, in the early days of the dog’s pregnancy, the owner must carefully monitor the movement of the dog’s mother, and avoid strenuous exercise such as running, climbing and jumping.For dogs, daily walking is enough to support the daily exercise.Entering the 30th day, the baby dog grows up in her mother’s belly.At this time, you can slowly start to feel the baby’s fetal movement, and the dog’s urine will increase, so the shoveling officer can take the dog to take a walk.The owner also needs to take the dog to the hospital for a physical examination.

2. Feeding puppies

During the dog’s pregnancy, the baby dog needs to absorb nutrients from the mother.Therefore, the owner can eat puppies for the female dog.Compared with ordinary feed, puppies contain more protein, calories and calcium, which can supplement the dog’s mother’s required nutrients.It should be noted that in order to ensure that the baby provides more nutrition, the pregnant dog mother will become unrestrained.The owner needs to assist in control, try to give it less meals as much as possible, and provide enough clean drinking water.

3. Clean the dog’s body every day

There are many reasons for the abortion of dogs, of which infectious diseases and parasites are the most common.Therefore, the owner should clean his body every day for dogs to be given.Thirty days before pregnancy, dogs can still take a bath.When taking a bath, the owner can check whether the dog’s breasts are wounds to prevent inflammation.After 30 days, the owner needs to replace the bath to avoid the dog’s cold and affect the fetus.In addition, if there is a parasite in the body, it will spread to the fetus through the placental umbilical blood.When puppies are born, they will cause them anemia and loss of appetite, and severe may cause puppies to die. Therefore, when dogs are pregnant, they must also do a good job of removing insects.If you need to take a deworming medicine for the dog, it is best to consult the veterinarian beforehand.

4. After delivery, dogs need to rest sufficiently

The dog mother needs to be quiet, clean, sufficient, and air circulation.When the dog is pregnant for more than 40 days, it is not advisable to visit the dog. This should be maintained until the dog’s childbirth will have sufficient time to restore physical strength.If it is suitable for the cold winter season, the owner should do a good job of keeping warm for the mother of the dog, and the temperature is important to the growth of the fetus.

Dogs are going to give birth, not all owners have experience in giving birth to dogs.If you decide to take birth for dogs at home, you must ask veterinarians and make all preparations beforehand. During this time, you must also keep in touch with the veterinarian. In case of emergencies, you can also find the doctor for help as soon as possible.

Under normal circumstances, dogs do not require excessive help of the owner. Its nature and intuition let it know how to deal with it.But it should be noted that when the cub is born, there is usually a layer of membrane covering her body, and the dog mother will help them lick this film.But if the dog does not lick within two minutes, the owner will use his gloves to help the cub remove the membrane and wipe it with a towel.

At the same time, the owner can clamp the umbilical cord with hemostatic pliers, tie the umbilical cord with a thin rope, or knot the umbilical cord directly.Then cut the umbilical cord with scissors, it is best to stay away from the side of the dog.The owner must not pull the umbilical cord, otherwise it will hurt the bitch and the cub.

Although the birth of a new life is beautiful, but before the arrival of them, the shoveling officer needs to make a series of preparations and carefully take care of the dog’s mother to make the dog mother and child safe ~

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