The daughter’s accidental pregnancy refuses to get a birth, because it makes people distressing, the mother’s approach is worth learning from

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Recently, the children are in class on the Internet. Seeing that many parents in the mother group are talking: the Internet is a double -edged sword. We can learn knowledge on the Internet and broaden their horizons.Bad spam and gaming risk.

Now that the child is close to the electronic product, the parents can’t always stare at the side.Therefore, in the news, we have seen more and more frequently that many minors are ignorant and follow the follow -up, and have made a lot of regrets for life.

Fortunately, the parents of 8090 are more enlightened. They have also received good education themselves, so most parents will give their children some basic sex education, but what if their children are adults?If they have their own fertility rights, should parents still let their children be allowed?

My colleague Xiaowen’s daughter is 21 years old this year. She is going to university in the field. Because in the field, children cannot go home often. Considering that the child is so big and girls, Xiaowen also before her daughter goes to school.It will tell children some sex -related knowledge.And always on the phone, he emphasized with the child: "You must protect yourself when you go out, prepare for contraception, and do not cause the result of regretting yourself."

In fact, we can feel that Xiaowen’s sexual concept of sex is relatively open. She did not blindly stop the child from doing anything. InsteadIt must protect yourself.

When I went to work a few days ago, I saw Xiaowen’s face full of melancholy, and I asked when I asked. My daughter called and said that she was pregnant unexpectedly. Xiaowen told us that considering that her daughter was an adult, but it was the age of reading and learning.Her first reaction is to let the child get a fetus.

I never expected that her daughter not only rejected Xiaowen’s request, but also said: She and her boyfriend are reluctant to kill their children. This is also a life. The boyfriend wants to raise with her.Xiaowen felt very distressed when she heard her daughter defending her life so much, and was helpless and desperate. She didn’t know how to persuade the child.

But as a mother, she knows that she must not let her children do such behaviors, otherwise they will suffer in the future.If she let her have a child at this time, how can she live in the next life?Not to mention taking care of children, she is a child who needs to be taken care of.From the perspective of long -term interests, Xiaowen also had to consider his daughter, so with the persuasion of Xiaowen, let her daughter give up her child.

Therefore, our parents, it is still necessary to tell their children to emphasize the correct sexual education knowledge and safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring. If these popularity is not done, the result of the child’s regret is also the loss of our parents.

For children under the age of 6, our parents can tell children the difference between boys and girls, so that children have basic gender concepts. The most important thing is to emphasize that letting children know that those parts of their bodies are physical privacy. Except for parents, others cannot others cannot.See and touch at will. If someone touches, you must tell your parents or teacher in time.

I also have to tell children the rules of getting along with men and women. They cannot touch the privacy parts of others at will, and do not do too close behaviors when the opposite sex does not agree.respectively.

Followed by children under 12 years of age, popularize physical characteristics changes

Nowadays, children are generally precocious, and they start their physical development at the age of 12. During this period, parents have to tell them what changes will occur in their physical signs. This part of the body will have other functions.There will be menstruation, don’t feel inferiority. This is normal. Don’t be afraid, so as not to cause fear when the child suddenly encounters.

Then there are children under 18 years old, spreading the correct concept of sexual concept

After the child enters adolescence, many parents are always worried about their children to do harmful impulse.In fact, parents can try to ask their children how to face the person they like to face and show their position.Then talk about sex and love with children.

Parents should inform their children that sexual consciousness is very normal, but for children of this age, sex should not occur at will, because the consequences are quite serious, and children cannot afford themselves.Pay attention to creating a safe environment and relaxation space during communication.

Finally, for children who have just been an adult, emphasize safety measures

For children who have just adults, in fact, many parents do not agree to let their children try sex, but after all, children are children, the more they stop, the more rebellious.Although the child is mature, he is still a child in his mind and has not stepped into the society. He does not know what the consequences of his behavior will have, but insisted that he can bear it.

Therefore, parents must tell their children clearly what kind of consequences will be produced, and what kind of commitment they should make to let the children understand the specific results of the emergence. In addition, the measures that emphasize security are very necessary, including beforehand, including beforehandAnd after -the -time measures allow children to protect their bodies.

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