The contraceptive rate of condoms is 98 %?How did experts calculate?Essential knowledge points for men and women

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning, I was hugging cat knowledge anime, and I received a fan report. Every time I lived a boyfriend with a condom, but I was still pregnant. What is the reason?I asked many friends to know that many contraceptive devices were not 100 % effective, and the effectiveness of condoms was only 98 %.

Knitter is a common contraceptive method, but its use effect is often affected by many factors.How to judge the effect of condoms needs to be considered from the following aspects:

1. Use correctly

Correct use of condoms is the key to ensuring contraceptive effects.When using a condom, check whether the packaging is intact to ensure that it is not damaged or expired.At the same time, you should take out the sleeve before use to ensure that there are no air bubbles inside, and then wear the sleeve on the erect penis, and ensure that there is no air on the sleeve.When performing sexual behaviors, pay attention to avoid violent friction or pull, so as not to cause condoms to rupture or slip.

2. Materials and brands of condoms

The material and brand of condoms will also affect its contraceptive effect.Generally speaking, latex condoms are the most commonly used condoms, but people with allergies for latex can choose polyurethane condoms.In addition, the condoms of different brands will also be different. You can try the condoms of different brands to find the one that suits you.

3. The size of the condom

The size of the condom also affects its contraceptive effect.If the condom is too large or too small, it will affect the fit and use effect of the sleeve.Therefore, when choosing a condom, you should choose the appropriate size according to your penis size.

4. Use the frequency of condoms

The frequency of use of condoms also affects its contraceptive effect.If condoms are used in partial sex, the success rate will be greatly reduced.Therefore, when performing sexual behavior, it should always be used to achieve the best contraceptive effect.

In summary, correctly use, choose the appropriate material and brand, choose the right size, and always use condoms are the key to judge the effect of condoms.At the same time, if there is a problem with the condom, emergency contraception can also be performed in time after sex to ensure the contraceptive effect.

Although condoms are a commonly used contraceptive method, their contraceptive effects are not 100 %.There are mainly the following aspects of the failure of condoms:

1. Improper use: If the use of condoms is incorrect, such as no space or damage during use, it will cause contraceptive failure.

2. Expure failure: The shelf life of condoms is usually 3-5 years. If the shelf life is exceeded, the condom will fail.

3. Poor quality: There are many brands on the market, and the quality is uneven.If a condom with poor quality is selected, the contraceptive effect will be poor.

4. Environmental impact: If the environmental factors are affected by environmental factors, such as using lubricants or encountering a high temperature environment, it will cause the condom to fail.

Therefore, the correct use of high -quality condoms to avoid using expired or affected condoms can minimize the risk of contraceptive failure.In addition, in order to improve the effect of contraception, it is recommended to use other contraceptive measures in sexual behavior.

Contraceptives and condoms are common contraceptive methods, but there are many differences between them.

Contraceptives are oral drugs that prevent pregnancy by changing the hormonal level in women.It has two types: combined contraceptives and progesterone contraceptives.Combined contraceptives include two hormones: estrogen and progesterone, while progesterone contraceptives only contain progesterone.Contraceptives need to be taken every day to ensure its effectiveness.Although the success rate of contraceptives is as high as 99 %, it will not protect you from infection of sexually transmitted diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms are a thin rubber sleeve that usually put on men’s penis to prevent sperm from entering women’s bodies.It can be prepared before sex, and it needs to be used correctly to ensure its effectiveness.Cases can also be used for oral sex and anal sex.Capsules can not only prevent pregnancy, but also protect you from infection of sexually transmitted diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases.Although the success rate of condoms is as high as 98 %, if it is improperly or damaged, the protection effect may be reduced.

In general, contraceptives and condoms are reliable contraceptive methods, but their use methods and effects are different.If you are confused about which method you use, please consult your doctor or other medical care professionals.

With the development of modern society, the openness of sexual concepts and the diversification of sexual partners have become the norm.In this case, the problem of contraception is particularly important.Although condoms are a commonly used contraceptive method, in actual life, many people do not understand why men should wear condoms.Let’s take a look at the reason why men should wear condoms.

1. Avoid accidental pregnancy

Male wearing condoms is a simple and effective contraceptive method that can effectively avoid accidental pregnancy.Condoms can prevent the combination of sperm and eggs to achieve the effect of contraception.Compared with other contraceptive methods, condoms have the advantages of convenient use and affordable price, and are a very practical contraceptive method.

2. Preventing sexually transmitted transmission

In sexual behavior, men wearing condoms can also effectively prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.STDs are a common disease. If measures are not taken to prevent, it will cause serious threats to life and physical health.Wearing condoms can effectively prevent the spread of pathogens, thereby preventing the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Protect women’s health

Male wearing condoms can also protect women’s health.In sexual behavior, men wearing condoms can avoid direct contact between pathogens and bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of women’s infectious diseases.In addition, if women use contraceptives, they may have some side effects on the body, and men wearing condoms will not have any impact on the body.

In summary, it is necessary to wear a condom for men.By wearing a condom can effectively avoid accidental pregnancy and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and also protect women’s health.Therefore, we must use a condom in sexual behavior, which can not only protect yourself, but also protect others.

Contraceptive pills are a common contraceptive method, but women’s long -term use of contraceptives also has certain risks.Here are some risk factors for some women’s long -term use of contraceptives:

1. Cardiovascular disease: Long -term use of contraceptives will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially for smokers and patients with hypertension.

2. Risk of thrombosis: contraceptives will increase the risk of thrombosis, especially for people with a history of thrombosis.

3. Cancer risk: Long -term use of contraceptives will increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, but the use of contraceptives also reduces the risk of cervical cancer.

4. Decreased bone amount: Long -term use of contraceptives will increase the risk of decreased bone mass.

5. Lutenoma: Long -term use of contraceptives will also increase the risk of lutein tumor.

Therefore, women should take comprehensive consideration when considering long -term use of contraceptives, including factors such as personal health, family medical history and lifestyle, and make decisions under the guidance of doctors.

The emergence of condoms can help men and women protect themselves, but they are not universal. Do girls know how to protect themselves in sexual life?

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