The chlamydia and mycoplasma are stupid?Especially for pregnant women, what should I do?

Chlamydia and mycoplasma infections are one of the common sexually transmitted diseases.During non -pregnancy, chlamydia and mycoplasma infections are more common. They can be slightly mild or asymptomatic. If it is pregnancy, considering that it may be transmitted to the baby, corresponding treatment may be performed.

The chlamydia of the trachoma is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, which is relatively rare in indirect transmission. However, after the pregnant mother is infected, it may be transmitted to the baby in the palace, or it is passed to the baby during the production of production, or it is transmitted to the newborn baby after production.Among them, the chance of transmitting to the baby during the production of delivery is 30-50%.

At present, there is no exact evidence that the pregnant mother is infected with the chlamydia of the sandylona. It is related to bad pregnancy results such as miscarriage and premature birth. It is not sure that genital infections such as chlamydia infection are not available.Wait for connection.Babies were infected during delivery, mainly caused newborn pneumonia and eyeitis. The newborn baby serum sandy eye coat Igm was positive, indicating that there was an infected infection in the palace.Most of the pregnant mothers have no obvious symptoms, or their symptoms are mild after infection with chlamydia.

The most accurate diagnosis of sandylonia is trachomonal branches culture, followed by antigen detection, nucleic acid amplification test, and serum detection of specific antibodies in serum.

If the pregnant mother is disabled in the period of pregnancy, it is disabled in doxin, olinone, and tetracycline, so the chlamydia is infected. You can take 3 times agencin 1g or amoxicin 500mg every day.3-4 weeks after treatment, then go to the hospital for review.

For newborn babies who may be infected, they should also be treated in time. Newborn babies can use erythromycin. Azithromycin can prevent chlamydia pneumonia. When newborn babies are born, they can use erythromycin eye ointment.Suddenly, if the newborn baby suffers from the rough conjunctivitis of the sandylona, it can use silver nitrate droplets.

There are many types of mycoplasma infected with humans. Commonly related to reproductive tract infections include programs, human -like mycoplasma, and genitals mycoplasma.The mycoplasma generally exists in the vagina, the outer mouth of the cervix, around the urethral mouth, and urine. It is also mainly through sexual contact infection.The pregnant mother may be transmitted to the baby in the uterus through the reproductive tract upward after infection, or it may be transmitted to the baby during the production of delivery.

At present, there are many evidence support. The chlamydia may cause amniocemic cavity infection, but whether or not chlamydia infection will cause bad pregnancy endings and there is no conclusion.Jiechi mycoplasma mainly causes non -gonococcal urethritis. Humanci -mycoplasma infection will mainly cause vaginitis, cervicitis, and fallopian tubeitis. The germ mycoplasma is mainly caused by cervicitis, endometritis, and pelvic inflammatory disease.Mycoplasma is a pathogenic infection. Under normal circumstances, it is only planted in the urogenital tract and does not show the symptoms of infection. Only under some conditions or other pathogenicism,Symptoms.

The diagnosis of mycoplasma is also mainly through mycoplasma culture, especially the combination of vaginal and urethral secretions. In addition, there are nucleic acid amplification tests and serum testing.Low, the antibodies will increase significantly after the infection.

If the pregnant mother checks the mycoplasma during pregnancy, there are no abnormal symptoms in the whole body. There is no need to intervene and treat it.Achicillin can also take 0.5g of erythromycin twice a day for 14 days for replacement.If the newborn baby is infected with mycoplasma after birth, erythromycin can be used.

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