The calf pain, sourness, green tendon bulging … try to relieve

In addition to happiness and production, there are some small "side effects" in addition to happiness.

Recently, Xiaobian’s girlfriend has a doubt: I do n’t know why, there are some blue -purple meridians on their thighs and ankles, like a piece of earthworms.For a moment, I even doubted whether I had any incurable disease.

It was understood that after consulting the doctor, it turned out that this was caused by the "vein song" of the leg.

So what is the effect of varicose veins, what impact of varicose veins on mothers, and what should I do?

With these questions, let’s listen to Dr. Wei Geng’s explanation.

A mother asked: During pregnancy, the lower limbs have varicose veins. Will the child be improved after birth?

Under normal circumstances, within three to six months after childbirth, the varicose veins during pregnancy can slowly improve.

However, if you have varicose veins before pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, varicose veins Zhang family history, overweight or long -standing work, you may not be able to recover.

There are some valves in the vein, just like one -way valve in the pipe, helping blood flow back to the heart. If these valves are destroyed for some reasons, the veins are formed.

All veins can be curved, but the most common is the veins of the lower limbs, which shows that there is a distorted and swollen veins like earthworms in the calf belly.

In addition, there are some symptoms: for example, standing for a long time, the calf feels heavy; the calves are fever, swelling, and muscle spasm. In severe cases, itching appears in multiple veins.

1 Eternogen effect

In addition to maintaining fertility, progestin can also relax the blood vessel wall.The unidirectional valve (venous) in the blood vessels will also relax, which weakens the blood vessels.

2 The influence of the fetus during pregnancy

With the development of the fetus, it will put more pressure on the lower cavity vein, and the lower cavity veins bring the blood from the lower limbs back to the heart.

3 sedentary or long stood

Sitting for a long time, the blood circulation weakens the blood back to the heart.During a long time, due to gravity, blood reflux of the lower limbs.

Some of the simple self -care can help you reduce the veins and prevent it from deteriorating.

1 Avoid sedentary or long -standing

When the leg muscles are contracted, it will help the lower limb vein blood flow when it is pump. Frequent walking will reduce venous pressure and improve blood circulation.

2 wear compressed socks

Wearing compressed socks can help blood flow back on the lower limbs and reduce the swelling and pain in the legs.The better choice is to gradually compress the socks. Such compressing socks refer to the pressure of socks from the feet to the calf to low, which helps blood flow.

Graduate compression socks show diagram

3 Reduce weight

Excessive weight will cause higher pressure in the lower limbs.If you overweight, you need to lose weight.

4 exercise

The best way to prevent varicose veins is to walk upside down.In addition, alternating feet such as cycling can also allow the leg muscles to shrink to help the lower limb vein return.

Yoga is also a good choice.

You can practice a lot of asenal, as long as your feet are higher than the heart, it is conducive to venous return.As shown in the figure below, standing upside down, your feet alternately like stepping on a bicycle in the air, you can help the lower limbs return blood.

Sky bicycle (yoga body)

In addition, yoga can also help stretch the muscles of the calf and thighs.Deep muscles can help the venous valve work normally to a certain extent.


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