The cat at home is pregnant, do you know how to take care of? Please pay attention to the most complete pregnancy care manual

After raising a cat, the shoveling officer automatically upgraded into a mother and mother. As a cat’s parents, not just to wait for cats to eat, let the kitten have a place to live as simple. Take care of the cat like taking care of a child.

Given that this child is particularly fast, the shoveling officer may be upgraded again within a year to become a grandparents.So if the cat in the home is a little girl, do the shoveling officer know how to take care of the kitten after pregnancy?

Haven’t you done the piping officer of the parents and the mother who knows how to take care of pregnant women?

01 Nutrition must keep up

Whether it is humans or cats, a lot of nutritional supplements are needed during pregnancy.

But suddenly it was unhealthy to improve the cat’s food standard. The easiest reason was that the food was so good at once, and it was easy to get angry.

Nutritional supplements for pregnant cats need to be stepped forward. You must not raise the standard of food at once. The fierce tonic may affect the gastrointestinal and intestines of the pregnant cat, resulting in the occurrence of dilute and vomiting.

After 4 weeks of pregnant cats, the best time to supplement nutrition is the best time. Generally, chicken breasts and goat milk powder can be selected.Do not use too much cherished things to supplement the cat. If you eat it, you may have an anti -effect.

02 Re -arrange the cat’s nest

There is no different time for pregnant cats that are just pregnant. There will be no special circumstances except that the stomach is bigger.

But when the kitten is about to be born, the female cat will regain a place where they feel safe at home as their delivery room.

When the pregnant cat starts to play with his delivery room, the shovel officer can extend the help of assistance, but do not directly arrange the maternity cat’s delivery room, which will make them feel insecure.

The shovel officer can put warm items such as unwilling clothes in the home in a place where the pregnant cat is easy to get. Only the delivery room it built can give it 100 % security. Once someone intervenesCats are not adapted.

03 Never choose a caesarean section

With the continuous progress of science, caesarean section is becoming more and more popular because cesarean section is safer.

Many shovel officers take it for granted that choosing a caesarean section for kittens is also a good way. In fact, this is precisely the kitten.

Pets’ caesarean section is completely different from human cesarean section. The caesarean section for pets must not be foolproof, and once the kitten section is given, the kitten’s body will be weak within three years, and various major illnesses and small diseases will continue.

This is why many kittens are obviously rescued, but pet doctors still do not choose the reason for surgery, because the current pet surgery is still very dangerous for creatures like cats, and it takes a long time to recover after surgery.

04 curiosity in suppressing yourself

Cats are very cute, let alone cats.

Many shovel officers can’t restrain their curiosity after cat production, and quietly run over just want to look at the cat baby.

Unfortunately, he thought that he was hidden seamlessly and was still noticed by the kitten, because the shovel officer could not cover his smell.

When a kitten finds a stranger who has been close to his own children, it is likely that the stress is like to eat or even eat his own child. Is such a tragedy of the world be willing to happen?

After the cat is pregnant, in addition to improving the cat’s food level, the shoveling officer should not interfere with some behaviors of the cat because the cat’s personality during pregnancy is very weird.comfortable.

Before watching the behavior of a cat baby secretly, it must not be available before obtaining the permission of the cat mother. Some cats usually look at the dependent shit officer, but after giving birth to a child, they may change their character and shovel.The approaching of the official’s approach will cause cats to resist.

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