The boy’s girlfriend is pregnant, and the parents are resolutely opposed when they know. Boy: Don’t interfere with us

When love encounters a family obstruction, can the sparks continue to bloom?This is a story about love and affection. The love of a boy and his girlfriend encountered a storm of a family, and they faced how to face the mother’s opposition.

The boy’s name is Jack, and he and his girlfriend Lisa met in the university campus. They were a sun in each other’s life.The two of them were very happy together, and they always enjoyed this beautiful feelings.However, their love was broken by a thunderstorm like a thunderstorm.

One day, Jack told his mother nervously and excitedly that he was about to be a father.However, his mother was not interested in this. She said indifferently: "You are too young to take care of a child." Jack felt a loss for a while.Essence

Jack’s mother, Lilian is a powerful woman, and she has always been a decision maker in the family.She hopes that her son can find a better girl and a marriage object that is good for him.For her, Lisa is just a girl of a poor family and cannot bring a better future to Jack.

However, Jack was unwavering for his love with Lisa.He understands that love is not based on wealth and social status, but on sincere and trust.He decided not to let anyone interfere with their feelings.

Lisa has been silently supporting Jack, and she knows that if they can’t stand together, they will lose a lot.She hopes that Jack can talk to her family, understand the reasons they oppose, and try to solve this problem.

Jack decided to talk to his parents.They sat together for a long time.Finally, his mother said, "Jack, you are my son, I hope you can have a good future. I don’t want you to abandon your future for a child." Jack looked at his mother’s eyes, heCan feel her concerns and love.

However, Jack was unwilling to give up his love. He insisted: "Mom, I understand your concerns, but together with Lisa and me, we can face difficulties together. Our love will not hinder my future, but our love will not hinder my future.Give me more motivation to pursue success. "

Jack’s mother finally put down a stone in her heart, and she felt her son’s firmness and confidence.She understands that no matter how she opposes, love cannot be blocked.She began to respect her son’s choice and accepted Lisa.

After a period of hard work, family relations have gradually been repaired.Lilian gradually realized that her son had grown into an independent and strong person, and he had the ability to deal with the challenges in life.She gradually accepted Lisa and saw the happiness she brought to her son.

In the end, Lisa successfully gave birth to a healthy baby.This little life has become a bond in the family, allowing everyone to feel endless happiness and joy.This family finally understands that love can defeat everything, and it cannot be defeated.

On the other hand, as a parent, if parents want their children to mature earlier, parents need to let go and give the other party a little more time and tolerance. Whether in life or emotional, parents need to learn to respect.Whether it is affection or love, we need to cherish and work hard.Only by real understanding and tolerance can we create a warm and harmonious family.

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