The daughter -in -law was pregnant, but her mother -in -law was unhappy. Why?#Is also a mother

The daughter -in -law was pregnant, but her mother -in -law was unhappy.

There was a 99 -year -old daughter -in -law in our village for three years. A few days ago, she went to the hospital as soon as she was pregnant, and she gave the test sheet to her mother -in -law.She said that my mother was pregnant, and her mother -in -law was happy now.She said happily that you have been married for 3 years, and you are finally pregnant. It is really good. You have to raise your fetus at home.Unexpectedly, my daughter -in -law said that my mother, I have two conditions to talk to you.Originally, I didn’t want this child. Your son especially wanted to be pregnant. He wanted it.But you must promise me two conditions. You promise me to give birth, otherwise I will kill it, and wait for two years.

The first is that we are not very rich in economic conditions now, so when the child is born in the future, you and my dad must bear part of it.

The second is what the child brought the child after the child was born.My mother has a job every day and he is very busy. He has no time, and he can’t come to bring his children.Now you have time when you retire.In addition, children are also the flesh of your family, and you should bring your grandson.If these two conditions are promised, I will be born, and I will kill it without promising.Look at the words that daughter -in -law said, I told you that she is not vegetarian in our mother -in -law. People have been teachers for more than 30 years. Parents have various questions every day.That’s not ordinary people, she answered very calmly.It stands to say that you are pregnant with our flesh, I am very happy.In fact, I have planned before. If you can do your best if you are a child, I can help you take your child, I will help you bring your children.I also have a pension as a teacher.None of these is nothing. As long as you are happy, we will be happy to pay more.

But what you said today really made me too disappointed with you, and it was taken for granted in your eyes.I might change my thoughts.

First of all, I will ask you a few questions. When I am busy, when I feel tired, do you help me once?You have been married for 3 years. When I celebrate my birthday, have you bought me a gift?And have you been married in the past 3 years, have you made meals once?And when I was sick and hospitalized this year, did you wait for me one day?You do n’t even see me once, so why do you want me to bring you?Is this child followed our surname?Don’t forget.

You are born to you, you are a child’s mother, you are a person with a good limbs, and you are your responsibility and obligation to give birth to children and children.Of course, you also have the right to decide that the child wants to do it.People are mutually mutual, and nothing should be.In this world, only people who have you and you have a responsible obligation.Everything else depends on the situation.The child was born to his parents, not to go to grandparents, grandparents.So if this child is still not necessary, you can decide yourself. I have no right to interfere.

This mother -in -law turned and left.The daughter -in -law stood on the same for a long time and was speechless.You said that the young daughter -in -law, the child starts to talk about conditions before the child is born, and complains that the mother -in -law will not give the child. Can I get it in the future?Except for individual selfish and lazy mother -in -law, most of the rest of the mother -in -law are very considerate.She didn’t want to help but they didn’t dare to help.If you say your attitude, you feel that your mother -in -law should do everything.Ask for people to be so strong and straightforward. Do you say that being a mother -in -law and dare to help you do things?In fact, the mother -in -law, the generation, lived with the two generations.I feel that they did not even have the place where they were pension in the end.So I also advise those mother -in -law.If you really encounter such a daughter -in -law, you still stay away early, and he will not remember your goodness if you do too much.With that kung fu, it is better to say that you cherish your body well.Nothing goes out to walk around, jump in square dance, and exercise with his wife.Why not be a good life for your elderly?Mother -in -law, you said what I said

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